The 10 Most Expensive TVs in the World

How much does your TV cost? Most people usually go to stores, whether physical or online, look for the best deals on affordable TVs with the latest features, buy them, and then have them delivered to their homes. Since people have different needs when it comes to what they want from their TVs, the prices of their TVs will vary, but not with a huge margin. However, the above does not apply to millionaires and billionaires because people in these two prestigious classes hardly care about the cost of things, since they know so well that they can afford whatever it is they want and more.

It is interesting just how human beings love to compare and contrast, and then go for the "better" option regardless of how futile the difference might be. When you were growing up, you probably never noticed that there was anything wrong with your TV, until you saw your neighbour's bigger or clearer one. You would be surprised to learn that most of the new features that TVs are coming with do not improve the viewer's quality of life in any way; the manufacturers just come up with solutions to problems we hardly realized we had.

What usually drives up the cost of a TV is the size of the screen, its resolution, its smarts, the available ports, its refresh rate, and display features, among other very important specs. However, even if your TV has all the above, it should not cost anything like the following TVs, right?

Would you buy any of these TVs?

10 Samsung UN105S9 Curved 105-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV: $120,000 

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If you would kill to have the screen at your local theatre in your home, even if it was just for an hour, then you have to consider buying the Samsung UN105S9 Curved 105-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV. The size of the screen might not be the same as the size of the one at the theatre, but the experience you will have with this giant is surely just as good if not better. This amazing eight million pixel HDTV will make you feel as if you are watching your favourite movie or your favourite team from a crystal clear window, where tiny details in normal sized TVs will be a bad memory that hardly exists in your world. This 9-foot TV goes for a cool $119,999.99, a small price to pay for the experience and the bragging rights it will give you.

9 Keymat's Yalos Diamond TV: $130,000 

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The Keymat's Yalos Diamond TV is one awesome TV to own since it has amazing features and as the name suggests, it is studded with real diamonds. With an initial price tag of $130,000, this LCD TV will not only offer you an unmatched viewing experience, but it will still make you very rich even after it breaks down beyond repair, thanks to the 160 diamonds beautifully placed around its frame and the white gold plating on the TV. You will find yourself watching the TV in amazement even when it is off, especially if you love precious metals. The Keymat's Yalos Diamond TV will easily fit in any room in the house since it is just 40-inches of super sharp resolution and high definition.

8 Beovision 4-103 TV by Bang & Olufsen: $135,000 

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TVs have been around since the 1920s, and for the better part of their existence, they have not experienced the amazing changes that they have experienced in the last two decades. The Beovision 4-103 by Bang & Olufsen is without a doubt a TV that the inventors of this wonderful machine would not have dreamed would get to such a level. This 103-inch monster TV practically comes alive when you switch it on, because it immediately starts elevating itself to a level that is ideal for your viewing pleasure, the 10-inch loud speakers emerge from under it and move forward to the level of the screen, and the TV gives you more turning and tilting options than you would imagine. The clarity and additional features you can find in this amazing TV are simply out of this world, and paying the $135,000 to own it is a steal.

7 Samsung UA110S9 110-inch TV: $152,000 

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This amazing piece of equipment is one of the best TVs that Samsung has ever made, thanks to the amazing and unique features that it has. These 110 inches of stunning television display offer the viewer breath-taking resolution, colors in their natural state, and the most advanced command system in the market. The above TV is beautiful, it has a timeless design, its powerful but hidden speakers produce the highest quality sound, and it has a UHD-level picture quality, meaning that it has four times the resolution of a Full HD TV. Furthermore, can you imagine controlling your TV by talking to it, using hand gestures, or using a Smart Control? When you get the Samsung UA110S9 110-inch TV, you do not have to imagine anymore, because it all becomes a reality.

