The 10 Most Expensive Party Schools In America

Universities in America are known for their educational and life experience benefits, but also for their party fever reputations. Those that apply for colleges have a long list of qualifications, as should be. However, the number one question should be: to attend a party school, or to not attend?

Attending Universities is a great privilege and can help our future in society. However, that doesn't mean you can't have some fun along the way. Here in this list, you'll find the top ten most expensive party schools in America. This might just help narrow down your decision when going through your various acceptance letters.

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10 West Virginia University: $19,632

With probably one of the coolest mascots a University can have, the Mountaineers are located in Morgantown West Virginia, and know how to party. To welcome new students, and the beginning of the school year, WVU puts together a FallFest, that includes many well-known performers; Kanye West, The Black Eyed Peas, Ludacris, and Maroon 5, just to name a few. Their Greek-life is the center of the University, and puts together fun competitions and events during Greek Week in the spring semester.

All of these incredibly amazing Universities offer you the best of both worlds: the educational experience you need, and the party scene to let loose and have that ultimate college experience. Universities can obviously be expensive; and these expensive party schools are no exception. As long as you got the will and the way (and….maybe a little cash), these experiences can be all yours to share.

9 University Nevada, Reno: $20,064

As soon as you say Nevada, most people think of Las Vegas; so the University of Nevada, Reno (also referred to as UNR) has a lot to live up to. UNR was ranked in 2012 by BusinessWeek as the 4th overall University with the best MBA program, and is also ranked in the top 100 public institutions by U.S New and World Report. A now famous 49er quarterback was, before, a quarterback for the UNR Wolf’s back in 2009-2010 season. With 27 houses in the Greek-Life, it’s easy to see where Nevada gets its stereotypical party scene name—but don't worry, a little party never hurt anyone from getting their diploma.

8 Florida State University: $21,703

Florida State, or FSU, is located in the state’s capitol, in Tallahassee Florida. The Seminoles were ranked 32nd overall amongst the popular colleges in the United States in 2009 by World News, and is highly ranked for its “acceptable” tuition rates. There are about 22 well established Greek-life houses, with 4,500 undergraduates in Greek-life. Ever heard of Burt Reynolds? He was an alumni to FSU and there are plenty more celebrities that loved the Seminole nightlife.

7 Arizona State University: $23,654

Arizona State, also referred to as ASU, is located in Tempe Arizona, right under the hot sun. What more proof do you need in a party school, to know that their mascot is a Sun Devil? Jimmy Kimmel is one of the many well-known alumni’s to ASU—only leading further to the party school reputation. Daniel Tosh, from the show Tosh.O, even made an appearance at the University of Arizona’s campus, only leading to more jokes and gestures about its infamous reputation about partying under the sun.

6 Washington State University: $25,889

Also known as Wazzu, this University is home to the Cougars, and is located in Pullman Washington—a pretty small town, with lots of packed parties. Oh, don’t forget their rigorous academic schedule either. Washington State University has a pretty awesome Greek life, and isn’t afraid to live it up; especially during their pretty famous and well known Halloween parties that they host during the weekend (either before or after).

5 University of Iowa: $26,931

Now, you wouldn't think that a school in Iowa would get much recognition for being the ultimate party school—but for many years, Princeton Review made it their number one! The Hawkeyes know how to get their diploma, and to party along the way. Their football team participates in the Big 10 conference, and has received high recognition for their athletic ability, and of course, their tailgating.

4 Penn State: $29,566

Also known as Pennsylvania State University, this University has had some tough times. Although their major scandals have impacted their attendance rate and overall look of their campus, it doesn't mean that this school won't give you a great education, or some pretty great parties. Penn State was ranked the 49th best college in the world, under the 2013-2014 World University Rankings by Times Higher Education. With Keegan-Michael Key, from the host Key&Peel on Comedy Central graduating from Penn State, it’s easy to see just how fun this campus could be.

3 University of Oregon: $29,788

University of Oregon, home to the Ducks in Eugene Oregon, is pretty famous for knowing how to get down and party after their stressful school week. The iconic film, National Lampoon’s Animal House, was actually filmed on the University of Oregon’s campus; almost every Greek house you see in the film, is still standing (and in use) on the campus today. University of Oregon is the only Pac-12 party school to officially make it on Princeton Review’s list—keep that in mind when choosing your school.

2 University of California, Los Angeles: $35,574

This California hot spot of a school is the third oldest campus of the University of California system. Although, don't let that fool you; this University is all about having a good time—and of course, its great educational program as well. UCLA is home to 68 national and local Greek-letter organizations, with 15% of the student populations being involved in Greek life. With an annual “Undie Run” through campus—yes, students, at the end of finals all get together and strip down to their underwear and run through campus to jump in their fountains—it’s safe to say this University knows how to let loose after those stressful finals.

1 Syracuse University: $40,458

Located in Syracuse, New York, this private University can be all yours—as long as you have the grades and the money for it. Not only is Syracuse a well established University, but it promises you a world of diversity; which is probably true. Syracuse’s Greek row is full of the sorority or fraternity life you've imagined. If you're looking for that perfect mix of upper class sophistication, with some crazy partying during your freshman and sophomore years, then Syracuse University could be your next best thing.

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