Celebrity Kids With The Most Expensive Wardrobes

There are certain pieces of kids clothing that you might not think about buying because they're too expensive. For example, Ed Hardy has Pirate Skull jeans that cost $87 a pair while Gucci has childre

There are certain pieces of kids clothing that you might not think about buying because they're too expensive. For example, Ed Hardy has Pirate Skull jeans that cost $87 a pair while Gucci has children's cardigans for $475. You can get a two-piece wool infant suit from Armani as well for $540.

Now, would you actually buy that stuff for your kids? Probably not, but some celebrities would. Some children of well-known celebrities get the priviledge of wearing such costly items on a daily basis. After all, their parents are getting millions for what they do.

Some of these parents will go as far as to dress their kids up in some elaborate wardrobes that are especially expensive. While a typical store might sell an entire kid's outfit for $50 to $100 depending on the store, some celebrities will go one step further and get their kids to wear some amazing excessive or elaborate types out outfits. It's all done with the intention of making their kids feel great but some like to believe it's just to make them stand out and draw attention to their parents.

There are many amazingly expensive wardrobes worn by all sorts of people. These outfits include a variety of different choices that come from some of the hottest fashion designers in the world and are extremely expensive but are particularly given to these kids because their parents can afford them.

Are these parents out to show off their kids like accessories or are they just looking out for them in their own special ways? Either way, these kids are living lives of luxury and their parents are certainly able to afford all of the stuff that they are getting into. You'd be amazed at some of the stuff that these kids get; after all you probably never got them yourself.

10 Nahla Ariela Berry - $135 blouse

Nahla Ariela Berry's Bonpoint dress with its bright pink skirt with plenty of frills has been photographed in the past by many members of the press. This dress was worn by the daughter of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry. This is an expensive product because of its fine frills and tone but it is still something that can be ordered right off of Bonpoint's website to this very day but specifically for those who can afford it.

9 Matilda Ledger - $180 rain outfit

Matilda Ledger, the daughter of Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger, is currently seven years old but a few years ago she was photographed with her mother wearing a Petit Bateau rain jacket with Hunter Wellies rain boots. A typical outfit would cost less than a hundred dollars from a typical brand but it cost $120 for the jacket and $60 for the boots. These are clearly made from high-end materials.

8 Harper Beckham - $200 jacket

Harper Beckham is the daughter of David and Victoria Beckham and has a very fancy outfit that fits in with her famous parents' lifestyles. Her Stella McCartney Willow Bomber jacket that she has been pictured in on many occasions is available for $200. This is an exorbitant charge for something that might normally cost $20 to $40 for a child her age. Don't forget the $110 Marc Jacobs boots that she wears too.

7 Seraphina Affleck - $275 dress

Seraphina Affleck was born in 2009 to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Her parents have been fans of the Oscar de la Renta line of fine fashions. Oscar de la Renta once worked for Jacqueline Kennedy and today makes clothes for all members of the family including kids like Seraphina Affleck. She has been seeing wearing a $275 de la Renta dress with a pink top and a frilled yellow and pink-patterned skirt.

6 Blue Ivy Carter - $300 silk dress

Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce, has many things from her parents like a $16,000 high chair decorated with Swarovski crystals and a nursery suite located with the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Her wardrobe is also expensive as she has things like a $300 silk dress from Jean Paul Gaultier. The amazing thing is that Blue Ivy isn't even two years old yet.

5 Penelope Disick - $480 dress

Penelope Disick, the daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, is too young to understand what her parents do. Still, she has been spotted wearing a Mischka Aoki Dream of a Thousand Stars dress. This frilled white dress can be found for around $480. The little Block Baby Carla shoes that she has worn with them, meanwhile, are only $40. This is a huge deal for a child that was only born in July of 2012.

4 Valentina Pinault - $700 Gucci hat and jacket

The daughter of Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault, Valentina Pinault has been spotted wearing a number of Gucci outfits. Her light pink Gucci coat alone cost around $500 to buy. She also has a gray and red hat that cost around $200 to get as well, thus adding to the total cost of getting her outfit.

3 Skyler Berman - $1,450 jacket

Gucci is known for making fancy bomber jackets and they've started to make them for young children. One such child who wears Gucci's $1,450 bomber jacket for children is Skyler Berman, the son of Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman. His brown jacket has a number of zippers and buttons on it to add to its overall appearance. It's a jacket that goes well with fancy brown boots that may cost hundreds to get as well.

2 Suri Cruise - $2,000 raincoat

Suri Cruise, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, reportedly has a raincoat from Dolce and Gabbana that is available for $2,000 on the market. This isn't the only thing that she's gotten into as she's been treated to a night at the Castle Suite at Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom located right inside Cinderella's castle. It's the most expensive room for rent there and is available only through promotional offers.

1 Emme Maribel Muniz - $5,000 in Chanel stuff

Sometimes the accents that come with a wardrobe can make all the difference. Emme Maribel Muniz is Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's daughter and has been spotted wearing some fancy stuff. She wore around $5,000 worth of Chanel fashion products and accessories at the Paris Fashion Week recently. Much of this came from a bag that cost $2,100 on its own and a brooch that was close to $300 in value and practically made her more noticeable than her mother.

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Celebrity Kids With The Most Expensive Wardrobes