Pricey Parisian Rental Apartments

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has an endless array of things to do and see, but not all of its hotels are located at convenient distances from the best attractions. That’s why many travelers with monetary means prefer to rent a luxury apartment. The ones listed below are the most expensive and among the most beautiful you’ll find that are near many of the beautiful sights Paris has to offer. Each of these gems is found in a prestigious, sought after neighborhood, close to popular sites, with spectacular views that will make you feel like the city is your oyster.

10 Voltaire: $5,890 Per Week 


Quai Voltaire on the Seine River is home to a seventeenth-century building overlooking the Louvre Museum and the Tuileries. Voltaire’s sixth floor houses a charming one or two person apartment (1,000 square feet) whose modern rooms are furnished with sleek, simple but comfortable furniture.

The focus of this one and a half bedroom apartment is its amenities, which include built-in book shelves, private kitchen with microwave, washer/dryer, dishwasher, and espresso maker.

A staircase leads to the upper story bedrooms, one of which has a TV facing the bed. Thanks to its many windows and lamps each room is airy and well lit.

9 Saint Germain Mansion: $6,000 Per Week


Those who enjoy modern interiors will feel at home at Saint Germain Mansion (1,300 square feet) on the Left Bank of Paris. The apartment is located just minutes from Orsay Museum, Luxembourg Garden, Marais District, Ile de la Cité, and Ile Saint Louis.

It has bold, dark, modern furniture and light walls to contrast. Saint Germain’s walls are sharply angled and lined with shelves housing eclectic art collections. Nearly every room has a mixture of Oriental and/or African art, as well as Eastern inspired details. Adding to the eccentric feel is a narrow, curving hallway with a brightly painted mural of a domestic interior.

The apartment’s focus is the living room with its cushiony couches, fireplace, heavy window drapery, glass chairs and modern chandelier. A wooden sculpture of an Egyptian pharaoh hangs between the windows.

Saint Germain’s master bedroom, with king-sized bed and armoire, opens onto a spa tub bathroom. The second bedroom is decorated in chinoiserie style and connects to the living room. Guests will arrive at another king-sized bedroom at the end of the main hallway.

8 Louvre Royal: $6,200 Per Week  


The Louvre Royal (1,400 square feet) is an Old World style three bedroom, two bathroom apartment. Guests only need to walk two minutes to reach the Louvre Museum. Other main attractions, such as Marais District, Ile Saint Louis and Jardin des Tuileries, are slightly farther away.

The apartment’s focal point is the enormous living room with floor to ceiling windows that open onto a terraced view of Paris. Other perks include an antique desk and hope chest, and gilded sconces, mirror and candelabra. The living room’s white sofas and pale hardwood floor balance the furniture’s deep color.

Guests will find a long hallway decorated with framed fashion illustrations. Other rooms have fine Asian paintings and Oriental vases. The dining room table seats up to eight people and has matching fabric covered chairs which is perfect for entertaining.

Louvre Royal’s master bedroom is fit for royalty; it has a massive curio cabinet for storage, a queen-sized bed, wooden bedside tables with lamps, Japanese paintings, mirrors, and an ornate chandelier above the bed.

This room has a connecting mirrored bathroom whose walls and curio are covered with mirrors. Adding to the room’s elegant shine is a crystal chandelier and gilt taps, waste basket, hand mirror and soap dish. The shower, tub and vanity are made of fine marble.

Built-in shelves and single beds occupy the other two bedrooms, where one finds floor to ceiling windows.

Louvre Royal’s kitchen offers a great selection of modern amenities, including washer/dryer, dishwasher, freezer, refrigerator, espresso machine, and microwave.

7 Trocadero Palace: $6,400 Per Week


Trocadero Palace is a Haussmanian building on a private gated street, with a vast entrance hall featuring an iron and stone staircase. Nearby attractions include the Louvre Museum, Esplanade des Invalides, Jardin de Tuileries, Champs Elysées, and the Eiffel Tower.

The fourth floor apartment (1,700 square feet) has paintings and antiques from centuries past as well as many contemporary pieces in the Victorian style. The sitting room includes built-in bookcases, a fireplace, cushiony sofas, floor to ceiling windows, and modern entertainment amenities (TV, stereo, CD player, etc.). An ample study nearby has a sofa bed, while the dining room and kitchen are combined.

This apartment has two bedrooms, each with a queen-sized bed, vintage bureaux, mirrors and chairs, plus chandeliers and antique hardwood floors. Each bedroom connects to a spacious marble bathroom.

A wrought iron terrace offers guests a resplendent view of Paris.

6 George V Suite: $8,400 Per Week  


The George V Suite (1,830 square feet) is located on Champs Elysées, within five minutes walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomph, Montaigne Avenue. The Louvre Museum is a little further away, but still close enough to go for a visit.

This penthouse is opulently furnished with original eighteenth-century Louis XV style furniture, Savonerie carpets, marble fireplaces, bronze lamps, crystal chandeliers and heavy French drapes.

