Caribbean: The 10 Most Expensive Locations

The Caribbean is a brilliant place to visit because it's filled with so many wonderful attractions. From the beautiful white sand beaches to the amazing native towns in different areas, this place is

The Caribbean is a brilliant place to visit because it's filled with so many wonderful attractions. From the beautiful white sand beaches to the amazing native towns in different areas, this place is home to many amazing activities and wonders for people to partake in. Of course, the area is also famous for being a popular site to relax as it's far from the many pressures that people deal with in everyday life.

The biggest concern with coming out to the Caribbean is having enough money to enjoy the area. There are many costly spots in this area of the world that are home to such things as high-end and expensive resorts or restaurants that serve fine foods in a luxurious atmosphere. It's certain that these destinations can cost a great deal to head into no matter what island one wishes to visit.

The islands are especially noted for having some places that are very high-end. These include private resorts, fine restaurants that include multiple-course dinners and many different attractions that can cost hundreds of dollars for people experience. These are designed to get businesses to make money and to make the people who come out to the Caribbean feel entertained when they visit.

The Caribbean is filled with more than enough fascinations that make the area worthwhile. Only two percent of the islands around the Caribbean are actually inhabited. The influences in and around the Caribbean range from the English in the British Virgin Islands to the French in Martinique and Spanish in Puerto Rico.

In fact, more people are spending more than ever before in the Caribbean. It's estimated that tourists spent $27.5 billion while in the Caribbean in 2012. Much of this could be the result of the expensive prices found around a few of the islands and destinations in the Caribbean. So next time you visit the Caribbean, and you wish to go all out, you might want to consider this list of the 10 most expensive locations. The list is not organized by increasing prices for one night at a hotel, but on a larger scale of on average how much all restaurants, activities and rooms cost.

10 Runaway Bay, Jamaica: $200 per night

Runaway Bay is located in Jamaica and is the most expensive place to stay while on this tropical island. It will cost at least $500 to get a night at a resort during peak times and $200 or more at other times. In addition, it can cost $500 or more to reserve a round of golf at the Jewel Runaway Bay Golf Resort. Most people who get into the golf club will pay at least a thousand dollars more to stay at this resort to guarantee an actual round.

9 St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands: $250 per night

St. John, a part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, has many costly places to visit. It costs $25 to get a meal at a typical restaurant and $9 per mile to use a taxi on any part of the island. Many resorts like the Caneel Bay Resort can cost around $350 per night to visit while many other places will go closer to the $250 range. The charges here are greater than they are in other parts of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

8 Nevis, Part of Saint Kitts and Nevis: $250 per night

As a part of Saint Kitts and Nevis, it can cost at least $250 to rent a room for the night on Nevis. It can also cost at least $50 per person to dine out and eat at some of the top restaurants around Nevis including the Yachtsman Grill, Ziggy's Beach Bar and Sprat Net. On the other hand, it is free to do certain things like head out to the Frigate Bay Reef and spot the turtles from the shore or to visit the Old Treasury Building in Basseterre.

7 Eleuthera, Bahamas: $300 per night

Eleuthera is in the Bahamas and has many places where the prices are close to fifty percent higher than what people in the United States may pay. For instance, restaurants around the area can charge $50 for a three-course meal for one person. This is particularly the case with places like Tippy's and the Cove. Places like the Pink Sand Cottage will also charge $300 or more per night for hotels. A hotel can be found for less than $200 a night if one looks hard during the off-season.

6 Paradise Island, Bahamas: $200 per night

Paradise Island, in the Bahamas, includes many hotels that can cost $200 a night. This is different from the $25,000 charge for the Bridge Suite at the Royal Towers. In fact, the Atlantis Paradise Island resort is extremely expensive as a meal for one at a restaurant there can go for $50 at the least when drinks and all courses are considered. The casino activities are also rather costly to many due to extremely high table minimums for all these games.

5 Turks and Caicos, Home to Various Islands: $200 per night

The Turks and Caicos Islands are home to many tropical lands but in spite of having no sales or luxury taxes, the place is expensive to visit. It can cost at least $600 to get a round trip flight to and from the area from any place in the United States. A typical meal for two at a mid-level restaurant can go for $80 as well. Many hotels are also expensive and good for $200 or more per night but the Amanyara resort can be found for $2,000 per night.

4 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: $200 per night

Grand Cayman is part of the Cayman Islands and can cost at least $1,000 to travel there with a round trip flight due to a majority of flights coming in from Europe. Also, it can cost $200 or more to stay at a hotel here for the night. The Seven Mile Beach section of the island is the most expensive place to go to due to its fine dining spaces and resorts. For instance, it costs $1,000 a night to stay at the Caribbean Club.

3 St. Barts: $300 per night

St. Barts has three-star hotels for $300 or more per night and restaurants like Le Gaiac and Le Ti St. Barth that can cost close to $100 per night for a person when drinks are added. Some luxury spaces can be incredibly costly with the Eden Rock resort available for at least $450 per night. The Diamond Suites around this resort are available for at least $2,000 a night as well. This is an expensive French property that is of interest to many travelers with loads to spend.

2 Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands: $321 per night

Virgin Gorda is a part of the British Virgin Islands near the coast of Puerto Rico. The area is home to a variety of different bayside sights and green spaces. However, it is incredibly expensive to find a hotel room here. The cheapest double room at a three-star resort out here will cost around $321 per night. The Baths and Spring Bay beaches are incredibly expensive places to stay due to their vast bodies and spaces. The Bitter End Yacht Club has rentals as well but it can cost thousands to rent a yacht for a day.

1 Antigua and Barbuda, Near Guatemala: $500 per night

Antigua and Barbuda is an expensive place to visit near Guatemala. The restaurants around the area tend to charge $60 or more for a dinner for two without alcohol and the street food vendors are cheap but not always reliable. In addition, some of the better hotels here like the Casa Palopo can cost $500 a night to rent. The Lighthouse Bay Resort is a particularly expensive place in that this nine-suite resort costs $2,500 to stay at for one night.

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Caribbean: The 10 Most Expensive Locations