Rare NES Gold Cartridge Sells For $100,088 On Ebay

In this ever changing world, it is rare to find an item that does not need to be replaced within a few years of purchase. The world of gaming falls victim to this because of the consoles that are changing and evolving on a regular basis. Originating with classics like pong and duck hunt, gaming has now evolved to using wireless remotes with a larger variety of gaming options.

Although the new consoles such as the Wii U and the Playstation 4 are great options for anyone looking to play MarioKart or Grand Theft Auto, one must admit, there is nothing better than the classics. Earlier today, an auction was approaching its final leg on eBay where someone located in Wyoming U.S.A decided to sell an old-school NES Nintendo World Championship Cart: Gold Version.

The bidding started on January 24th, 2014 at $4,999, but as the days went on the price kept escalating. With only 26 of its kind made, it was realized by the public just how rare this item truly was. Claiming to be an original, in what the photos prove to be great condition, this old game became a hot item on the online auction circuit. The final victor won with a winning bid of $100,088; around 20 times more than it's starting bid.

The item was an original from the 1990 Nintendo Power Magazine NWC giveaway, where production for the item happened at a rapid rate in order to be able to distribute the merchandise. These rare gold cartridges were rare and very hard to come by due to the lack of unique identification numbers, which enables the other regular gray cartridges to be tracked. The fact that the item was also missing it's label did not seem to slow any bidders down as the numbers for bids kept escalating with time.

This very rare item of the Nintendo world was described as a "must for Nintendo Collectors"  and as the most valuable cartridge for the NES console. This was not the first time that the online world came across a Gold NES Nintendo World Championship Cartridge for sale either. Other gold cartridges were have said to be sold in 2008 and 2009, but for nothing more than $18,000. Why did this one sell for such a high price? It could be because the seller knew the value of his product, the fact that it was a Gold Edition NES game, and because it has become known as a collectible which makes many people want it that much more.

So with the bidding over and the hustle of the auction at its close, will this game be put away on a shelf to look at? Or will it be played and enjoyed for years to come?

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Rare NES Gold Cartridge Sells For $100,088 On Ebay