Japan has the Most Expensive Roll of Toilet Paper

Most people pay $10 for a 6-pack of toilet paper at their local grocery store, and that's for the 2-ply good stuff. If you want to get a better price than that, then you'll have to look for sales or bring in coupons the next time you shop. Howevert, if you are one of the individuals who really likes luxury items, then you might want to use the world's most expensive toilet paper. Japan is currently manufacturing a toilet paper that's just as beautiful as it is soft.

It has purple artwork featured on the white roll, and that's going to cost you anywhere from $13 to $17, per roll! It's only 2-ply and is claimed to be made from the best quality wood fiber pulp in Canada. Then it's treated with Japanese water, but only from the clearest Nyodo River. Otherwise known as Hanebisho paper, each roll is inspected after it's been decorated with the best art. It even comes packaged in a handmade box that's just as nice as the toilet paper itself.

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Japan has the Most Expensive Roll of Toilet Paper