The Most Expensive Ad Spots on TV

Most people think the most expensive ad spots are those in between breaks in the Superbowl games, with this year’s spots selling between $3.8 and $4 million. However, the Superbowl only happens once a

Most people think the most expensive ad spots are those in between breaks in the Superbowl games, with this year’s spots selling between $3.8 and $4 million. However, the Superbowl only happens once a year and advertising companies only shell out this much every late January or early February.

Now the really expensive spots are on primetime TV shows that air week after week, month after month. What shows on primetime television have the most expensive spots?

10 The Blacklist – $198,667 per 30-second spot

Fugitive Raymond “Red” Reddington is not just one of the most wanted men by the FBI, he is also a former government agent. So when he shows up to surrender himself offering to help catch a terrorist, the authorities know there is more to this than meets the eye, especially when he asks to speak to Elizabeth “Liz” Keen, an FBI profiler barely out of the academy. Reddington’s motives slowly come to light as they get closer and closer to the target. Veteran actor James Spader plays Reddington and Elizabeth Boone plays Keen in this action/crime/mystery series created by Jon Bokenkamp.

9 Scandal – $200,970 per 30-second spot

Meet Olivia Pope, former White House communications director, and owner of the country’s best crisis management firm. The rich, famous and powerful run to Pope if they have a problem they cannot handle. Pope and her crew always know what to do, how to assess certain situations and how react to them accordingly. However, when Pope’s past catches up with her, she realizes she might have to be her own biggest client. Kerry Washington stars as Pope in this drama created by Shonda Rhimes. The show is now on its third season.

8 Two and a half men – $204,176 per 30-second spot

Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones, star in this comedy about a jingle writer whose self-indulgent lifestyle is turned upside-down when his stuck-up brother and introvert nephew come to live with him. The show encountered trouble in 2011 when Charlie Sheen, who played writer Charlie Harper, was fired from the show. The series then went on hiatus and then returned with Kutcher replacing Sheen, whose character was killed off in the story by falling off a platform and into the path of a train. In the new story Kutcher becomes the new roommate of Cryer and Jones.

7 Grey’s Anatomy – $206,075 per 30-second spot

Another outstanding show by scriptwriter Shonda Rhimes, this drama/romance follows the careers of five surgical interns and their supervisors and the personal and professional facets of their lives. The story is viewed from the shoes of Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, who works at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle. Fans have praised this show for breaking away from the mold of the familiar “doctor” soap opera genre.

6 Family Guy – $223,145 per 30-second spot

Cartoon’s most dysfunctional family is still up to their old antics. Family Guy follows the lives, adventures and misadventures of the Griffins. There’s Peter, the head of the family and the most emotionally immature member of the family; Lois, the long-suffering matriarch, Chris, the clueless son; Meg, the self-absorbed daughter; Stewie, the scheming toddler; and Brian the dog, who happens to be the smartest member of the family. Series creator Seth McFarlane himself voices Peter, Stewie and Brian; while Alex Borstein, Seth Green and Mila Kunis voice Lois, Chris and Meg, respectively. Just what kind of trouble do the Griffins regularly get into? If you name it, they’ve probably been through that.

5 New Girl – $231,570 per 30-second spot

Bubbly schoolteacher Jess had to leave her old apartment after an awkward encounter with her boyfriend and his other woman. Now she has a new place with new roommates, but did this girl just jump from the frying pan and into the fire? Zooey Deschanel stars as Jess, while Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone, Jake Johnson and Lamorne Morris play Schmidt, Cece, Nick and Winston, respectively in this comedy about an “adorkable” girl and the dysfunctional group of tenants she is trying to fit in with.

4 The Simpsons – $256,963 per 30-second spot

Television’s most beloved cartoon family is still at it after 24 years on the air. When it first came out in 1989, critics panned almost all aspects of the show, from their bug eyes, to their jaundiced skin, to the underachieving attitude of Bart Simpson. However, the show eventually built a following over the years and before even the creator realized it, 25 seasons have come and gone. The series has also spawned several video games, specials and even a full-length movie.

3 Modern Family – 257,435 per 30-second spot

Ed O’Neil stars as Jay Pritchett in this comedy about three families and how they choose to deal with life’s trials. Starring with O’Neil are Sofia Vergara who plays Gloria, Julie Bowen as Claire, Ty Burrell as Phil, Eric Stonestreet as Cameron and Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell. The show was created by Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, which is now on its fifth season.

2 The Voice – $264,575 per 30-second spot

The only Reality TV show on the list, The Voice has judges evaluate a cotestant based on his or her voice alone, no judging the looks and no judging the stage presence. How do they do this? The judges start by facing away from the singer as he or she performs and only turns around to face the performer if he or she finds something worthwhile in the performance. The current judges on the show are Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Shakira and Usher.

1 The Big Bang Theory – $326,260 per 30-second spot

Do geeks and girls mix? Well, apparently they do sometimes, but the chemical reaction, or in this case, the physics, can be hilarious. Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco, is a woman who moves in next door to brilliant physicists Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper played by Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons. She later shows them that all their knowledge really only applies to the lab and not to the world outside it. This comedy by Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre, creator of Two and a half men, is currently in its seventh season.

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