Play It Loud With The Most Expensive iPod Docks

There is no doubt what influence Apple has made on consumers over the last decade or so. Steve Jobs and his crew have given us some of the most innovative gadgets such as the iPad not to mention the iPod and of course the iPhone.

Whatever your techy weapon of choice is, you will no doubt appreciate Apple’s imitable design, streak linear appearance and more. Yet the beloved portable media player has seen millions purchase them with gusto from the iPod Mini to the Touch.

Thanks to its dedicated following, the iPod family enjoys a loyalty which other brands dare to dream of. Since its humble beginnings as just a media player on the go, it has grown into one of the most popular stocking fillers among the youth of today.

In this way, there have been extensive and exhausting lists of iPod docks that have been made in order to keep up with the accessory demand. With iPods at the cutting edge of innovation many luxury docks have been made to satisfy this growing sound phenomenon.

If you want to splash the cash then here are some of the most exclusive iPod docks on the market fit for any living room.

10 SoundDock 10 Bluetooth digital music system, Bose: $600

Sleek and sophisticated, the SoundDock 10 by Bose is pure innovation at its best. With its trademark premium sound it has a realistic sound and a great range of tones. Waveguide speaker technology and the ability to play your docked tunes is finished with a Bluetooth dock. Priced at $600, The SoundDock 10 Bluetooth system is much more and is perfect for a number of different events with all the versatility you need.

9 Samsung DA-E750 2.1 Wireless Audio Dock: $760

Samsung have fashioned a luxury dock that is the perfect mix of traditional and modern. Fit to fill any room, it includes dual docking for both your Apple and Samsung gizmos. In addition, you can find wireless streaming as part of the audio experience that offers a host of settings such as Airplay, DLNA and Bluetooth. Warm, dulcet tones and deep bass from its subwoofer will melt your heart whilst dual speakers and True 2.1 channel playback are an added bonus. Made from glass fibre, it leads to reduced distortion allowing for a better all-around experience

8 Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A8: $1,150

This intricate sound system also has the power to sync up to numerous Apple devices as well as utilising Apple Airplay. With Class D amplifiers, the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay is a hot dock contender. You can even ensure the music is playing as soon as you step through the door thanks to a downloadable app. Some of its highlights include ultra-premium Bang & Olufsen speakers, a charger for your devices and a neat design so it can be installed onto any wall.

7 Trumpstand: $2,000

This unique dock will be the envy of all your music loving friends. Japanese company Pleiades System Designs has come up with an ingenious idea of how to portray modern day docking system. Ladies and gents, say hello to the Trumpstand. Inspired by the vintage gramophone systems of yesteryear, it really is a work of art. Its individual horn shape allows for clear sound, whilst it is made from several high quality materials such as brass, silver and gold. Aesthetically pleasing on the eye, it has been brought up to the modern day in some style.

6 Ancient Gold Zikmu Speakers: $2,200

These speakers certainly have the Midas touch and for $2,200 you will be able to wow your friends with the Ancient Gold Zikmu Speakers. In fact only 20 were ever made. A collaboration between leading wireless firm Parrot and renowned designer Philippe Starck, they have the golden touch with this product. Fine craftsmanship sees these speakers can be used only with iPod and iPhone devices. Providing the ability to connect to Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi, the surround sound is a pure delight. Other features include a built-in equalizer and remote control.

5 ReVerb Solar iPod Doc: $2,300

This eco-friendly ReVerb Solar iPod Doc is literally second nature to tech friendly giant Regen. This particular dock has a built in panel which ensures it is powered by natural sunlight. On the other hand you can enjoy 60 watts of powerful audio, 6 watt subwoofer and provides around 5 hours of playback time when fully charged. It can churn out more than 11 hours if you listen at normal levels. Priced at $2,300 you will be giving plenty back to Mother Nature if you purchase one of these babies.

4 Indigo iPod Dock: $12,000

State of the art to the very core of its woofers, the Indigo iPod Dock is considered to be extremely contemporary in its design. Containing a separate wireless connection and docking station, it allows you to stream from any type of device which benefits from wireless technology. It also comes complete with an iPod charger, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth, remote control and physical controls on the front. In addition you have a wealth of digital inputs from AES to optical.

3 Limited Edition Lalique AeroSystem One: $15,800

Jean Michel Jarre knows a thing or two about docks and one of his other numbers is just as bold. From the design house Lalique comes the Limited Edition Lalique AeroSystem One. A unique piece in its own right, it has a host of art deco-style influences including a hand-crafted female face that sits on the bottom of the tower. Made from polished crystal, it has been finished by more than a dozen skilled glass blowers. It offers two speakers with 30 watts and a 60 watt RMS subwoofer. For $15,800, press play on your iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone and create your own musical adventure with this premium dock.

2 iNuke Boom: $30,000

From the stable of Behringer comes the iNuke Boom. Manufactured in Germany, you can enjoy a real audio experience thanks to 10,000 watts of crystal clear sound. Measuring around five feet tall, this beast has a high performance and provides compatibility with several Apple devices. Priced at $30,000, you can enjoy not one but two 17 inch plus sub-woofers and a pair of 12 inch woofers made from the finest neodymium.

1 AeroDream One: $528,000

Produced by Jarre Technologies, The AeroDream One iPod is certainly a towering sight. This tower is the priciest dock around but you better have the cash to back it up. For around $528,000, it is compatible with both the next generation iPhone and Apple iPad devices. Rising to 3.5 meters in the air, it weighs just under a whopping 400 kg. State of the art audio technology comes via an incredible 10,000 watts as well as an 18 inch amplifier. Spread evenly through three sources, there is a mind blowing 4k subwoofer if you still want more. Taking six months to be manufactured it’s definitely worth the wait.

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