The $59.5 Million Dollar Necklace

Most people would have a laundry list of things they would buy with $59.5 million dollars, but many are lining up to spend this fortune on the world’s most expensive necklace. Dubbed “L’Incomparable,” this one-of-a-kind necklace is adorned with 637-carats. The centerpiece of the necklace is a 407-carat, flawless yellow diamond that was found over 30 years ago by an adolescent in Africa.

This exquisite necklace will be on sale in Singapore, but only those that can prove that they are serious buyers will be able to try it on. There are security guards guarding the necklace at all times as well as the best in surveillance and motion detectors.

Who will be able to afford this $59.5 million dollar masterpiece? Two prospective buyers have already emerged from Asia to stake their interest in the necklace. Many of the world’s ultra-rich will be lining up to try on the necklace and to see if it’s craftsmanship holds up to the standards that only they can truly afford.

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The $59.5 Million Dollar Necklace