Drop The Pounds In These Expensive Hotels

Like many of us out there, we all strive to have the perfectly slimmed body that most advertisements claim we should have. We are in a world where media and image are being constantly thrown in our faces—what to wear, what to buy, how to look, and of course, how to keep the weight off.

It can be a little overwhelming to most, with just how many different options there are out there to lose the weight, and keep it off. Some of us may not even know where to begin, but like our idols on TV, we can believe how easy it must be for them to be healthy, and keep the weight off; thanks to their checkbooks. Why wouldn’t you drop a bunch of cash for a weight loss program, if it guaranteed you the dream body that you wished you had?

We’ve all seen the TV programs and the exciting weight shed from the show, The Biggest Loser, and millions of people each season try and become a contestant on the show. It’s no wonder that people lose weight from this experience: you’re given a trainer, and you’re able to stay in a resort for months trying to lose the weight in order to obtain your goal. With programs like this, everyone would be set to have the perfect body, but just how expensive are these places? The places below are all in the United States, if you have a checkbook big enough for it.

10 The Oaks at Ojai: $1,625 Per Week

The Oaks at Ojai is a beautiful resort just 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, settled right in the middle of the quiet Ojai Valley in Southern California. This resort offers you more than just plain fitness; they make sure that they offer you a wide range of informational classes and cuisine, to make sure you leave feeling confident and secure.

Their accommodations include: 15 different fitness classes, three healthy spa cuisine meals, and fun informative evening programs that you can choose to attend. With each of these classes, you get a highly trained consultant to help you through your week, and you get your butt into gear. If you so wish, you can also move from a "beginner", to an “advanced level”, by paying a higher fee.

9 Cooper Aerobics: $2,200 Per Week

Cooper Aerobics is all about getting you back in shape. This weight loss program is located in Dallas Texas—so makes sure you don’t order anything “Texas sized”. This resort isn’t just for working out, they also plan healthy lectures for you to attend and take notes in.

Their week package includes: interactive healthy-living lectures and workshops, training sessions, exercise classes, calorie-controlled meals, and a wellness workbook. If you’re interested in furthering your healthy lifestyle, they highly encourage participants to sign up for their “Preventative Exams” that include a doctor’s visit, and a report of your overall health. You can also sign up for their spa service (also as an extra amenity to pay for) that includes: massages, facials, pedicures, and airbrush tanning.

8 Biggest Loser Resort: $3,000 Per Week

Although this resort has the same name as the popular reality TV show, the two are not linked in any way except for the concept of helping you shed the weight. This resort has four different locations to choose from including; Illinois, Utah, Malibu, or New York. At the Malibu resort, you’ll be nestled right next to the quiet waves of the sea all while trying to lose that weight and stay healthy.

Starting at 6am, you’ll be on the road to a luxurious fitness boot camp that includes a wide variety of fitness courses to choose from. If you’d like to pay extra, you can have your own personal trainer—otherwise, you’ll be taking group classes. You can also take beautiful hiking programs that travel all through the Malibu valley, and overlook the ocean. After a long workout session, there are plenty of pools and hot spas that you can unwind in as well.

7 Green Valley Spa: $3,500 Per Week

This spa and fitness resort is located in the beautiful forest in Canyon View, Utah. If you’re looking for that perfect cabin stay, while working off that weight, then look no further. Green Valley Spa is all about an intensive boot camp to really get you working off those pounds. Their spa features are to die for, after having taken those rigorous work outs of course.

Green Valley’s accommodations include: intense fitness classes, blood tests, micro fit analysis of your overall health, hot oil treatments, and four weeks of aftercare to support you through your goals. This resort is just more than a fitness package, they definitely offer you the quality spa treatment. In your very room, you’ll have a feather bed along with a fire place and a large tub to unwind in.

6 Green Mountain at Fox Run: $3,600 Per Week

Green Mountain is located in the gorgeous scenery in Vermont, having you just minutes away from amazing New England cities. This particular resort offers many different packages and specials, which allows you to choose exactly which program is right for you and your needs. This resort is strictly for women, that way they can focus on how women lose weight, and how to keep it off.

Green Mountain at Fox Run is a great place to make life-long friends, and get that crazy work out in. One particular package includes: a personal health assessment, balanced chef prepared meals, fitness classes and outdoor activities, support groups and 24 hour access to their fitness center. If you’re a gal that would like to join this resort, make sure and save those pennies lying around; this resort requires a minimum week stay at $3,600.

5 Hilton Head Health: $3,800 Per Week

Located in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island, it is two hours South of Charleston and 45 Minutes North of Savannah, Georgia. Hilton Head Health is a resort that requires a minimum 3, 7, or 10 night stay and during your stay you’ll be sure to get your fair share of luxury and sunshine. Hilton Head Health is all about getting you back on track to your health, while living the high life. This resort offers a wide variety of fun exercise classes, as well as the full treatment in their spa department.

Hilton Head includes: up to $400 worth of H3 cash per week that is redeemable with any of their special services, including spa treatments and special events, and a 45 minute private consultation with a health specialist upon arrival. There are also dietitians, behavioral therapists and fitness professionals that the guests can also consult with during this first appointment. There are also delicious balanced meals, 24 hour access to their pool and hot tub, as well as the fitness facility, and of course, private and luxurious bedrooms.

4 Inspire Fit Resorts: $4,550 Per Week

Inspire Fit Resorts is nestled into the wonderful area of Park City Utah, which is enough to get anyone to go there. This resort will pamper your life, all while you hustle and bustle to lose the weight, and keep it off.

Each guest that attends this fitness resort receives a suite that includes your very own fireplace, a private patio with mountain views, and a spa-style bath. The resort also offers a huge heated pool and Jacuzzi, along with an 18-hole golf course and a full-service spa, having anything you could possibly wish for.

3 Rancho La Puerta: $4,800 Per Week

This fitness and spa resort offers a fun take on losing that weight, all while giving you the life of luxury. Located in Baja California, you’ll be sure to have your fair share at the excitements of the town, as well as lounging by their pool to work on that tan.

Rancho La Puerta offers you rigorous fitness classes that take you from the gym, to the hiking trails of California. Not only do they offer you their full service salon at your convenience, but they also offer meditation classes, as well as acupuncture.

2 The Ranch at Live Oak: $6,200 Per Week

This full class resort and fitness center is exactly what everyone envisions when they try to lose their weight. The Ranch is perfectly located in Malibu California, to help get your surf on. This resort will help you get on the right track with your health, offering calming fitness classes like yoga and hiking, to really get you through your day. Don’t worry, the resort makes sure that you get your daily nap in, along with your private massage session every day of the week. The Ranch is all about making sure you’re in perfect balance with your heart and mind, not with intense short bursts of rigorous activity, like those other resorts.

1 Cal-A-Vie: $8,295 Per Week

Finally, the most supreme fitness resort of them all falls under the hands of Cal-A-Vie, located in Vista California. Cal-A-Vie isn’t your ordinary fitness boot camp because it falls under the section of pure luxury, and a place to escape, while working out, of course. Their minimum 7 night package falls under a “European” outlook of weight loss, including: four 50 minute massages, a mud scrub with a seaweed mask, three facials, hair and scalp treatment, makeup application, and of course, you’re fitness courses and evaluation.

Their fitness courses are all about getting you back in shape, while being pampered of course. Who wouldn’t want to lose weight this way? From working out overlooking the lush scenery of California, to your hour long stone massage, this is the way you’d want to be working out.

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