The entrance hall is stunning, with a bronze table and mirror, paintings and vintage lamps. Guests have a living room, a master bedroom with queen bed and a view onto a courtyard, and a library with a Louis XV desk and antique coffee tables. The library also has a view onto a courtyard.

The penthouse kitchen is both elegant and cozy, with still life paintings, glass cabinets, a dining booth and a full list of amenities for the self-sufficient cook.

5 Palais Royal: $10,000 Per Week


The Palais Royal (1,750 square feet) is located in the Opera-Vendôme district, within a fifteen minute walk to the Paris Opera, Louvre, Hotel de Ville, Tuileries Garden, Palais Royal Gardens, and the Marais District.

Palais Royal’s color scheme is an elegant contrast of dark and light. Black, charcoal and deep grey accentuate the apartment’s intricately carved ivory walls, wainscoting and ceilings, making them even more ethereal. The penthouse’s classic Parisian style is complete with sparkly, crystal chandeliers (nearly every room has one) and bowls, gilt mirrors, floor to ceiling windows, and heavy silk drapery.

Each bedroom has a queen-sized bed with suede headboards, hardwood floors, a chandelier, spacious closets and a view onto the courtyard. The contrast between velvety blacks and pale walls, shining crystals and glass is what makes Palais Royal bedrooms both sophisticate and romantic.

A gourmet kitchen, separate dinettes, and closet rooms are sparingly, but elegantly furnished, and add to Palais Royals’ overall airy atmosphere.

4 Neuilly Palace: $11,300 Per Week


Guests who stay at this three story nineteenth-century apartment (2,800 square feet) have easy access to downtown Paris and La Defense financial district. Plus, the first floor has a private garden.

Neuilly Palace mingles the Victorian past with an at home feel. The first story has built-in bookshelves, cushiony sofas, a fireplace, modern lamps and accent tables, and a library with a Victorian-inspired pointed glass ceiling. The central stairwell with its wrought iron banister is exposed to the living room and leads to the penthouse’s upper floors.

The kitchen offers an espresso machine, a microwave, flat top oven and adjoining dining room with a neo-Gothic window from the Neuilly family castle.

Bedrooms are located on the second and third floors, each of which have king-sized beds. Two single beds are on the third story. Ensuite bathrooms have a variety of shower/bath combinations and plenty of vanity space.

3 Nôtre Dame Royal: $12,000 Per Week    



This Latin Quarter penthouse (1,620 square feet) offers spectacular views onto the Nôtre Dame esplanade and Viviani Park. Guests can reach the Louvre and Luxembourg Gardens in just ten minutes.

Nôtre Dame Royal’s enormous living room boasts built-in book shelves, a marble fireplace, velvety sofas and chairs, and a Murano glass chandelier. The dining room is equally luxurious, with hardwood floors and a chic black dining table. Pale, carved ceilings and wall panels give the dining and living areas an elegant Parisian style.

There is a private kitchen with full cooking amenities and each of the three bedrooms have a connecting bathroom, two of which boast a dark wood vanity and spa-like shower. Chandeliers, built-in shelves, mirrors and flat screen televisions are among the luxuries you’ll find in the bedroom wing.

2 Vosges Royal: $13,000 Per Week 


Vosges Royal (2,000 square feet) is located within 15 minutes walking distance from the Louvre, Hotel de Ville, Ile de la Cité, Nôtre Dame, and Place de la Bastille. It offers views onto La Place des Vosges, hence its name.

A hand carved limestone staircase (shown above) leads to an elegant, tiled hallway where double doors open up to this historic apartment. The interior is decorated in classic Parisian style: grey walls, white on white, billowing fabrics, delicate wood paneling, crystal scones and chandeliers, and heavy drapery.

Vosges Royal has two bedrooms, one with a king sized bed and another with a queen sized bed; two showers, one tub, and one shower/tub combination. Plus, there are several spacious living rooms and study areas. The penthouse’s airy feel, combined with its many floral arrangements make it a perfect spring getaway.

1 Avenue Montaigne: $20,000 Per Week 


The Avenue Montaigne (2,000 square feet) is a three minute walk from the Champs-Elysées, the Seine, and a fifteenth minute walk from the Louvre, Petit Palais, Grand Palais and Eiffel Tower. It has terraced access to spectacular views of the city. Plus, the famous restaurant Alain Ducasse shares a building with the apartment. Ten floors down is the elite fashion street Montaigne Avenue, which is not far from the Sacre Coeur of Montmartre.

The lobby on the ground floor of Avenue Montaigne is draped in gold. In the marble entrance hall guests meet a doorman who accompanies them to the penthouse.

Two massive bedrooms, each with a king bed; one full bedroom that doubles as an office; a gourmet kitchen; draped hallways with tiled floors; and an enormous bathroom with separate shower and bath are among the apartment’s amenities. The penthouse also has a spacious living room with striped chaises and a photographed portrait of Keith Richards.

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