Celebs With The Most Expensive Breast Implants

Cosmetic surgery sure is pricey and not everyone who ventures under the knife really needs the procedure. While facelifts and hair transplants are sought after for obvious reasons, boob jobs are defin

Cosmetic surgery sure is pricey and not everyone who ventures under the knife really needs the procedure. While facelifts and hair transplants are sought after for obvious reasons, boob jobs are definitely the most eye-catching and noticeable make-over. As a rule of thumb, celebrities do not brag about their breast enhancements. Quite the opposite actually, they tend to deny it. Yet, they continue to flash them around in front of the cameras, and we all know pictures speak louder than words.

Nature is more generous with some women than with others. Some are blessed with luscious feminine curves, while others are left daydreaming of how it would be like to show more skin. A boob job may seem like the perfect solution, but the result should complement the rest of the body. Sometimes, breast augmentations are successful. In other cases, they are a fiasco, too extreme, out of proportion, or simply botched.

Breast augmentation with saline implants costs an average $4,600, while breast augmentation with silicone implants cost an average $5,000. Plus, renowned plastic surgeons, like the ones celebrities often turn to, will charge far more than the average surgeon. Breast reductions on the other hand are much more expensive. Ironic, right? You may ask yourself “Who in their right mind would want that?” The answer is simple, women who've had enough of those gigantic boobs preventing them from hugging other persons and giving them back problems. Smaller breast implants aren't necessarily cheaper. If you want a more “natural” look, be prepared to drop serious cash.

10 Salma Hayek: approx $10,000

She had small breasts and was proud of them. Salma Hayek was an inspiration to us all, as she was never embarrassed to show her cleavage. When she made her debut on the big screen in Quentin Tarantino's From Dusk Till Dawn, Salma's path to stardom was assured, as she turned heads with her amazing body lines. However, with stardom comes great responsibility, or in her case, physical improvements.

9 Carmen Electra: approx $10,000

8 Nicole Kidman: approx $15,000

7 Kelly Rowland: approx $15,000

6 Kate Hudson: $15,000

5 Denise Richards: approx $25,000

4 Heidi Montag: approx $30,000

3 Anna Nicole Smith: approx $33,000

With a curvaceous body, long blonde locks, winning smile, and spunky personality, the once topless bar dancer in Houston became one of Hollywood's hottest sensations. After she was discovered by a photographer in Texas and decided to pursue a modeling career, she opted for a double boob job, which means two implants in each breast. Her new set of breasts helped her appear on the cover of Playboy at the age of 24.

2 Pamela Anderson: approx $35,000

1 Angelina Jolie: approx $40,000

From a young age, Angelina Jolie knew how to play her looks. With a perfect body and charming beauty, she claims she had never had plastic surgery. That was until 2013, don't judge just yet. Angie is not one of those stars who decided she needed bigger breasts to give her career a lift. She on the other lost her breasts while undergoing a double mastectomy after being traced with an 87% chance of developing breast cancer.

The tests alone cost $3,000, which Angie herself admits is way too much for the average person, sparking a worldwide frenzy concerning overly-expensive gene testings, and making the headlines as she began struggling to make them accessible to everyone. Plus, a double mastectomy without complications starts at $15,000 in U.S. hospitals. In addition to this, Jolie had to undergo reconstructive surgery procedures that involved allografts (transplants), hence her high breast implant costs. Notwithstanding, Angelina is one of the lucky ones. Her chances of being taken from this world by such a tormenting disease, like her mother, have been significantly reduced. Plus, she can now show off a bigger cup size.

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Celebs With The Most Expensive Breast Implants