6 Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV: $160,000 

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This Sharp LB-1085 LCD TV is one of the best TVs in the world and is commonly used for commercial purposes owing to the amazing features and durability it has. This 108-inch TV transforms the normal TV viewing experience into a breathtaking one; you will even enjoy watching the programs that you find most boring because the exceptional viewing experience here is independent of the program content. This giant TV will offer you Full HD Clarity that bright ambient light or sunlight will hardly have an effect on, it has superior functioning Active Contrast that provides optimal contrast and brightness levels, and its brightness sensor automatically adjusts to complement the brightness levels of its surroundings. Furthermore, this $160,000 TV can run flawlessly around the clock in harsh environments and still display the expanded color palette of 758 million colors beautifully. Owning this TV automatically makes you the coolest guy your friends know.

5 Panasonic 152-Inch Plasma TV: $500,000 

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The Panasonic 152-Inch Plasma TV is one amazing piece of equipment, you would have to keep this TV a secret because neighbours will never leave your home when they discover you have it. What stands out most about this TV is its weight and size, where would you put 1,272 pounds of TV whose diagonal measurement is 152 inches? This is surely a TV for the wealthy or the corporates because without half a million dollars at your disposal, there is no taking this TV home. However, if you do manage to get this TV, you will never experience television the same way again. This 3D TV has 4K resolution, meaning that it is an Ultra High Definition TV that delivers four times the resolution of a normal HD TV. Viewing anything on this TV is just amazing because you will hardly get picture quality like it anywhere else.

4 C Seed 201: $680,000 

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The C Seed 201 is a TV that costs just as much as anyone's dream home, meaning that it is a TV that is more about luxury than just catching your favourite program. The 201 in the name represents the inches in diagonal that the TV's screen is, making it one of the biggest TVs in the world. This TV is designed for the outdoors because of its sheer size and the fact that it has 10 times the brightness a normal TV display has, so you can watch it comfortably under direct sunlight. This giant TV processes image data 100,000 times per second, meaning that it refreshes 500 times the rate of a modern TV thereby displaying its 281 trillion radiant colours at any one time to achieve unbelievable clarity and colour depth. In addition to numerous other outstanding features that this TV has, its 12 broadband speakers and three subwoofers are worth a mention, which are responsible for its crystal clear audio output.

3 Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition: $1.5 million 

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The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition TV is one very expensive television, and its extremely high cost is not because of the numerous features that the TV will offer the users, but rather because of what is on it. This TV is beautifully adorned with 19 kilos of gold and 48 diamonds on its frame. In addition, the frame is studded with topaz and other precious stones, all of which push the cost of this TV to $1.5 million. Under all the precious stones on this TV is an exciting 55-inch high definition TV that gives the viewer a wonderful and exciting experience regardless of what they are watching.

2 The Titan Zeus: $1.6 million

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If you have $1.6 million and are weighing between buying a mansion or the Titan Zeus TV, then your priorities are wrong because you have to have a mansion with a room big enough to fit the TV before owning it. This 370-inch gigantic TV is the biggest TV in the world, and it is the ideal TV to bring home the cinema or movie theatre experience. This giant TV has 4K resolution, meaning that it has four times the pixels the normal HD TV has, making it four times clearer than other TVs in the market today. This 32 by 15 foot TV can be used both indoors and outdoors because it offers an amazing picture display, superior brightness, beautiful sound, and millions of colours to give the perfect picture.

1 Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition: $2.25 million 

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The company 'Stuart Hughes' has made a deliberate effort to stay at the top of this list, and their way of remaining at the top is adding precious stones that are numerous times more expensive than the TV itself. The Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition is your average high-end 55-inch HD TV with an outer frame that is unbelievably expensive. This TV's frame is made out of 28 kilograms of solid 18-carat rose gold, and it has 72 round cut 1 carat diamonds studded all over, with the remaining spaces filled Amethyst and Sunstone. In addition, the TV's inner bezel is made up of hand-stitched alligator skin, an addition that also pushes the cost of the TV even higher. This TV goes for a whopping $2.25 million, an amount that is unreasonably high for a TV.

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