10#10 Vieille Bon Secours Ale - $1200

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As we’ll soon see, the domain of ultra-expensive alcohol is dominated by liquor, but that doesn’t mean beer can’t hold a spot down. Vieille Bon Secours is an artisanal belgian beer produced by la Brasserie Caulier, a family brewery based in Péruwelz, Belgium. Don’t worry, for $1200 you get a

lot more than a bottle. Each $1200 order of Vieille Bon Secours guarantees you 12 litres of the world’s greatest beer to your doorstep. Since opening in 1995 they’ve produced several yields of beer, but the most valuable is the one that’s been aged for 10 years. The beer has an 8% alcohol content and has a taste flavoured with toffee and anise.

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