The 10 Most Expensive Cities In 2014

Expensive and uniquely built, these cities are culturally different but common in expenses earning them the titles for being the world's most expensive cities. As much as we believe the cost of living in America is an informal steep, the foreign cities on this list will put a gaping hole in your pocket.

These cities are notorious for high cost of living. They also have multitudes of tourists that sometimes even become residents; so we can consider that the United States is not the only melting pot now. In 2011, Tokyo was chosen as the number one most expensive city, however now, just a few years later it dramatically moved to #19 on numerous global city lists. True, its only the beginning of the year but chances of London sloping down the charts anytime soon are very slim, but don't take my word for it, review the statistics yourself.

10 Copenhagen, "the Black Diamond"

Hard to believe that this city was first founded in the 10th century as a Viking fishing village. Although these days it’s still has agricultural attributes its also has wide ranges of sights and attractions as well as relaxing boat tours throughout the city.

  • Average Combo Meal: $12
  • 2 Liter Coca Cola: $4.85
  • Movie Tickets: $35
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $2,613

9 San Francisco, “The City by the Bay”

San Francisco is the second most densely populated major city in the United States after New York, the city is also widely recognized for the war memorial opera house, one of the largest opera companies in North America. Tourist and media recognition's also play a big part exhibiting the Golden gate bridge that can be seen in movies, posters and other media outlets.

  • Average Combo Meal: $7
  • 2 Liter Coca Cola: $2.50
  • Movie Tickets: $24
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $3,844

8 Paris, "The City of Lights"

France is alive with music Parisian bistros, selective luxurious hotels; movie and fashion sets that run rapid and fierce throughout this city. The city is now evolving and molding into different genes of lifestyles and business while remaining high priced. The metro is familiar for birthing world class fashion brands & designers in share with New York.

  • Average Combo Meal: $10.25
  • 2 Liter Coca Cola: $2.86
  • Movie Tickets: $27
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $3,534

7 Singapore: “Lion City”

Thanks to world class architects, Singapore wheels in tourists being that its exquisite attractions consist of the river safari, the gardens by the bay and other symbolic landmarks like museums and aquariums with significant design structure that follows. In addition, downtown has the national symbol of a statue of a lions head with a fish body which represents the origin that it was once just a fishing village. The city is located in Southeast Asia; it’s also known for being very diverse in race.

  • Average Combo Meal: $7.00
  • 2 Liter Coca Cola: $2.22
  • Movie Tickets: $17
  • Rent (9w00 -1000sq ft.): $3,886

6 Lausanne, “Swiss San Francisco”

Vivid with gloomy landscapes and a mix of historical and modern day appearances is what perfectly describes the city of Lausanne. This city also has a rich musical life in a variety of directions that carries the biggest names in the world in dancing and music. Lead by Zurich, its art and popularity stands firmly on its historical heritage sites and festivals.

  • Average Combo Meal: 13.37
  • 2 Liter Coca Cola: $3.53
  • Movie Tickets: $39
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $3,276

5 New York, "The Big Apple"

An average of 40 million tourists visits New York every year internationally or worldwide. New York City is a prominent location in the American entertainment industry with boxing, movies, television series, books, and record labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group whom are huge companies that reside in New York. Not to mention these are outlets that help push this city to be the largest media market in North America followed by Los Angeles.

  • Average Combo Meal: $8
  • 2 Liters Coca Cola: $2.34
  • Movie Tickets: $26
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $4,103

4 Zurich, “Big Small Town”

The largest city in Switzerland is home to historical churches and the Imperial Palace. The city culture comes with good quality museums, galleries, theaters and agricultural grounds. Zurich has the biggest and busiest international airport in Switzerland which plays a big role in bringing abundance in the city's economic system along with expensive entertainment events.

  • Average Combo Meal: $14.49
  • 2 Liter Coca Cola: $2.97
  • Movie Tickets: $41
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $3,886

3 Geneva, "Piece Capital"

Other than being the second most populated city, Geneva is the headquarters of numerous French language radio and television networks. Geneva is also the headquarters for agencies in the United Nations and Red Cross; though these headquarters have recently moved to New York, the city Geneva still holds offices. A must-see attraction is the water fountain (Jet d'Eau de Geneve) as it shoots 140 meters in the sky. The fountain came into play in 1886 when a hydraulic power station was built to deliver water under pressure to the city’s fountains, homes and other businesses. The pressure build-ups caused the city to install a pressure valve to relieve it.

  • Average Combo Meal: $14.49
  • 2 Liters of Coca Cola: $3.81
  • Movie Tickets: $43
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $3,897

2 Oslo, "Beta World City"

Oslo is the capital of Norway and known to have many large companies of the world; sub project and maritime broker. Tourists struggle to choose between museums, restaurants, events and city tours such as the hop-on hop-off tour shuttle because they all run 24 hours per day. Even as Oslo tops #2 on the list, if you enjoy going out to eat regularly, this city probably would count as #1 for you as the price of food is exceptionally high.

  • Average Combo Meal: $16
  • 2 liter Coca Cola: $5.06
  • Movie Tickets: $37
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $2,985

1 London, "The Great Wen"

Granted this city has professional standards, it can also be an extravaganza. Being that London holds popular values, most Londoners think that the city’s cultural scene is important to meet luxury standards. London’s a cultural capital with it’s bold in arts, education, entertainment, fashion, health care, media, tourism and transport. London holds its title for now as it cuts straight to the point for being so costly.

  • Average Combo Meal: $9
  • 1 Beer: $6
  • Movie Tickets: $35
  • Rent (900 -1000sq ft.): $4,367

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