Priciest Super Bowl Tickets To Buy Right Now!

The first Super Bowl ever played in a cold-weather venue will kick off on Sunday, February 2, in East Rutherford, N.J., when the Denver Broncos will play the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium. Me

The first Super Bowl ever played in a cold-weather venue will kick off on Sunday, February 2, in East Rutherford, N.J., when the Denver Broncos will play the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium.

MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets, opened in 2010, with a seating capacity of more than 86,000, and construction costs exceeding $1.6 billion. But planning for New Jersey’s first Super Bowl began long before that.

Former National Football League commissioner Paul Tagliabue first pitched his idea in 2002 for the New York metropolitan area to host a Super Bowl. At the time, all Super Bowl venues were required to either be in a warm-weather city, or have a roof to insulate the event from the cold.

The NFL and its owners voted in 2010 to make an exception for the newly opened MetLife Stadium, and awarded Super Bowl 48 to the venue and the New York/New Jersey region. New York is the largest city in the United States, and accordingly, its largest television market. New York is also considered the media capital and financial capital of the country.

All of that means intense competition, and incredible prices, for tickets for the first Super Bowl ever for the New York metropolitan area. Although face values for the best seats at the Super Bowl this year top out at a “modest” $2,600, tickets are selling for much more than that on secondary markets like eBay and StubHub.

While the weathermen are still worried about a Super Bowl blizzard, many fans are rooting for a little snow during the big game. With stars like Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson headlining the game, demand for Super Bowl tickets has risen steadily this winter. As game time approaches, prices for the best seats have gone through the roof, even though MetLife stadium doesn't have one.

Here are the ten most expensive tickets you can buy right now for the first cold-weather Super Bowl.

10 Level 6 Suite — $600,006.20

If you’ve got a spare $600,000 collecting dust in your couch cushions, you can be the proud owner of these tickets, available right now on StubHub. For that price, you get 30 seats in a plush level 6 suite. The suite includes 4 flat-panel televisions, theater-style seating, an extra-high ceiling, high-speed wifi Internet, a wet bar, and a selection of gourmet snacks. At just $20,000.21 per seat, these tickets are a relative bargain.

9 Level 5 Suite — $625,000

The level 5 suites in MetLife Stadium are directly below the level 6 suites. Both sets of suites run along the stadium’s sidelines, from end-zone to end-zone. For your $625,000, you get your own suite with 18 seats and six standing-room spots. Suites on level 5 feature all of the amenities of the level 6 suites, plus a private suite entrance and concourse.

8 Level 6 Suite, row 1 — $645,720

If living it up in a generic level 6 suite isn’t exclusive enough for your tastes, these might be the tickets for you. For $645,720, you get a 30-person suite in row 1 of the suite level. This suite offers a private restroom, in-seat wait service, padded seats, and a full selection of food and drinks.

7 Level 3 Suite — $729,007.60

The level 3 suites at MetLife Stadium are located much lower than the level 5 and level 6 suites. At level 3, you are below the entire 200-section, and directly above the field-level section-100 seats. These prime locations come at a price. For about $729,000, you get a 30-person suite with an unparalleled view of the action. A large glass overhang, radiant heating elements, and independent climate control for each suite meaning you and your 29 lucky guests will watch the game in cozy comfort, despite the weather on the field.

6 Level 5 Suite, row 1 — $734,620

This suite is located in section 82, just off one end-zone, and for $734,620, you get a 24-person suite in the first row. This suite includes chair-back seating, barstool seating, and standing room for six more people. As with the rest of the Super Bowl suites, individual wait service comes standard.

5 Level 3 Suite — $822,800.02

Seats in the level 3 suites near mid-field are available on secondary markets for over $800,000. This suite fits 26 people, and comes with all the amenities befitting this premium location. The price includes all food and beverages for everyone in the suite.

4 Level 5 Suite, row 1 — $825,020

This suite sits on level 5 to the left of an end-zone, with a slightly angled view of the field. Located in section 87, this suite sits 18 and has room for 6 more in standing room. The biggest selling point for these tickets is that your suite is located on the aisle, which gives you easier access to the private concourse and entrance/exit afforded to level 5 suite guests.

3 Level 3 Suite — $839,320

The level 3 suites at MetLife Stadium are the closest you can get to the field and still be in a general suite. Located along the sideline directly above the 100-section, this large suite fits 30 people, and includes an open bar and catered food.

2 Commissioners Club — $842,520

The Commissioners Club at MetLife Stadium is hands-down the most luxurious way to watch the Super Bowl. This hybrid section combines a club atmosphere with suite seating, and sits 32 rows off the field. The club features private indoor suite and outdoor terrace seating under a retractable canopy. The Commissioners Club has its own private chefs and an extensive wine list, and guests can enjoy their food and drink in front of the club’s own fireplace. For $842,520, you get a 20-person suite, with 12 seats and standing room for 8 more guests.

1 Level 3 Suite — $899,270

For the absolute most expensive Super Bowl tickets you can buy right now, look no further than this suite in level 3, listed for just under $900 thousand. All suites in this level include unlimited food and drinks, climate control, and protection from the weather. This suite holds 30 people and offers a close-up view of the Super Bowl from just above field-level.  There's no combination of comfort and a close-up view better than this super-expensive suite.

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Priciest Super Bowl Tickets To Buy Right Now!