The $70 Million All Diamond Ring

It is the world’s first all-diamond ring!

The ring, which weighs an impressive 150-carat, was created by Swiss jeweler Mohamed Shawesh, President and CEO of Shawish Jewelry. It was carved from a diamond using lasers, traditional diamond cutting and polishing techniques. Shawish jewelry claims it to be “the world’s first diamond ring,”

It is said that it took a year for Mohamed to carve the ring which is much like the shape of the Coke bottle. It has been copyrighted and is expected to sell at a whopping price of $70 million. It is currently on display at Baselworld, which allows everyone to think that it has yet to find its buyer.

Mohammed said that “creating a ring made entirely from a faceted stone might seem a fantasy but to embark on the adventure to create it would be akin to taking the ultimate artistic challenge.”

The diamond ring has surpassed Beyonce’s 18-carat engagement ring from husband Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian’s 20.5-carat ring and Elizabeth Taylor’s 30-carat ring given by Richard Burton.

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The $70 Million All Diamond Ring