Driving Simulators: The 10 Most Expensive On The Market

Driving simulators are used for a variety of training and research purposes. Any driving enthusiast knows, however, that driving simulators are also a lot of fun to use. Games like Gran Turismo, Forza

Driving simulators are used for a variety of training and research purposes. Any driving enthusiast knows, however, that driving simulators are also a lot of fun to use. Games like Gran Turismo, Forza, and iRacing, give motorheads the chance to drive a variety of cars right from the comfort of their own living room. Any driving enthusiast also knows that nothing can completely replace the rush you get from sitting in the driver's seat, hammering the clutch, and slapping the stick shift into 3rd gear as you look for that crucial boost before exiting the final turn of the track.

Driving simulator seats from companies like Aeon, CXC, and Hexatech try to replicate that experience by making our simulated drive as immersive as possible. All of them include a racing seat, a set of pedals, gear shift paddles/sticks, as well as high definition audio and video outputs. They even feature a simulated suspension system to replicate the bumpy feeling of speeding over the apex (or driving off course and smacking right into a wall, if you're not the best of drivers). One company has even kicked it up a notch by encasing the driving seat in a full-sized replica of an F1 car.

With so many features included, there’s no doubt that a lot of money goes into designing and manufacturing these high-tech pieces of equipment. Saying that some of these simulators are ridiculously expensive would be an understatement. So, now that we know just what these things are all about, let’s take a look at 10 of the most expensive driving simulators you can purchase for your living room.

10 D-BOX GP-Pro 200RC: $15,000

The D-BOX GP-Pro 200RC features an adjustable racing seat which rests on three motion actuators running on D-BOX’s Motion Code software. It also includes a 5.1 Surround Sound system to fully immerse you, and a keyboard tray for more hands-on control in between driving sessions. It also supports a number of racing titles like rFactor and Need For Speed. If you’re willing to dish out $15,000 to have a solid driving experience at home, then look no further than this living room driving station.

9 SimXperience Stage 5 Full Motion Racing Simulator: $22,500

Coming in at $22,500, the Stage 5 Full Motion Racing Simulator includes three height-adjustable 46″ LED displays, a 500 Watt Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound System, and a 21″ touch screen to make real-time driving adjustments and display telemetric data. The Stage 5 also rolls and pitches to simulate the sensation of driving a real car. Components can also be added, if needed, to the modular cabin. The entire simulator runs on a PC using SimXperience’s Sim Commander 3 Motion Engine which supports a whole bunch of driving titles like iRacing, Dirt 3, and F1 2011.

8 Aeon Simulators Motion: $23,000

The Motion is a driving simulator designed to be plugged into your TV and PC. So why the high price point of $23,000? The chassis is handcrafted in the UK, and is designed to be highly adjustable and customizable. Although it comes with the Logitech G27 steering wheel set, the pedal and steering slots have pre-drilled holes which are suitable for most popular steering wheel sets available on the market right now. Cables can also be hidden in specially designed compartments to make it a little easier on the eyes.

7 VRX iMotion: $30,000

This driving simulator includes three large high-definition screens, along with a Logitech Z906 Surround Sound speaker set. You also have a choice between a BMW M3 GT2 wheel or F1 open-rim wheel, both of which feature LED RPM gauges, and five driving profiles to select from. The sturdy cabin, manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum, is also modular, letting wannabe race drivers introduce additional components if and when they need them. With all of these features, the VRX iMotion would make a great home driving simulator for anyone with $30,000.

6 Hammer Schlemmer Stock Car Racing Simulator: $60,000

If you’ve ever fantasized about driving a stock car at the Daytona International Speedway, then the Stock Car Racing Simulator from Hammer Schlemmer is the perfect driving simulator for you if you have a spare $60,000. The simulator is encased in a fully decaled fiberglass shell with netted windows, and even a roll cage. Inside, drivers can immerse themselves with a 5.1 audio system, 22″ screen, and realistic motion powered by external actuators. The simulator also comes with the ARCA Stock Racing Sim software, which runs on the included gaming PC.

5 VGT Pro Carbon: $67,172

The VGT Pro Carbon package has an incredibly large chassis which sits on a 4-actuator motion system to give players a sense of realistic motion. The included Sparco force-feedback steering wheel features six controls for real-time adjustments, and a sequential paddle shifter too. Unlike most other simulators, buyers can add an optional Carbon Fiber trim, for an additional $5,000. If this driving sim package doesn’t immerse you and make you scream for your life as you plummet into a wall at 200MPH, then nothing will. The complete VGT Pro Carbon package comes at a price of $67,172.

4 CXC Motion Pro II: $81,000

What sets the Motion Pro II apart from all the other simulators mentioned in this list is just how much choice it has to offer. The simulator can be purchased with four steering wheels and several shifter types, all of which can be quickly swapped for one another in between sessions. In addition, the included driving sim software features more than 1,000 cars and 40 race tracks to put your driving skills to the ultimate test. Unlike other driving simulators, the 5.1 sound system for the Motion Pro II packs quiet a punch at 1500 Watts. The CXC Motion Pro Can be purchased for $81,000.

3 Norman Design 160″ Curved Screen: $114,000

Although not a driving simulator per se, this 160″ curved screen from Norman Design was created with racing simulators in mind. More specifically, the folks at Norman Design created this large 175 degree screen for F1 drivers to train. It can be paired with a driving simulator of your choice, and even comes with an F1 body, if you’re really itching for the F1 experience. This package comes at a costly $114,000.

2 Hexatech Hexathrill Racing Simulator: $135,000

The Hexathrill is Cruden’s only simulator intended for private entertainment use. For the steep price of $135,000, the engineers at Cruden will even design a custom exterior to fit the driver’s needs. Make no mistake, the folks at Cruden will stop at nothing to give you what you want. They're even willing to encase the simulator in the chassis of a real car at the customers request. The Hexathrill comes with a separate PC Cabinet and an Operator Station which lets the driver choose tracks, monitor race data, and manage race settings. It also features unique seat belt sensors which tighten upon braking for added realism.

1 Formula 1 Full Size Racing Simulator: $140,000

Ever wanted a full-sized F1 car in your home? Well, head on over to Costco if you do, and check out the Full Size Racing Car Simulator. This driving simulator is encased in a F1 replica car that comes in your choice of either silver, red, or black. It even features Pirelli show tires and Brembo brake calipers. This monster runs on a powerful i7 based PC, and comes with three 23″ screens and a 5.1 audio system. You don’t have to worry about installing it yourself either. The $140,000 price tag includes having someone come over to your house, set it up, and show you how to use it.

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Driving Simulators: The 10 Most Expensive On The Market