The 10 Most Expensive Shishas

Hookas are always a sign of royal possession. If you love smoking sishas and money is not a constraint, then choose one among the 10 most expensive shishas to smoke in luxury. There are many fancy sis

Hookas are always a sign of royal possession. If you love smoking sishas and money is not a constraint, then choose one among the 10 most expensive shishas to smoke in luxury. There are many fancy sishas that are offered to you by Porshe Design, Ttienne Leroy Shisha and Desval Shisha. All these companies take immense pride in their expensive range of shishas. They come up with a new feature and new design each day. The brands are popular for their glittering array of metals, ceramic and crystal materials that are beautifully crafted with utmost care. The uniqueness of these shishas offered by Desvall is that each one is made out of a single solid metal block which is come down to a thickness of 500 of a millimeter. The metal pieces of the shishas are then sanded, hand polished and then coated individually.

10 Porsche Design Shisha

This shisha is made with stainless steel. The exterior is made with frosted glass whereas the inner stem is made with aluminum. With its solid pipe and hose made from aluminum, this shisha is stronger to hold. The stem of the shisha and the clay pot are kept hidden so that the coal you place inside is not visible. The shisha is a bit heavy and needs good maintenance.

Price of this shisha: HK $16,000

9 Desvall gold limited edition

This limited edition Shisha features an alluring gold plated look. It has a golden mid wreath studded with Swarovski crystals that have made it an excellent choice.

Price: $40,000 and above

8 Gold and crystal limited edition

This shisha is made of 24 karat gold plated material on the top and exquisitely designed glass vase with hand sewn white leather at the bottom. The sleek mid band in gold makes it flattering while the Swarovski crystals make it alluring.

Price: $40,000 and above

7 Desvall Gold edition Shisha

This shisha is suitable for the royal emperors who dwell in modern style. Inspired by the vintage royal look, this gold shisha has been given a shimmering look. It boasts of a body and ring made of 24 carat gold plated designs. It also contains a sleek and a thin golden belt studded with small and big crystals of Swarovski. The white handcrafted leather compliments the stately look of this posh shisha.

Price of this shisha: $ 60,000

6 Desvall Crystal Gold Edition Shisha

This Shisha features an exotic glass vase smoke chamber that is hand cut. The gold plated body material along with hand crafted white leather makes it irresistible.

Price of this shisha: $ 60,000

5 Desvall Crystal Black Shisha

If you are on the lookout for a comfortable smoke chamber, then you will be impressed with the crystal black glass shisha as this has a smoke chamber made of glass at the bottom. The other half is completely black and has a shiny glow. Thus, it is quite trendy and the sleek mid band in gold makes it flattering. The Swedish Orrefors have hand-blown each of these vases.

Price of this Shisha: $ 60,000

4 Desvall Crystal and chrome Shisha

This shisha has a different look due to its crystal glass. It features the smoke chamber at the bottom made of glass. The upper half has a chrome plated look. The tiny waistband in the middle has a chrome plated finish. The hand crafted white leather which is supple and soft compliments the overall appearance.

Price of this shisha: $ 100,000

3 Desvall Black metal and gold shisha

This unique Shisha is plated with 24 carat gold ring in its middle and is studded with Swarovski crystals. This is why this one is so expensive. The antique look of the Shisha is well evidenced by the fine leather in black shade that has a hand sewn style. This will help you understand why it is a prized possession.

Price of this shisha: $ 100,000

2 Desvall Custom Shisha

Aren't you bothered about the money? No! Then you can fix an appointment with the company in order to design your own shishas. You can include 24 karat gold plated metal, Swarovski crystal stones and other features to make your shisha the most exclusive one. The price can reach up to $100,000 or even higher. It will give you the chance of smoking with luxury and style.

Price of this shisha: $ 100,000

1 Desvall Chrome plated Shisha

This Shisha features a unique look offered by the elegant chrome plating on its body and ring at the center. This Shisha boasts of a seamless masterpiece which is wreathed with chrome ring and Swarovski crystal stones. The hand crafted white leather is supple and soft and completes the regal look. You will forget its cost when you feast your eyes on its mesmerizing beauty.

Price of this Shisha: Above $ 100,000

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The 10 Most Expensive Shishas