The 10 Most Expensive Speed Boats

Speed boats are considered luxury items; big toys for the big boys, they say. Despite the hit of the recession recently, a lot of individuals are still interested in these pieces of luxury. After all,

Speed boats are considered luxury items; big toys for the big boys, they say. Despite the hit of the recession recently, a lot of individuals are still interested in these pieces of luxury. After all, there is a reason to stay optimistic. If you are planning to invest in a speed boat, you consider every chance as a good opportunity. Dealers and manufacturers often offer big discounts in order to draw a lot of buyers. Here are the top expensive speed boats.

10 Silver Bullet

The price of this speed boat is available upon request. This boat has been featured in the Twilight: Breaking dawn movie. It is very convenient and perfect for a romantic getaway, just like in the movie.

9 MasterCraft X35

MasterCraft X35 is priced at $98,000. It is perfect for people who want to have an ocean getaway for a day or two. It has a wraparound seating which means that it is a good choice for people who love to converse with friends. There is also a built in refrigerator and a sink.

8 310 FX5

The cost of this speed boat is $149,999 - $199,000. It is 31 foot long and oozing with cuteness. It has a Corian countertop and a cheery feel. This stunning speed boat is perfect for those who are on a budget yet do not want to sacrifice the quality of their purchase.

7 3100 Coronet

This speed boat is priced at $300,000 - $500,000. It has a classy style with a single level cockpit. It can accommodate up to 10 guests and very comfortable especially for those who just want to stay and gather around for a conversation.

6 Regal 42 Sport Coupe

Priced at $564,000, this 42 feet long speed boat is simply a head turner. This boat is more of the sporty type. First, the windshield walk thru is just gorgeous. The aft deck has a sun lounge which is perfect for sun bathing. Plus, it has a convertible hardtop.

5 Sabre 42 Salon Express

This boat costs $640,000 with its length of 42 feet. This boat is often referred to as the classic type. It is complete with amenities such as a flat screen TV, bottle storage locker, a sleeping space which can accommodate up to 6 people and two staterooms.

4 48 Cantius

This boat is priced at $800,000. It is manufactured by Cruisers Yachts, and available at a 48 foot length. This speed boat is an ideal answer to people who simply want to get away from the crowded city streets. The controls inside this boat spell convenience. In fact, the twin engines inside are operated using joystick controls. If you are a fan of entertainment, this boat is a good catch. There are two bedrooms inside, with baths, and two salons as well. The seating outside is U-shaped which converts into a sun lounge. It also comes with a refrigerator, an ice maker and a grill.

3 4300 Open

4300 Open costs $900,000 - $1 million. It has a length of 43 feet. The manufacturers of this speed boat, Tiara Yachts, have launched this beautifully designed boat. There are two staterooms inside the boat. You can also enjoy the wet bar on board if you are planning to enjoy a toast with friends or special someone. The boat also has a 30 inch or 42 inch swimming platform that users can choose from. There is also a built in ladder for support during swimming.

2 Azimut 48

This speed boat costs $1.1 million with a length of 48 feet. This boat was primarily designed as an answer to boat enthusiasts' desire to have a spontaneous and perfect ocean getaway. It has large side windows which ensure that the interior sides of the boat are receiving the appropriate amount of light needed. There is also a good space for sunbathing on the deck of the boat. This boat is often described as an all-around boat since it has integrated an outdoor cockpit with a salon.

1 540 Sundancer

A lot of enthusiasts have been attracted to this speed boat, which costs $1.8 million. The reason for its extravagance? This speed boat uses the 'skyhook' technology, making it stable even without the need to drop the anchor. Also, with the use of a joystick device, docking can be controlled. This boat can accommodate up to six guests, and they will surely be satisfied with the amenities inside. It comes with laundry facilities, a 32 inch flat screen TV, iPod dock, surround sound system, as well as an electric sun proof.

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