Dubai Auction: Most Expensive License Plates In The World


When it comes to showing your wealth in an oil-rich area like Dubai, not only do you need the fancy Mercedes, Lexus, or Land Rover, you also need the license plate to match. Some even say in this region that without a quality license plate, your car won’t be worth the money you spent. This doesn’t mean you are seeking out a gold plated license plate that says boss any words for that matter; it means you are in search of a license plate that only has one or two numbers, specifically between one and ten. 

Vanity plates in the United States are common, but aren’t as expensive as those sold in the United Arab Emirates. On an old episode of Seinfeld, a car had a vanity plate saying “ASSMAN.” Even if the U.S., an auction for this exact plate would not bring in the amount of money people are paying in Dubai even as a piece of television history. 

Auctions involving license plates are a new trend that seems to be sweeping the world. When it comes to showing your status symbol, having the most expensive yachts, boats, cars, motorcycles, and houses just aren’t enough. In countries around the world, these auctions are being held to give people the opportunity to show how much money they have by buying these rare license plates.

The Emirate of Dubai has been home to some of the most expensive license plate auctions in the world and the cars that these license plates usually appear on aren’t even worth a tenth of the value of the selling price at auction. The plates are so expensive and people don’t mind shelling out millions of dollars because it is way for them to show their status symbol within the community.

When it comes down to it, your license plate in Dubai will sell for more money with the least amount of numbers on it. Anything from ten to one will sell for the most amount of money, while numbers between 10 and 99 are considered the next tier of top plates. Numbers that double (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99) or triple are also very popular plates for those who hold these auctions. Some people may be willing to pay more for numbers that have more meaning to them, like birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

There are monthly auctions put on in Dubai’s sister city of Abu Dhabi. These auctions sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Police Department and with all money going to various charities.

What are the most expensive license plate's solid in the United Arab Emirates?


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10 License Plate reads “10”


The last number in the top license plate number class starts this top ten list after selling for $1.23 million to an unknown person.


9 License Plate reads “45”


A plate with the number 45 sold for $1.37 million at an Emirates Auction


8 License Plate reads “16”


A lot of the license plates at the top of this list were won by residents of the United Arab Emirates who wanted to remain anonymous. Winning lesser-wanted license plates aren't the best way of showing your high status level. This auction still cost the winner a good amount of money, as it went for $1.66 million.


7 License Plate reads “55”


An unknown person won the auction for the license plate that reads 55 for $1.78 million.


6 License Plate reads “11”

Another of the popular license plates available because it has double numbers just like the No.7 plate, 11 was sold at auction for $2.19 million to an unknown business person.


5 License Plate reads "12"


A resident of the United Arab Emirates, Ali Al Falasi, picked up this expensive plate reading the number 12 for $2.45 million. At the time of his purchase, it was the second-most expensive license plate, but he didn't have a chance to hold onto the spot long.


4 License Plate reads “9”


In 2008, this license plate sold at auction for $4.19 million. The winner of the auction was an unnamed businessman from Abu Dhabi.


3 License Plate reads “7”


The license plate with the number seven sold in 2008 for $3.12 million.Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri is the man who won this license plate at auction and it is a name you will see on this list again. Khouri’s $3.12 million plate hangs on his purple Rolls Royce, but it isn’t the only plate he shelled out a lot of money for.


2 License Plate reads “5”


In 2008, this license plate with the number five sold at auction for more than $6.91 million. Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri, a rich businessperson in the region bought the plate to be put on his personal car. He says he plans on keeping it until he dies. At that point, he wants the license plate to go back to auction with all proceeds going to charities in need.  What car is home to this expensive license plate? A red Rolls Royce.


1 License Plate reads “1”


Businessman Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri shelled out 52.2 dirham, which equates to more than $14.2 million to purchase a license plate with the number one. He ousted his relative from the top spot after less than on year and actually paid more for his one plate than his family member did for the second and third most expensive plates on this lit. Overall, it is the most expensive license plate of all time, surpassing a license plate in the United Kingdom that read “F1.”

With more than 700 people in attendance at Abu Dhabi’s seven-star Emirates Palace, ready to spend their money on the license plate, it was Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri who spent the money to be the best. He isn’t like Talal Ali Mohammad Khouri who won the “5” auction. He didn’t buy it with the hopes of making more money for charity after his death. He instead bought it because he wanted to be the one who had it and didn't care how much money he needed to spend.

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