Post Death: Expensive Ways To Deal With Your Body

Everyone wants to provide the best care for their loved ones after they die, but they may have a limited budget to do so. It will surprise many people to learn just how expensive it can be to have a f

Everyone wants to provide the best care for their loved ones after they die, but they may have a limited budget to do so. It will surprise many people to learn just how expensive it can be to have a few different services done after death. Many people will have mixed opinions about whether some of these practices should be maintained. However, it hasn't seemed to stop people from exploring some of the different techniques that are out there. Some will say that it enables them to honor their loved ones in death, which is important. But it may also be important to check out how these different set ups can be arranged, which may influence whether families make these decisions. Since death is a monumental event in the lives of everyone, it makes sense that there are people willing to pay quite a bit of money to make it memorable.

As you read through this list, you may be surprised at the cost of some of these procedures. However, they might want to remember that some of these techniques do require a fair bit of skill on the part of the person administering them. They will need to prepare the body and make sure that it undergoes the proper procedures during any postmortem care. There are some agencies that will also need to get expensive equipment to help make sure that the process is handled as smoothly as possible. Many agencies dealing with the deceased will need to conform to different regulatory codes. This may place restrictions on how they can operate, which is reflected in the final price tag. There are actually many different elements that combine together to make this an expensive option for some people out there. Despite its high cost, these agencies are finding no shortage of people to sign on to have these processes done.

9 Traditional Cremation - $1,800

Though it is one of the more affordable options out there, it is surprisingly expensive to have a body cremated. The body will still need to be prepared and sometimes viewed during funeral arrangements. There are a few different elements that may need to be accounted for during the combustion process. These cremation agencies will need to make sure that the remains are gathered up properly, since many people wish to scatter the ashes at some point in the future. The average price of the cremation itself may run up to $1800, but there are more affordable options available by some providers.

8 Resomation - $3,000

Many people have brought up that cremation does tend to cause a few issues. The combustion generated by the flames will typically put off certain chemicals in to the atmosphere. Resomation is a new procedure that will avoid some of these different issues. This procedure is complex, since it requires that the body be dissolved in a chemical bath. The bones can then be crushed in a manner similar to cremation. The final result will be similar to what families would get otherwise, but with fewer harmful effects. The costs of this service are currently averaging about $3000, but it is hoped that the price will decline in the future.

7 Natural Burial - $5,000

Burying deceased relatives is still a popular option, but there are a few families that have started looking into getting a natural burial done for their loved ones. They may not be willing to pay the high costs that are associated with embalming their relatives. Furthermore, they might be worried about the cumulative effect of these chemicals on the way that their relatives are buried over time. They may be interested in getting linked up with natural burial services, which offer a unique alternative. These plans will typically cost less than the average burial, with some options as low as $5000.

6 Eternal Reef: $7,000

This is a novel new take on what to do with a person's ashes after they have been cremated. They can actually have their remains mixed in with a set of concrete, which will then be molded in to an elaborately shaped artificial reef. These stones can then be dropped in to the water off the coast, where they will sink to the bottom of the sea. Once they are there, these stones will start to accumulate different plant and fish life. This is a moderately priced option, but there are some large scale models that can run up to $7000. It may cost even more if the deceased wishes to have their name inscribed on the concrete stone itself.

5 Crypt Storage: $10,000

Many families are discovering that this option has actually become somewhat expensive lately. It is estimated that a funeral itself may cost thousands of dollars for the family to put on after death. There are many crypts that will cost over $10,000 to set up for a family. This may be in addition to what the family has already paid for when it came time to embalm the body as well.

4 Space Burial: $12,500

Some people will want to explore this option if they have ever wondered what it would be like to travel through space. Many new companies are starting to offer this service to interested people out there. After cremation, people can choose to have their remains packed away on a shuttle bound for orbit. Some of these vessels may even be headed out on deep space voyages. There are options for this kind of service that run up to and above $12,500 for simply one gram of your ashes to be sent up into space.

3 Mummification: $60,000

Though this may be a surprising entry to some, there seems to be a resurgence in interest in the mummification process. This is a revival of practices that date back thousands of years. The system will actually use some of the same chemicals that were used to preserve ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. However, this is often a very time consuming and intricate process to undertake. This is why the system itself will tend to cost up to $60,000 for some people.

2 Turn The Body In To A Gemstone: $200,000

Families will often want to do all that they can when it comes time to preserve remains after death. Creating a gemstone out of cremation materials is one way to create a beautiful remnant that many people will treasure. They may be interested in creating a gemstone that will represent some part of their personality. Some people may also want to create an actual diamond out of these remains. Though prices may vary depending on the quality of the diamond, it can get surprisingly expensive. There have been a few of these gemstones that have been sold for prices up to $200,000.

1 Cryonics: $200,000

This last entry is typically reserved for only the richest and most influential people across the world. Some people believe that they can have their body frozen, which could then later be revived when science improves over future decades. It actually requires quite a bit of energy to maintain a frozen body over the years. It is not unheard of for a cryogenic freezing process to cost well over $200,000. This would be in addition to whatever medical procedure would need to be done to revive them.

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Post Death: Expensive Ways To Deal With Your Body