The Most Expensive Addictions

There are many expensive and pricey addictions out there, ranging from shopping to interior design, to tanning. These top ten most expensive addictions all cost people a lot of money every year, but r

There are many expensive and pricey addictions out there, ranging from shopping to interior design, to tanning. These top ten most expensive addictions all cost people a lot of money every year, but regardless of the price people keep going back for more. Some of these things will might come as a surprise because they don't appear like addictions while others have been seen time and again. No matter what the addiction is, money is still poured into it in order to obtain satisfaction, so what are these addictions? Take a look and find out for yourself.

10 Falling In Love: $200-$10,000 a year

Falling in love costs money. Dating someone and having a girlfriend or boyfriend in addition to being magical and fun can also lead to heavy spending. Love addicts may be able to justify the expenses by saying they're for another person or happiness, but with multiple love interests coming in and out, the money quickly adds up.

9 Video Games: $600-$2,000

Consumers spend hundreds of millions every year not only on games but the consoles and accessories that go with it. The video game industry is huge and makes its money by constantly putting out new games and consoles that draw the video gamer in to keep profits high. It also becomes and expensive addiction when players wish to collect vintage games and consoles as well which can run up a very high price tag.

8 Tanning: $500- $6,000

The home tanning and tanning salon industry took off in the early days of 2000. The world's obsession with pale skin was abruptly dropped as the healthy look and process of tanning became more popular.The rush from getting into a tanning bed has pulled in many coming to change their skin tone to actually getting addicted to getting bathed in the UV rays. With tanning lotions, bronzers, moisturizers, and paying for tanning sessions, addicts can spend $200 to $10,000 a year on tanning.

7 Alcohol: $500-$8,000

Alcohol can be a good time, but when addiction sets in, it can become costly. Buying liquor for yourself as well as going to the bars is an expensive habit that'll drain your wallet.

6 Strip Clubs: $500 - $75,000

Many go to strip clubs to relax, have a good time, or just seek some attention. However, like most businesses that specialize in the entertainment industry, you've got to pay in order to play. With paying for drinks, lap dances, it's easy to spend anywhere from a hundred dollars to a couple thousand just in a couple of hours or a day. Many become addicted to the chemicals released from going to the club.

5 Online Shopping: $1,000 - $500,000

Many people have an addiction to shopping. The easiness of online shopping makes addiction easy. However, online shopping junkies quickly come down off the high and need to begin shopping again in order to get the endorphins boost again. Online shopping addictions are on the low end expensive and on the high end debt causing.

4 Smoking cigarettes: $280 - $6,000

Smoking cigarettes is one of the most expensive addictions there is. The average smoker spends at least $5,000 a year on their bad habit. The taxes on cigarettes have only gone up so that customers addicted to their multiple daily nicotine fixes have no choice but to either quit or pay the expensive price for the packs and cartons they buy. Not only does being addicted to cigarettes drain your wallet, it increases your chances of developing a disease or becoming sick.

3 Gambling: $5,000 - $75,000

Gambling addicts spend hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands gambling. From the average Joe to the high roller, it's easy to get addicted to gambling since your brain lights up when you win. Add in seductive lounges and casinos with player perks, and you've got one of the most devastating and expensive addictions around.

2 Redecorating and Refurnishing the Home: $10,000 - $5 million

Needing changes in their lives, many women and men become addicted to redoing their homes. Since they can't change what's going on within themselves, changing their home and how things look outside of themselves quickly becomes a highly costly habit that can costs tens of thousands of dollars, or more.

1 Plastic Surgery: $2,000 - $500,000

The Plastic Surgery industry is a power house of profit, raking in billions. The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons released its figures for the year 2012 that stated Americans spent a total of $11 billion on plastic surgery procedures in the year 2012 on procedures ranging from Botox to breast augmentation to other cosmetic procedures. Many have gone in only for a procedure or two, but many end up becoming addicted to changing themselves at a very high cost.


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The Most Expensive Addictions