The 10 Most Expensive Products At The Apple Store

Buying an Apple product is often a luxury. Apple’s computers, tablets, and smartphones are considered to be among the most expensive and high-quality technology devices available on the consumer market.

Whether you want an iPhone smartphone, an iPad tablet computer, a MacBook notebook computer, an iMac all-in-one desktop computer, or a Mac Pro computer tower, the chances are whatever you select, will be one of the most expensive products in its category.

Apple products, though, inspire fierce loyalty among consumers for a variety of reasons. Beautiful design, ease of use, product durability, high resale value, and even their status as social symbols are just some of the reasons listed when discussing the desirability of Apple products.

While phones using the Android operating system currently outsell iPhones by a significant margin worldwide, it’s not unusual to find developers releasing their newest apps first for the Apple ecosystem, sheerly for the prestige of the platform. Part of that prestige derives from the luxury and expense of buying an Apple product to begin with. While most Apple devices are more expensive than the wares of competing technology companies, there is a wide variety of prices for products even within Apple’s own stores.

Many Apple products can be configured with a vast array of costly options, like extra memory, storage space, designer cases, or pricey pre-installed software. Other products in the Apple store may cost more without any added options, simply due to their intended markets.

The cheapest Mac Pro, for example, will cost more than even a moderately upgraded iMac, simply because the Mac Pro is targeted at working professionals and the iMac is designed as a consumer device.

Did you know, however, that if you maxed-out every one of the iMac’s available options, the bill would exceed $8,000? That’s a drop in the bucket compared to some other products you can buy right now in the Apple store.

Since the prices of what you can buy depend on the product’s category, a good way to find out what the most expensive things you can buy at the Apple store, is to examine each product category separately. To that end, here are the most expensive products of each type that you can buy in the Apple store.

10 WILL Leather Goods Jacques Portfolio: $699.95

Do you need a laptop case that costs more than most actual PC laptops? If so, this WILL Leather Goods portfolio could be the one for you. Made with “hand-burnished,” “vegetable-tanned” leather, according to Apple, this portfolio is designed to carry MacBooks and iPads. Completing the retro-hipster look of the bag is an antique reproduction of a 1920's keyless luggage lock.

9 G-Tech 2TB G-DOCK ev Hard Drive with Thunderbolt: $699.95

As file sizes of pictures, music, and movies continue to grow, many computer users are turning to external hard drives to supplement their computer’s internal storage. While generic external hard drives cost about $100 per terabyte of storage, this two terabyte drive available on the Apple Store sells for just under $700. For that price, you get Apple’s Thunderbolt transferring capability, which can send and receive files up to 10 gigabits per seconds. A software-based RAID backup option also makes sure you won’t lose important data by accidentally deleting it.

8 iPhone 5s, unlocked: $1,181

Did you know you could spend more than $1,000 on an iPhone? You can if you try hard enough at the Apple store. While most iPhones in the United States are sold with a service contract that subsidizes the cost of the phone, you can also buy an unlocked iPhone, without contract, and configured to work on the carrier of your choice. Of course, without those mandatory monthly services charges, the cost of the phone skyrockets. Bare-bones unlocked iPhones start at $649. Add some storage upgrades, a cover, some adapter cables, and the Applecare extended warranty, and you’re up to $1,181 when you check out.

7 iPad Air: $1,438

iPads might be the epitome of non-essential luxury in the Apple product line. The tablets are not quite as portable as smartphones and don’t make calls, and also lack the content-creation powers of a notebook computer. iPads are best enjoyed while lounging around at home or during travel, and are perfect to browse the Web or watch a movie. Your iPad air could cost over $1,400 if you opt to max out the solid-state storage and add a cellular radio to the tablet so you can connect to the Internet where wifi is unavailable. That’s not even including the monthly service fees for the cellular data, which can run as high as $50 a month for five gigabytes of data.

6 Double Telepresence Robot: $2,499.95

Apple classifies this eccentric looking robot under toys and hobbies, but also tries to sell it as an essential component of modern videoconferencing. While it might look like a toy, this robot allows users to strap in their iPads and then remotely control the device to drive around. Imagine attending a walking meeting at work from your home. Simply log into the video call from your home computer or tablet, and suddenly you’re driving your office’s iPad on wheels, seeing what its camera sees. Your face, appropriately, is projected on the robotic iPad’s outward facing screen for your colleagues to enjoy. It’s like you’re walking right there with them, except you have no arms, and you can be disassembled with an allen wrench for easy storage. The robot’s height even adjusts up to 12 inches, so you can talk “eye to eye” with tall and short coworkers alike.

5 MacBook Air: $6,371.89

The ultra-portable MacBook Air is the cheapest Apple notebook computer you can buy, but even that is relative. Although they do start at a comparatively modest $999.99, the price quickly balloons if you want to add nice options like more memory, a faster processor, or more storage.

4 iMac: $8,009.92

The sleek all-in-one iMac desktop computer might be Apple’s most iconic product. The beautifully designed iMac computer has gone through several generations, progressing from a bulky but colorful CRT monitor with a computer stuffed inside it, to an LCD mounted in what looked like a flower pot, all the way to the ultra-thin computer today. Most iMacs cost around $2,000, but if you start upgrading the specs and software, you could pay over $8,000 for your “consumer” iMac.

3 MacBook Pro: $8,734.91

MacBook Pro notebook computers are designed for media professionals to use wherever their work takes them. Boasting the best technical specifications available in any notebook computers, MacBook pros can cost as much as $8,700 if you spare no expense on options and upgrades.

2 Mac Pro: $19,142.92

So what’s the best single Apple computer money can buy? The answer is a Mac Pro, the recently redesigned desktop computer aimed at creative professions. The Mac Pro may look like a wastebasket, but its tiny cylindrical exterior tower hides some seriously powerful and expensive components. Mac Pros are expensive even without any options, starting at $2,999, but add in some upgrades and you could quickly find yourself paying more for your computer than some brand new cars. If money is no object and you want the fastest and best Apple computer, be prepared to spend just under twenty grand for your maxed-out Mac Pro.

1 VTrak x30 Series Ultra-Dense Expansion Chassis: $69,999

If one hard drive is good, then 60 hard drives are even better, right? Obviously, this hard drive rack is designed for business use, and comes with 60 three-terabyte hard drives pre-installed, tested, and ready to go. The drives are hot-swappable, so a failing drive won’t ruin your business or your day. If you’ve got $70,000 to spare, you can order this beast of a storage chassis today at the Apple store.

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