The 10 Most Expensive Sports Teams To Watch In Person

Going to a professional sports game these days is no cheap day out at the ballpark. While face value of tickets may not always seem like too high of a cost, you then have to take into consideration all the additional service fees generally attached to that ticket from ticket sales services like Ticketmaster or other non-box office ticket vendors.

In addition to service fees from what is essentially a middle man, you then have the added cost of parking, which even on the low end can run a driver around fifty dollars to park near a stadium, sometimes more if you want to be able to get in and out of your parking spot with any kind of ease.

After you've paid for your seat and your parking spot, you'll probably get some kind of concession at the stadium. A hot drink may be in order at a game played during the cold season like professional football, or a cold beer for a game played during the hot months, such as professional baseball. In most cases, you'll want at least a small bite to eat through the hours you will spend at the stadium. Even at Wrigley Field, home of the MLB team the Chicago Cubs, a couple of slices of pizza and a couple sodas will break the $20.00 mark. That being said, Wrigley is one of the more generous fields with concession prices, and baseball is one of the cheapest sports to attend. Among the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB, not one MLB team ranks in even the top 50 most expensive teams to see live. It's the NFL that demands the majority of the highest ticket prices, probably because they need to make just as much money while playing significantly fewer games than the other three major professional sports leagues.

Finally, when you consider a family outing, the cost of a game doesn't stop at tickets, parking, and concessions, especially when children are involved. Bringing the kids usually involves a souvenir of sorts, such as a hat, ball, puck, or game program.

All of this adds up and it's easy for someone to just think of ticket price when planning to attend a game. For this ranking, we'll take a look at the cost for an individual fan with concessions. In addition, we'll also take a look at the cost for a family of four with the addition of souvenirs thrown in. These prices do not consider the additional costs that come with travel, such as toll roads, gasoline, and additional meals outside of the stadium. You might also find yourself wanting to spend even more money, as most of these stadiums are in big cities with a lot of additional things to see and do.

All price data was taken from TeamMarketing.com.

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10 The Winnipeg Jets - The NHL

via: winnipegfreepress.com

Basketball, hockey, and football seem to consistently be the most expensive sports to go see live, even if you were to stretch the list to 50, you'd continue to see these three professional league sports top the list. At the bottom of the top ten is the Winnipeg Jets with an average ticket price of a little under $98. Factoring in concessions at the MTS Centre is going to raise costs to a bit over $118 per person. A day of Jets hockey with the family should come to a total of about $495.

9 The Los Angeles Lakers - The NBA

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If your family loves basketball and you want to bring them all down to catch a basketball game at the Staples Center, be prepared for a trip that hovers around a cost of $520. A group of friends paying their own tabs is going to be looking at an individual cost of $125.50 per person, with average ticket prices ringing in at a little over $100.

8 The Baltimore Ravens - The NFL

via: capitalgazette.com

If a group of Ravens fans decide to head over to M&T Bank Stadium it's going to cost each person around $130 for a ticket and concessions, with average ticket price ringing up to about $92. If the nuclear family wants to spend a day watching the Baltimore Ravens it's going to come up to around $521.

7 The New York Giants - The NFL

via: gridirongrit.com

Let's face it; New York is just an expensive place to see a sporting event. If you'd like to take the family to MetLife Stadium to see the Giants, you're looking at a day at the park that's going to run you a little over $592. If this is too much for a family outing, a day per person will cost about $144. The average ticket price to see the New York Giants is a bit under $144.

6 The New York Jets - The NFL

via: standingosports.com

At one time the Jets were the most expensive team to go see in person. They're still pretty pricey but they've dropped considerably in the past few years. The average ticket price at MetLife Stadium is just a hair under $118. It comes as no surprise that they're close in price with with the New York Giants, since they share the stadium. If you want a few concessions you'll be looking at a cost of about $150. If you'd like to make it a day with the family then you'll easily be dropping a little over $617.

5 The Toronto Maple Leafs - The NHL

via: news.hockeydraft.ca

It's not surprising to see the Leafs on a list like this as ice hockey is rather popular in Canada, so much so that ice hockey is the official winter sport. Bringing the family out for a game at the Air Canada Centre is going to set you back about $632. A day at the rink for an individual with concessions should cost a little under $152, with average ticket prices racking up to a little under $125.

4 The New England Patriots - The NFL

via: nydailynews.com

If you want to go see the Patriots play at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, you will be looking at an average ticket price of $118 and about $153 per person for the whole stadium experience. If you're looking to turn the event into a trip for the family, the excursion will cost you just under $608.

3 The Chicago Bears - The NFL

via: profootballspot.com

Want to spend a day at Soldier Field watching a football game with the family? Well that's going to set you back about $610. If this seems too steep and you'd prefer to see the game alone, be prepared to spend about $155 dollars with the additional cost of concessions. Average ticket price for a seat at Soldier Field (in the cold!) is going to set you back around $111.

2 The New York Knicks - The NBA

via: turnontheknicks.com

To see the New York Knicks play at Madison Square Gardens is going to cost you around $122 per ticket on average. To go to the game and have concessions will cost around $158 per person. If you are hoping to bring the family out for a game of basketball, be prepared to pony up about $645 for the event.

1 The Dallas Cowboys - The NFL

via: centriotimes.com

If you want to go see the Dallas Cowboys, be ready to pony up around $167 per person. The average cost of a ticket for a Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium is about $110. If you are planning to take the family out for a day of professional football, prepare yourself for an expenditure of at least $635 or more.

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