The 10 Most Expensive BBQ's Perfect For Summer

Who doesn't love a good burger or hot dog on a warm sunny day? I can tell you one thing for certain: people love food, and people love the summer. What goes perfectly in this mix is an amazing BBQ. BBQ’s aren’t just your average charcoal grill anymore; they're coming out with the newest and latest technology for these babies, and they're incredible amazing and expensive.

If you want to be an amazing cook, then it wouldn't hurt to have one of these amazing BBQ’s in your very own backyard. Impress your family, your friends, and grill up an amazing burger for summer. You'll never want to leave your backyard, and you’ll never want to use your oven again.


10 Weber Ranch Kettle: $1,150

Although this isn't a full grill, it’s still awesome enough to use in your backyard for little camping sessions with your family, or to make some yummy smores with your friends. With its sleek black design, and 1,104 square inches of cooking space, feel free to cook much more than those s'mores. This kettle is made by one of the most infamous designers, so don't be afraid to show it off when friends come over for a dinner party.

9 Backwoods Competitor: $3,000


Now this amazing grill is for the cook that likes to prepare for an entire party; and with a sleek design like this, people will be talking. The Backwoods Competitor was built for professional barbeque contests, but now you can buy one, and now you can show your true barbecuing skills! This smoke-stacked machine can cook a half a dozen turkeys, or 32 slabs of baby back ribs. All at Once!

8 Capital Precision Series 40”: $4,000

This beautiful grill offers you exactly what you want out of summer, so don't worry about the high price. It is equipped with dual W-shaped burners, a sear burner, and a full rotisserie system. Don't forget about the collapsible cutting boards on the sides because with them you never have to leave the barbecue's side. This shiny BBQ won’t disappoint, and you’ll be sure to have the best hot dogs in town.

7 Alfresco LX2 42”: $5,000


This big, wonderfully designed gas grill, will be built to last you a long time—so imagine all of the great summers you can have cooking new and delicious food! Although this grill may be a little steep in price, it offers you the quickest heating system. With 82,500 BTU output of the main burners, it will work faster than you can say “grill’n time”, and you can even interchange one of the burners for an infrared unit, if you don’t think it already cooks fast enough.

6 Artisan Outdoor Pizza Oven: $6,500

Okay, okay, this technically isn’t your average grill, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a powerful punch. This beautifully designed artisan pizza oven will really awe your guests, and you’ll want to use it every second of the beautiful summer weather. This stainless steel pizza oven will cook you a perfectly thin crusted pizza in just five minutes! Never order pizza to go; create your own fun pizza, and become best friends with this grill; after all, you’ve put a lot of money into it.

5 Grillco Propane Gas Corn Roaster Grill: $6,800


This big burner is for those super enthusiastic barbeque guys that love roasting whole pigs, or at least 120 corns at once. The cool thing about this tremendous barbeque, is that it cancels out your worry about cooking everything on time. There are eight individual stainless steel burners underneath it’s rotating design that help you cook almost everything (and tons of it) at once. Just make sure you have the space for this barbeque, and the cash for it as well.

4 Twin Eagles Pinnacle Series: $7,000

Twin Eagles is operated by a famous grilling veteran, so you know you're buying the top of the line with this gas grill. With incredible attention to detail, the grill will be the show-stopper to all of your dinner parties. The hexagonal cooking grates work perfectly with getting the most out of your cooking; with better searing and more of that smoky, wonderful taste. If you're looking for a great grill, this one is high up there, just make sure you have the cash for it.


3 Fire Magic Diamond Series Echelon: $12,200


This flashy and expensive gas grill will do wonders for your kabobs and fire-grilled salmon. Fire Magic is one of the best companies for their outdoor grills, so don't be afraid of dumping your money into this magical cooking oven. This grill is the largest Fire Magic has made; with over 1,000 square inches of cooking space, and seven burners underneath the hood. You know your food is going to be well prepared with this ultimate barbeque.

2 Kalamazoo Grill: $17,000

With this pricey piece, you'll never have to face the dilemma of choosing a grill that cooks with charcoal or gas. The Kalamazoo Grill offers you their state of the art hybrid fire grilling system—use charcoal, or wood, and it'll burn the gas naturally. With the duel-burner system, with three burners and a double side burner, you’ll never lose space to cook a meal for an entire party. They also offer you three specialized laser-cut grates, for different cooking purposes; like meat, fish, or vegetables. Either way, this amazing grill will last you throughout many summers, and you'll want to show it off.

1 Cal Spa Outdoor Super Sports Cabana: $35,000


Doesn't this look like the epitome of backyard paradise? This super awesome barbeque grill is all power machine and all stainless steel. This BBQ comes with three 20-inch outdoor TV’s, a five-burner grill, and of course, a fridge, bar, and stereo. You’ll probably put the local sports pub out of business once you fire this barbeque up. You really want to impress your neighbors? Go for this bad boy.

So here are some of the best barbeques out there. If you don't have one of these awesome grills in your backyard, then you aren't ready to prepare the best backyard party imaginable for your friends. Take out some cash for these bad boys, because they're going to cost a pretty penny.

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