The 10 Most Expensive Current iPhone Apps

As most of us know, technology is a major part of our everyday lives. We use technology for just about everything: alarms, GPS systems, Google searching, and the ever so present social media that is j

As most of us know, technology is a major part of our everyday lives. We use technology for just about everything: alarms, GPS systems, Google searching, and the ever so present social media that is just as important as eating or breathing.

Apple has created millions upon millions of different applications you can download for your phone, and companies have jumped on board as well. Apple’s store has a huge storage of apps for your iPhone that you have probably never had heard of and this list will show you some of the most expensive circulating the application market.

Some of the very most expensive include apps that are normally for the CEO or very uppity up business man. However, this list will show you the most expensive apps out there for the average joe; however, you’re still going to need a bunch of cash for these babies. Whether it’s ranging from studying for the next college test, or getting into the coolest VIP clubs, these apps cost a pretty penny.

10 Stock Arbitrage Trader: $70

This app is for the Wall Street junkies and financial wizards. Stock Arbitrage Trader is the latest app for investors, and gives you the equations and graphs you need to watch the stock market closely. The app provides real time buy and sell recommendation signals and stock market news. This app has high reviews—if you have the cash, and would love to be the next “wolf” on Wall Street—then this is for you.

9 Sexy Finger Print Test HD: $100

The Sexy Finger Print Test app is there to help boost the confidence that you need; as long as you have the money to spare for it. If you have $100, this app can be all yours! It will scan your fingerprint, and let you know whether or not you could be the next Brad Pitt or Mila Kunis. Hopefully this app doesn’t hurt your feelings either, otherwise that money could seem a little ill wasted.

8 XA1: $180

The XA1 iPhone app is for those DJ’s out there that really want to make a difference in the musical world (like Skrillex or Steven Aoki). This newly available app helps your musical ear with a real time spectrum analyzer, right on your phone. It doesn't matter whether you will be doing mixing or pure audio work; this app will help you with its built in microphone and will show you a visible reference for your sound. Although this app costs $180, it can really benefit the next awesome DJ out there. Save those pennies and quarters, and make sure to put them in your piggy bank.

7 ROSIE Home Automation: $200

For complete control over your home electronics and setting up that amazing party you’ve always dreamed of, look no further than the ROSIE Home Automation app, created by Savant. This app will let you control almost everything in your home—from lighting, security, temperature, and even the radio controls in your home—you’ll be set to feeling safe, and in the 21st century. Even if you’re away on business or on a fun vacation, you can have full access to these controls, as long as you have Wi-Fi access. If you have an extra couple bucks laying around, this app may be for you.

6 Water globe: $220

This next app is for the lighthearted; that still have some serious cash in their pocket. The water globe app is a set of interactive screen water globes that you can actually customize and play with. The app is smart enough to shake and fling snowflakes around its “globe” if you twist and turn your phone! You can also customize your options by choosing how big your snowflakes are, or the amount of snow used. Hey, you can even use this as a screen saver setting, which could actually be pretty fun.

5 PDR Quote: $340

If you’re like the average Joe, then knowing very little about your car and its parts and uses aren’t exactly information that you would know. The PDR Quote app would be able to help you with finding mobile repair shops, what your car may need to be fixed, and can even send you invoices straight to your phone. If you’re worried your mechanic may be giving you a fixed price, then maybe you can use that extra cash you have laying around to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

4 Barcelona vs. Madrid: $350

This app is for the most dedicated soccer fans, and of course, those that know the great rivalry that is between Barcelona and Madrid. With the app, Barcelona vs. Madrid, you will be able to have the game at the touch of your fingertips—and decide who wins. This game has extremely realistic graphics and simulation; it will be like you were there! Why not have the most intense game on your phone? This app can help you keep your sanity while waiting for your flight, or whether you want to escape from work—as long as you have that $350 in your account.

3 Buddy Repperton Gold: $400

If you love gambling, and you love sports, then look no further than Buddy Repperton Gold’s app. This app helps with predictions in college and professional sports; with football, basketball, baseball—and even for those sports overseas. With an app like this, you can take on the world—if you have the money for it, that is.

2 LSAT Titan: $500

With the LSAT Titan app, you’ll be ready to ace that law school exam, and get into the law school of your dreams! The LSAT Titan costs probably just as much as the down payment to your fees into law school, so don’t be discouraged. This app offers you almost 7,000 real LSAT test questions, and gives you prep time, and shows your progress. Studying requires time, and the price requires real work.

1 iVIP black: $1000

The iVIP app—or better known as “the millionaire’s app”—is currently the most expensive app on Apple’s radar. This app is an all in one inclusive for the partier and next big shot into all the hottest clubs and venues. iVIP offers you special experiences, such as welcome packages, room upgrades, exclusive rates, and priority access; all through connecting with iVIP partner venues. Still don’t think it has it all? It also includes a personal stylist within your phone, as well as other personal services.

Next time you decide to venture through Apple’s store, it wouldn’t hurt to check out these expensive and luxurious apps on the market. With these pricy apps, it’s easy to see how technology fits in this world; as man’s best friend.

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The 10 Most Expensive Current iPhone Apps