The 10 Most Expensive Hospitals to Give Birth

Expecting parents have to think in advance about what hospital they will pick for the big moment. They want what's best for their newborn baby and for themselves, so it's only natural that they choose

Expecting parents have to think in advance about what hospital they will pick for the big moment. They want what's best for their newborn baby and for themselves, so it's only natural that they choose the best service out there. News flash: having a baby is not cheap. Giving life proves quite expensive. That precious bundle of joy can come with a jaw-dropping hospital bill. The average hospital delivery in the U.S. costs between $10,000 and $15,000. That's a fortune for most of us and it's a lot more than in any other developed country out there. Delivery costs tripled in the U.S. since 1996. Talk about inflation! Even those who benefit from maternity coverage still have various expenses to cover. What's really ironic is that the U.S. has some of the highest infant and maternal death rates in first-world countries. In this case, choosing between private and public hospitals may not be such a tough decision to make.

Jay Z and Beyonce's Blue Ivy was delivered in the most luxurious surroundings, setting new trends. When the rich and famous give birth, their hospital stay can easily be compared to a pampering spa getaway. Forget all about that tasteless hospital food and roommates. You'll be introduced to your very own private suite, five star rooms reading luxury allover. However, celebrities and royals are not the only ones seeking deluxe accommodation and medical services. Anyone with the right amount of cash can choose a posh place to deliver in style in A-list maternity suites, benefiting from stellar obstetric care, giving birth like a superstar.

10 Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney: $1,000 Per Day

9 Clinique des Grangettes in Switzerland: $2,140 Per Night

8 Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan: $2,500 Per Day

7 Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles: $4,000 Per Day

Offering deluxe maternity suites, Cedard-Sinai in Los Angeles is the place where Hollywood stars deliver their babies. For “just” $4,000 per day, you get the Deluxe Maternity Package, a three-room suite with two bathrooms. Forget all about that nasty hospital food. Your menu will include plenty of fresh fruit, muffins, and chilled juices, fit for the queen you are. Plus, they offer bedside salon services, like hairstylist, manicures, and pedicures. After all, who wants to leave the hospital looking like they've just had a baby? It is where Kourtney Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckham, and Rachel Zoe gave birth, in lighted rooms with soft colors and comfortable beds, with huge bathtubs, and deluxe food services.

6 Mount Sinai Hospital in New York: $4,000 Per Day

5 Rose Medical Center in Denver: $3,450 For A Physical

4 Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London: $10,000 Per Birth

3 St. Mary's Hospital in London: $15,000 Per Private Suite

2 New Jersey Hospitals: Between $18,000 And $27,000

1 Matilda Hospital in Hong Kong: $20,000 Down Payment For A Room

Private hospitals in Hong Kong charge between $3,200 and $12,900 per day, and that's just for the room. Yes, it is more expensive than the typical hotel room in Hong Kong, but it is also much better. It is the ultimate pampering experience. Private hospitals in Hong Kong are luxurious to say the least. They feature so many amenities that you'll feel as if checking into a fancy hotel. They offer single rooms with balconies overlooking the ocean, refrigerators filled with juices and bottled water, cable TV, and WiFi. The doctor in charge of the delivery is also your personal gynecologist/obstetrician, and will be the one booking your stay and making all the necessary arrangements. It is advisable to ask your doctor to make reservations as early as possible, as most Hong Kong private hospitals are fully booked 7 months in advance. At the Matilda Hospital in Hong Kong, you need to deposit $20,000 in down payment just to book a room. However, not just any room, a room with a view, with its private balcony overlooking the South China Sea.

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The 10 Most Expensive Hospitals to Give Birth