The 10 Most Expensive Places To Stay In The UK

Finding a luxurious place to stay in Britain can come at quite a cost! Considering they have the 5th largest economy in the world and are home to 619,000 millionaires from a population of just 63 million. With these stats we are sure to have some of the priciest locations owned by some of the wealthiest people on Earth!

You will soon realise that the majority of the destinations shown are in London, not because that’s all there is in the UK, but mainly because the majority of the British economy revolves around London.

Another thing you will notice as we go through these expensive destinations, is that most of the people staying in these locations are celebrities or wealthy business people.

So as we go through these destinations, take a note of each location, as you may find that your favourite celebrity or business person enjoys the same kind of lifestyle as you do.

Please note these locations are hand-picked and after extensive research, here are the most expensive locations that arose.

10 Lake Windermere Lodge, Lake Windermere: $2,511 Per Night

The lodge is based on the very edge of the famous Lake Windermere. Its stunning views and beautiful surroundings capture any person’s dream of pure tranquility. It is the only listing of a destination outside of London but for $2,511 per night you may still need to save up for a bit before renting out this beautiful lodge. Unless of course you have nine other friends who you want to go with.

9 The Intercontinental, London Suite, London: $5,695 Per Night

The Intercontinental is a 5 star hotel situated at 1 Hamilton Place on Hyde Park Corner. The hotel is known for its repeat of celebrity customers and positive reviews. You can purchase an afternoon cup of tea and snack for $46 and you can even try their very own bespoke tea called ‘The Wellington Blend’ for the same price. The hotel is known for having stunning views of the royal parks and great overhead views of some of London’s finest landmarks.

8 Sheraton Park Tower, Lowndes Suite, London: $5,860 Per Night

The Park Tower situated at 101 Knightsbridge near Hyde Park was opened on June 21st, 1973 by Richard Seifert. It currently has over 300 bedrooms and was noted as having one of the worst designs for such a high price mark. It was also slated for no passion devoted to the architectural side of the building. It is however, known for having the best fish restaurant in the UK for five consecutive years. The hotel was constructed within a 5 year period and was built for celebrities and politicians working nearby in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

7 The Berkeley, Pavilion Conservatory Suite, London: $6,700 Per Night

Originally called the Gloucester Coffee House, The Berkeley was formed in the late 1800’s and was one of the first hotels in Britain to have double glazing and air conditioning installed. It is the only hotel in London to have an open air swimming pool on its roof, there is also a huge cinema screen installed next to it where you can get hot water bottles and feather blankets to enjoy the best movies with comfort.

6 The Ritz, Prince of Wales Suite, London: $7,426 Per Night

The Ritz was opened in 1906 and currently has 133 rooms. You can currently purchase a cup of tea for $12 and the set 3 course menu comes at a cost of $142. Famous figures such as Sir Winston Churchill, The Queens Mother and King Edward the 7th have all stayed at the luxurious hotel. Margaret Thatcher spent most of her last five months inside one of the Ritz suites and actually passed away there on the 8th April, 2013.

5 Claridge’s, The Brooke Penthouse, London: $7,675 Per Night

Claridge’s was founded in 1812 with 203 rooms to its name. Famous guests who have stayed their include U2, Alfred Hitchcock, Brad Pitt and Mick Jagger. Claridge’s restaurant is run by Hells Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay and he will serve you a 9 course meal there for around $335. The restaurant has served live ants before as part of a meal. The ants were foraged from Denmark and flown all the way to London just for the hotel’s use.

4 The Mandarin Oriental, Royal Suite, London: $8,850 Per Night

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel has 173 rooms with 25 suites. However the Royal Suite has hosted many famous guests including some of the highest royal powers in the world (including the Queen.) It has hosted Party in the Park which is a well-known European Music Event hosted in countries around Europe every year. The hotel also hosted Lady Margaret Thatcher’s 80th birthday party and recently had Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal’s Restaurant shut due to a bug spreading from the food. So all in all well worth the money that you have spent on your Royal Suite.

3 The Savoy Hotel, Royal Suite, London: $9,210 Per Night

The Savoy Hotel was built by Richard D’Oyly Carte in the late 1800’s with profits from composing many operas. It has 268 rooms available with views over the River Thames and has attracted celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Charlie Chaplin and many more. At that price, the average person would have to work for three and a half months straight to stay here for one night. In the news Katy Perry was recently seen smoking in the ballroom after her Brits performance at the hotel which sparked controversy but also put the hotel into the media spotlight.

2 The Langham Hotel, Infinity Suite, London: $10,365 Per Night

The Langham Hotel was built within the two years of 1863 and 1865. It cost just over $500,000 to build and features 380 bedrooms. The hotel was one of the first to install electric lights in the courtyard and entrance in 1879 and has since been used in the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes as well as the James Bond film Goldeneye. In 2011, to celebrate their 146th anniversary, the hotel decided to offer tea to any guest at the 1865 price of just $0.11.

1 The Lanesborough Hotel, Royal Suite, London: $13,395 Per Night

If you are a wealthy businessman and you are looking for an overnight stay in London then the Lanesborough Hotel is possibly the right choice for you. The hotel was opened in 1991 and used to act as a hospital in the early 1700’s. If the average person saved up four and a half months worth of salary then they would be able to afford to stay for a night here, but if they cannot afford that, they may have to build an empire before this price is cheap to them. Everyone from royalty to Arab princes have stayed at the hotel and it stands as the most expensive known hotel to stay at in Britain.

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