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Most Expensive Colleges in America For 2013

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Most Expensive Colleges in America For 2013

The cost of education has dramatically increased through the years. For 2012-2013 school year, 149 colleges and universities in the country charged a minimum of $50,000 annually for tuition fees, room and boarding. This counts to an additional 26 schools that increased its fees as compared with prior school year. It seems that the soaring cost of education is inevitable. Surprising enough, one school now charges a whopping $60,000 a year.

Does this year make education a new luxury? Find out 2013’s top 10 most expensive colleges in America in this list.

10. University of Chicago


The University of Chicago is considered to be a premier academic and research institution. It was founded in 1890 and has continued to be an intellectual destination or most scholars. The university is dedicated to create ideas that can challenge and change the world. All of these benefits that students can get for the price of $57,111 a year, which includes tuition fees and room or boarding for school year 2012-2013. It has various graduate programs and interdisciplinary committees. It has approximately 5,000 students in College and a total of around 15,000 students in its other programs. It has successfully coveted top slots in the list of the world’s top universities, which makes it a top choice among American students who are willing to spend much for their College education.

9. John Hopkins University


John Hopkins University is a private research university which is based in Maryland, U.S. Founded in 1876, the University also has campuses in Italy, Singapore, and China. It has two undergraduate divisions and five graduate divisions. It also consists of the Peabody Institute, Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, the Carey Business School and other facilities. The University is known as the pioneer of modern research in the country and is notable for being one of the world’s top universities. Its research arm is considered to be one of the most cited in the world. Education in John Hopkins University costs $57,820 for school year 2012-2013.

8. New School Parsons School of Design


New School Parsons School of Design is also known as the Parsons or the Parsons School of Design. It is a private college for art and design of The New School university which is located in the Lower Manhattan region in New York. Parsons is deemed to be one of the best and prestigious art and design universities in the world. It has more than 25 graduate and undergraduate programs. The design school is also a member of the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD) and of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD). Parsons charges $57,910 for tuition fees and room or boarding for school year 2012-2013.

7. Dartmouth College


Darmouth College is a private research university that belongs to the Ivy League. It is located in New Hampshire. This institution has the Geisel School of Medicine, liberal arts college, Tuck School of Business, and the Thayer School of Engineering. It also has 19 graduate programs in the arts and sciences. Currently, it has 4,194 students in its undergraduate programs, and a total enrollment of only 6,144, which makes it the smallest university in the Ivy League. The university was established in 1769 and has been one of the most prestigious universities. Education in Dartmouth amounts to $57,996 for tuition, room or boarding for school year 2012-2013.

6. Claremont McKenna College


Claremont McKenna College is a private liberal arts college located in California, U.S. It is popular for being highly selective; its admission rate is only 12.4%. It was originally founded as a men’s college way back in 1946 but it became co-educational in 1976. Currently, it has 1,254 undergraduate students and a total of 20 graduate students. Tuition fees for the school year 2012-2013 cost $58,065.

5. Wesleyan University


Wesleyan University is a liberal arts college located in Connecticut. It is a private college which was founded in 1831. It is considered to be the only Baccalaureate College in the U.S. that gives graduate research in a number of academic disciplines, grants PhD degrees in mathematics and sciences, and gives undergraduate instruction in the arts and sciences. Due to the number of undergraduates who are able to earn PhD’s in various fields of study, Wesleyan is also deemed to be the second most productive liberal arts college in the country. Education at Wesleyan costs $58,502.

4. Columbia University


Columbia University is a private Ivy League research university that is located in New York City. The university is the oldest institution of higher learning in New York, while it is the fifth oldest in the country. It administers the Pulitzer Prize and has 98 Noble Prize laureates and it boasts of a major share of Nobel winners as compared to other academic institutions worldwide. Some of its notable alumni include influential people such as 20 billionaires, heads of state, three U.S. presidents, and 26 Academy Award winners. Education at Columbia University costs $58,742.

3. Harvey Mudd College


Harvey Mudd College was founded in 1955 and is located in California. It is a residential liberal arts college of engineering, mathematics, and science. The college shares some university resources with Claremont College. It was named after Harvey Seely Mudd, who was one of the investors in the Cyprus Mines Corporation. Education at this college costs $58,913.

2. New York University


New York University is considered to be one of the biggest private universities in the country. It is a private, nonsectarian research university located in New York. More popularly known as NYU, the university has always been one of the most expensive universities as its tuition fee costs $59,337.

1. Sarah Lawrence College


Sarah Lawrence College is declared to be this year’s most expensive college in America, as its tuition fees cost a whopping $61,236. It is a private independent liberal arts college located in New York.

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