The 10 Most Expensive Juice Cleanses

When Ben Franklin said nothing is certain except for death and taxes, he forgot to add toxins to the list. Everyone is exposed to toxins from food, air and water. While that sounds terrifying, toxins won’t directly kill you, but they will cause inflammation and weaken the immune system, making us more susceptible to illnesses that can. Cleansing has become a very popular way to eliminate these toxins. A basic cleanse requires not eating solid food for a specified period of time and only consuming liquids.

Cold pressing juice is the most popular way to cleanse. It's also the most expensive way. There are three main reasons why. The first is that there can be up to six pounds of fruits and vegetables in even just a ten or twelve ounce bottle of juice. The second reason is that equiptment needed, which exerts thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the juice, is very expensive. The third reason is that in recent years, the popularity of cold pressed juice has surged, not just because of the health benefits, but because so many celebrities have been juicing.

Do you think you want to cleanse? Some cleanses make people feel week or possibly headachy, so timing is important. A very busy week at work for example, would not be an optimal time. Many people cleanse before the summer because of weight loss benefits. Renowned nutrition expert, Tatiana Ridley, says she does it "Usually after I've been indulgent or with a change of the seasons, to give my body a re-boost." As with any health regimen, you should ask your doctor before you begin.

Below are ten of the most expensive juice cleanses. All the prices are for a seven day long cleanse, but there are shorter and longer options available. Most of the juices are available for nationwide shipping, but some also have local delivery options because cold pressed juice isn’t pasteurized and it's extremely perusable.

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10 OMG Blends: $215

Launched in 2013, OMG Blends is an alternative cleanse that uses smoothies instead of cold pressed juice. It is 100% organic. There are four cleanses to choose from, lasting from three days to twenty-one days. The juices are made in a blender instead of cold pressed because OMG claims their balance of fiber, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats allows your body to function better than drinking only cold pressed juice. While some people feel less energized on cold pressed juice cleanses, the OMG smoothies are designed to be energizing, so cleansing won't disrupt regular life activities. At $215 per week, it’s not cheap, but certainly one of the more affordable cleansing options. Plus, you’ll still have enough energy to go to work to pay for it.

9 Liquiteria: $343

New York City’s Liquiteria is a juice magnet for celebrities including Alec Baldwin, Chloe Sevigny, Ryan Gosling and Rachel Weisz among countless others. With several locations pressing apples throughout the Big Apple, they also ship nationally; so you can enjoy this cleanse anywhere. What sets Liquiteria apart from other cleanses is their incredible customer support in the form of cleansing coaches, who can help you create the best possible cleanse for your lifestyle. However, there are also four cleanses to choose from if you simply want to order off the menu. There is also an annual subscription service, costing $1,588 for one cleanse per month for a year.

8 Cooler Cleanse: $348

The Cooler Cleanse is the cleanse all the cool kids are trying. This cleanse has approximately 1200 calories per day with six numbered juice bottles, which are supposed to be consumed in a specific order every two hours. Some of the juices available are Sweet Greens, Essential Green, Essential Red, Almond Nut Milk, Young Coconut Water, Watermelon Lime, Pineapple Ginger and Spicy Lemonade. All juices are gluten free and organic. The Cooler Cleanse was co-created by actress Salma Hayek, who is also known for her makeup and skincare line, called Nuance. There are three, five and one day cleansing programs, all of which can be shipped via Fedex.

7 Blueprint: $390


Perhaps one of the most well-known cleanses is BluePrint. BluePrint was one that pioneered the juicing craze and made this trend popular with the masses. Depending on your level of cleansing experience, you can choose one of the three that BluePrint offers. With numbered bottles, BluePrint is very user friendly. All the juices are 100% organic, made from raw, fresh non-gmo produce.

Having personally cleansed with BluePrint, I can attest to the deliciousness of the juices. Not eating solid food is challenging, so I wanted to choose a cleanse with juices I would really enjoy drinking. My favorite was the Lemonade. Made with cayenne pepper and sweetened with agave, it was completely delicious. Designed to be energizing and alkalizing, after drinking it, I was actually able to workout mid-cleanse. I am sure Ashley Greene, Iron Chef Michael Voltaggio and Ginnifer Goodwin, who have all been spotted with the juice, would agree with me.

6 Life Juice: $420 

Life Juice is a great way to integrate juicing into your life. There are three cleanses to choose from, all of which are raw. The most interesting juice Life Juice offers as part of the cleanse, which is actually not a juice at all, is called Himalayan Sea Salt Solé. This drink is a combination of filtered water, lemon and pink Himalayan Sea Salt. The sea salt helps to replace electrolytes and balance energy. There is nationwide shipping available, but the juices are also available at over 390 Target locations. It is also available at some supermarkets around the New York City area, including chic gourmet hub, Balduccis. Actor Justin Long has been known to integrate Life Juice into his life.

5 Pressed: $420 

According to Oprah, her Pressed juice cleanse made her “feel really good and energized.” Michelle Williams, Emma Roberts and Jessica Alba, all of whom have been spotted with bottles of Pressed juice would probably agree. Pressed Juice is the “Choose Your Own Adventure” of juice cleanses. There are three different cleanses to choose from, as well as the option to build your own cleanse. Pressed offers three different subscription services for those who are serious about cleansing monthly, the most expensive costing $780 for sixty juices per month.  Pressed Juicery has several locations throughout Southern and Northern California, but will ship nationwide.

4 Ritual Cleanse: $480 

Ritual cleanse offers 100% organic cold pressed, raw, vegan gluten and dairy-free cleanses. There are two standard cleanses offered as well as the option to create a custom cleanse. Each six bottle cleanse will have you drinking about 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables per day. While endorsed by trainer to the stars, Gunnar Peterson, it is also endorsed by countless MDs, so you know it’s the real deal. It has also been used by several celebrities with some of the most envied bodies in Hollywood, including Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, and Camila Alves. While Ritual has three retail locations outside of Los Angeles, shipping is available everywhere, so you can perform your cleansing ritual no matter where you are.

3 Neighborhood Press: $498 

Neighborhood Press offers fresh, raw, 100% organic juice grown and delivered locally in Los Angeles. What sets Neighborhood Press apart from other companies is their philanthropy, donating one bottle of juice to homeless shelters, food banks and cancer charities, for every bottle purchased. There are three cleanse packages as well as three mini-cleanse options. All of the juice is made from the cold pressing method and unique from other juice companies, is handcrafted. While this cleanse has been a little bit under the radar, it’s a favorite of trainer Kim Lyons of The Biggest Loser fame and Frank Kramer of Dish Nation.

2 Juice Press: $573.37

1 Organic Avenue: $600

Organic Avenue is the hotspot where A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes, Jessica Chastain and Owen Wilson travel to get their cleanse on! There are four cleanses to choose from as well as a custom cleanse option. Organic Avenue also offers two cleanse concierges available by appointment only, at their many retail locations in New York City. They also deliver throughout Manhattan and ship anywhere. Part of the cleanse is a daily chlorophyll shot, which reportedly decreases inflammation, increases circulation and oxygenates the body. Organic Avenue also offers additional booster shots including aloe, turmeric and wheatgrass.

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