Clive Christian's Creation Of The Most Expensive Perfume

Perfume is one of the most erotic and exotic accessories that a human being can wear. What makes this accessory even more thrilling is the fact that no one can see it, but rather can smell it. It is noticed by people who pass you by, can instantly change your mood, and helps you exude a confidence that can’t be crafted from anything else. Fragrance can be something that draws us toward or away from a person, and ultimately, awakens our senses. For those reasons alone, most people won’t leave their home without a few sprays of their signature scent. One thing is for certain, there is much more than meets the eye in the world of fragrance.

To put it simply, the fragrance business is a billion dollar industry, and proves its impact year after year. Fragrances are developed annually by key players of various industries. Each season we see major fashion houses such as Chanel and Dior, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson, and even sports figures such as David Beckham and Derek Jeter release fragrances and hoping to draw in big sales. Even though these fragrances accumulate a great deal of bank and clout in the industry, nothing has been able to compare with the great Clive Christian and his perfume sprays that he has created for both men and women.

His is a fragrance collection like none other. It is rare, and in many cases, only the people who have the bank account to purchase it have actually heard of it. Everything about it is stunning; from the way it smells to it’s over the top and eye catching packaging is simply spectacular. But, the most exclusive aspect of them all is the price tag that each bottle bares. You can find his department store collections for a mere $375-$875 per bottle, or purchase his high end Imperial Majesty Perfume for $12,721 per ounce.

4 The History of Perfume

Perfume hasn’t been around forever, as we all know. In fact, it was originally used for medicinal purposes starting in the 10th century AD, whenever an Islamic physician first discovered the process of extracting rose oils derived from rose petals. Even though the fragrance of the rose was noticed, instead of using it to make himself smell good, he mixed it with distilled water to make a form of medicine.

Over the years, physicians continued using this process for medicine, but attained the oil from different plants to produce grape seed and lavender oils. The mid 1300’s was when these oils started to become popular to mask body odor, due to the lack of bathing. Perfume arrived to America in 1752 through Dr. William Hunter, the man who founded the company Caswell and Massey, which still produces fragrance today. The cologne was known as No. Six Cologne, and was the most popular in America at that time.

From that point on, fragrance become more elaborate and complex, being produced in fine packaging and intricate glass bottles. When shaving was made popular for men in the late 1700’s, barbers started adding scent to shaving cream and after shave, a method that still exists today. No matter how you look at it, perfume has made its mark in history and created an entire industry for itself.

3 Meet Clive Christian

Clive Christian was born in July of 1951 and was first known for his kitchen designs, then for creating the most expensive and sought after fragrance in the world. He immediately started doing freelance interior design as soon as he graduated high school, and then founded the company Clive Christian Furniture in 1798. As the demand for his wonderful and well-known furniture grew, he began designing kitchens in some of the most expensive places in the world for elite customers.

Then, in 1999, Clive acquired a perfumery called the Crown Perfumery, located in Britain and established in 1872. It was then that he began creating and branding his very expensive brand of perfumes that are inspired by tradition, history, and luxury. They come in exotic scents from valuable natural ingredients, and complicated formulas.Clive Christian is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records to have created and sold the world’s most expensive perfume, entitled, No. 1.

2 Clive Christian’s Impact on the Perfume Industry

Clive Christian has certainly turned heads in the perfume industry and caused quite a stir with the release of his prized perfume. He has shown to everyone involved in the perfume industry what can be accomplished with a simple bottle of perfume and the right branding. The overall impact that this fragrance has placed on the perfume industry is that it has created status in the industry that has yet to be topped by anyone else.

His company serves as a point of reference for the industry to compare their fragrance, customer loyalty, and overall branding to. Competing companies look at what Clive Christian has accomplished and try to strive to attain the level of luxury that he has introduced to the world. It is an item that has both caused a “buzz” in the industry and sold out quickly based on the status that it has set for itself.

1 What Makes Clive Christian’s Fragrance So Expensive?

Everyone must ask themselves this question whenever they are first introduced to this luxury brand. It can be hard to imagine paying this much money for an item that is part of our everyday beauty regimen. Well, we all know that something is only worth what people will pay for it, and customers are certainly lining up to get their hands on this!

Expense for a luxury item such as this comes down to two important factors: quality and rarity. These factors are used as a measurement for both companies and consumers to gauge the product against in order to determine price. Clive Christian’s fragrance is so expensive because it is created from special and multifaceted ingredients that are so rare, in order to make the formula.

However, an incredible item like this goes way beyond just the actual product that they are selling, as a huge amount of the cost comes down to how the packaging is designed. For something this exclusive, the company is going to go for a truly breathtaking packaging and design. His fragrances have a great deal of thought that go into the bottle and packaging that the perfume is sold in, and then the most expensive fragrance arrives in an additional box. Lastly, the perfume packaging is made complete with a dazzling, radiant cut diamonds on top. Talk about luxury!

In addition, this perfume is not made in endless quantity, but exactly the opposite. When something like this is produced, there are very few available for customers or even department stores to purchase. This is a huge driving force in the price because it makes people yearn to have this item that much more, yet it makes getting the item into their hands much more difficult.

Overall, there is a lot of thought that goes into each and every aspect of the production of something this great. The high price tag of $215,000 on this item is a direct reflection of all the hard work that goes into creating the formula, sourcing the finest ingredients, and crafting the most decadent packaging, resulting in the most expensive bottle of perfume that money can buy.

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