The 6 Most Expensive Flights To Board

Flights are getting ever more expensive in our ever changing economy. This is why you need to fish around for the best deals to make sure you get the most for your hard earned money.

Sites such as travelsupermarket.com and farecompare.com allow anyone to check for the best deal for their chosen flight. This gives the customer the chance to fly with the lowest miles, the lowest price and the least stops. To research the most expensive flights, we knew we had to stay away from these as we were looking at the other end of the market.

In this article we will be looking at the most expensive flights that you can board around the world. We have really gone to town with fishing out the most expensive journeys, and we have found some extremely overpriced flights that will make you wonder how Airlines work out the pricing involved with these trips.

A funny thing to note about these expensive flights is that most of the flights are either flying the wrong way around the world (hence the expensive price tag), or they are from airlines that you may not have heard of.

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6 Texas to London, Skywest: $31,464

At number 6 we have a trip from Texas to London. Skywest Airlines is an airline situated in Utah, U.S. They have an air fleet of over 330 aeroplanes traveling to over 180 destinations around the world. The North American airline is offering anyone with a small fortune a trip from Texas to London, First Class with in-house entertainment. The short trip of just 27 hours and 28 minutes will give you enough time to make sure you get your moneys worth with free food, alcohol and entertainment. The mileage count for this flight equals 4,745 miles. If you are interested, you can book this flight through Skywest or any of its affiliated websites.

5 Miami to Tokyo, Lufthansa: $32,758

Miami to Tokyo, First Class with Europe’s largest airline sounds lovely doesn’t it? Yes it would sound wonderful, as long as your employer picks up the bill. This journey would set you back a cool $32,758 when booked through German Airline ‘Lufthansa.’ It would take the average American worker 14 months to save their cash just to take this 25 hour flight. Booking this first class flight gives you a 9 course meal as well as breakfast and alcohol included.

4 New York to Frankfurt, ANA Flights: $37,297

Traveling from the JFK International Airport (New York) will always come at a cost no matter where you're traveling to in the world. ANA Flights are offering you the chance to fly First Class, halfway around the world, for just $37,297. The journey will last for 44hrs with 1 stop, and you will be traveling for around 6,000 miles. You could watch the Star Wars collection, the Harry Potter collection as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and still have 3 hours to twiddle your thumbs. This is a word of warning, if you are looking to purchase these tickets then please do so now, there are only 2 left at this price.

3 Santiago (Chile) to Beirut (Lebanon), Air France: $39,525

If you live in Chile and you fancy a weekend away in Lebanon to see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, then this is your ticket. For $39,525 you can get a single First Class ticket that will take you 9,228 miles around the world. This ranks at number 3 of our most expensive flights. Even though the average Chilean salary is only $13,000, it would take someone three years to save up for the ticket (without taxes!). The weird thing about this ticket is that it involves two countries that both have a very small economy compared to the bigger world. This flight is hardly going to see any of your average Chilean workers on board. For anyone that is considering visiting Beirut from Chile, you better start saving now!

2 New York to Sao Paulo, ANA Flights: $40,994

To be in an aircraft for 59hrs with two stops, and to have traveled 4771 miles! It’s one hell of a distance when you are only traveling from New York to Sao Paulo. Not only are you going in the wrong direction (which results in a longer flight time), but you're also spending $8.5 per mile in the air. It's mad, but apparently from the research we have undertaken, it is true and people actually do take the flight! Another strange point we should make about this journey is that when you login to book the plane journey it asks if you would like any add ons. For example we were asked if we would like extra leg room (from 6ft 8 inches to 7ft 2 inches.) We were also asked if we would like starter kits and sanitary kits which we found to consist of basic towels and small tooth brushes, which simply results in just a higher price tag.

1 Virgin Galactic, Space: $250,000

If you are looking to hit big heights in the next two years then get saving! Virgin Galactic is offering a seat for anyone willing to put $250,000 on the table. Although it is not classed as a direct journey to anywhere, it is still a paid flight. Famous faces who have already made their deposit include Stephen Hawking, Katy Perry, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. We did some research on the cost of the journey for Richard Branson (Owner of the Virgin brand) and it is reported that the cost of the one time trip will equate to $205 million. So for Branson to see a return on his money he would have to get 821 people to be on an aircraft that has space for around 750 people. With 640 people already signed up, it must be the fact that Branson is doing it for the love of innovation and not turning a profit. The flight is expected to depart sometime within the next two years (2014/2015.) For them it is sure to be an experience they will never forget.

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