10 Expensive Hobbies Of The Rich And Famous

Hobbies are simply fun activities that people enjoy doing during their free time. Since different people have different tastes and preferences, hobbies vary from one person to another. There are people who love reading and there are others who prefer swimming or cycling. In this article, our focus will be on expensive hobbies of the rich and famous. Forget about reading and cycling for a minute and think about how the rich spend their free time.

Some of the hobbies the rich prefer cost a fortune to engage in. The rich, however, choose these hobbies over many other cheap ones simply because they can afford them. The expensive hobbies that will be featured in this article cost a fortune to pursue from the eyes of ordinary citizens. Most people actually see no reasons to engage in such hobbies when they have the option of spending less than $100 to have a good time. What most of these people fail to understand is that they would probably pursue the same hobbies the rich pursue if money wasn't a limiting factor.

If you are interested in finding out how the rich and famous spend their free time, you are in the right place. Below is a list of 10 most expensive hobbies of the rich and famous.

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10 Race Car Driving: 15 Minutes on Track - $360

Race car driving also makes it to this list because this hobby is extremely fun and expensive at the same time. Every race car fanatic wants to spend their free time driving one of the fastest race cars on the planet. The problem is this hobby costs a fortune. A 15 minute race car driving experience on a professional race car track costs approximately $360 excluding annual registration fees and other costs such as insurance. The best way to enjoy this hobby is actually owning a race car which can easily surpass the $1 million mark. Judging from this, race car driving is clearly out of the reach of ordinary citizens which is why it makes it to this list.

9 Yacht Racing: Renting a Yatch - $5,000

This hobby clearly deserves to be in the top 5 on this list simply because of the cost of hiring a yacht let alone owning one. Yachts are toys reserved for multimillionaires and billionaires. Considering some yachts can cost more than a staggering $800 million, it is easy to see why only the rich and famous can afford this hobby. Even if you were to consider renting the cheapest yacht for racing purposes, it would still be expensive considering the rates range from $5,000 upwards per day. You wouldn't, however, be able to enter serious Yacht racing events like the Volvo Ocean Race held in Dubai every year. You are better off being a spectator if you are not a multimillionaire or billionaire.

8 Travelling Around the World: Round Trip - $10,000

This hobby also makes it to the list simply because exploring the world costs a fortune. Many rich and famous people like Eva LongoriaJay ZBeyonce and Prince William have been on record saying they love travelling around the world. Although this hobby is shared by very many people, very few can afford to travel beyond borders. This is simply because air travel is expensive let alone other related costs like accommodation and food. A round trip from one country to another can cost from $10,000 to millions depending on factors such as; length of stay, mode of transport, type of accommodation e.t.c. When you consider these factors among many others, it is obvious why this hobby is reserved for the rich only.

7 Horse Breeding: Maintenance - $40,000

If you thought horse racing was an expensive hobby, think again. Horse breeding is way out of the league of individuals who aren't worth millions. This is simply because you have to buy the right filly or colt which usually costs a couple hundred thousand dollars to millions depending on factors like horse breeds. This is excluding other costs like feeding, stable and grooming costs. According to the most recent estimates, the cost of maintaining a racing horse per year is approximately $40,000. This translates to millions per year when you are breeding many horses. This clearly shows how expensive this hobby can be.

6 Flying: Aviation Classes - $100,000

Many people dream of one day being in control of an airplane and making it obey your every command. Very few people actually realize this dream simply because of the cost implications. Attending aviation classes alone costs over $100,000 in the most basic aviation schools. This explains why only rich and famous like John Travolta can afford this hobby. This hobby definitely deserves to be on this list when you consider the cost of buying, maintaining and fueling a plane. This hobby is way out of the league of many people which is why it makes it to this list. The cost of training as a pilot is enough to scare away ordinary citizens from pursuing this hobby.

5 Antique Collection: Persian Silk Carpet - $257,000

The rich and famous also love this hobby because of its uniqueness. Collecting unique antiques can be very exciting if you love history, exciting and mystical stories. Although admiring antique collections like rare coins and century old carpets from a distance won’t cost you a dime, owning such items costs a fortune which is why this hobby is reserved for the rich only. Considering a 150 year old handmade carpet (Persian silk) costs $257,000 on Souq.com, it is clear why this hobby makes it to this list. You need a number of unique items to qualify as an antique collector.

4 Keeping Exotic Pets: Cheetah Cub - $315,500

Since the rich and famous have a lot of money to spend, most of them who love wild animals such as Mike Tyson, Kristen Stewart prefer to keep exotic pets instead of having to go to the zoo every time they want to see a lion, tiger, giant snake, bear, cheetah, etc... Exotic pets cost a fortune to buy especially if they are endangered. When you consider the cost of acquiring a license to keep exotic pets at home and the cost of caring and feeding the pets, the cost can easily skyrocket to millions every year. This is considering a cheetah cub costs approximately $314,500 to buy. When you consider the above information, it is easy to see why this hobby makes it to this list.

3 High Stakes Poker: Million Dollar Buy-In

As the name suggests, you stand to lose a lot when you play high stakes poker. This is the kind of poker that requires million-dollar buy-ins and payouts. Anyone can play poker, but very few people can afford to pay high stakes poker. If you don’t have millions to risk, this hobby isn't for you. This explains why high stakes poker is a hobby reserved for the rich and famous such as the Jay Z’s and Floyd Mayweather's of this world. If you love poker but you don’t have millions in the bank or expensive assets like jewelry or artwork to buy in high stakes poker games, you are better off playing regular poker.

2 Collecting Vintage Cars: 1937 57S Bugatti - $4.4 Million

This hobby comes in second on this list because of the cost of the most expensive vintage cars in the world. Not everyone can afford the 1937 57S Buggati which costs $4.4 million or the 1954 Mercedes Formula 1 race car which costs $29.6 million. The price tags on these cars clearly show why this hobby makes it to second place in this list and why only people such as Jay LenoJerry Seinfeld, or fashion mogul Ralph Lauren are able to maintain this hobby.

1 Collecting Art: Triptych - $142 Million

This hobby takes the number one spot on the most expensive hobbies of the rich and famous because of the price of the most expensive paintings in the world. The most expensive artwork ever sold is the Triptych which costs a whopping $142 million. It doesn’t get more expensive than this when it comes to hobbies. Considering you have to buy artwork to enjoy it, this hobby clearly deserves to be number one in this list.

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