Buried In Style: The 10 Most Expensive Caskets

It can be tough for anyone to pay for the costs associated with a funeral. Part of this entails having to get a casket to bury a loved one in. A casket can be found for at least a thousand dollars in most places. In fact, an April 2013 report by the National Funeral Directors Association found that an average casket can be found on the market for $2,000. This is around a third of the $7,000 average that it costs to operate a funeral in the United States.

People who don't have insurance to cover the cost of a funeral often look hard to find better deals on their caskets and other things for a funeral so the expenses won't get worse than they have to. Some people will go for traditional wooden caskets, for instance. Others will look for caskets through wholesale providers or even through members-only warehouse stores like Costco.

However, some people will want to go all out when it comes to getting a funeral casket. A bronze or copper-laden casket can be particularly fashionable and will often create a sense of respect to someone. However, there are some cases where one of these high-end caskets won't be good enough. Some people would rather go all the way and buy caskets made with fancy materials. They want precious metals, fine interior lining spaces and many other things.

This listing of the ten most expensive caskets around includes many high-end models with some that had been made especially for certain people and were worth some extremely high totals. Not everyone in the world can afford to get a casket like one of these but a person who is able to afford it will be able to bring someone to one's final resting place with the respect that a person deserves.

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10 Sterling Deluxe Stainless Steel Casket - $2,700

Star Legacy has produced a number of different caskets over the years and the Sterling Deluxe Stainless Steel Casket is the most expensive model they've got. This has a powder blue outside and a brush finish that includes a soft white interior. This is one of the most expensive caskets to find on the mass market due to the fine materials used to make it and to also ship it out.

9 Copper Deluxe Casket - $2,900

Star Legacy has another high-end casket in its Copper Deluxe casket. This can be found for $2,900 and is made with a fine copper body all around the outside. The copper surface is consistent on all areas of the casket.

8 Kiss Casket - $4,000

Kiss, one of the world's most famous rock bands, has long been known for selling a variety of interesting products with the band's name and images on it. The Kiss Casket is one such noteworthy item. This was introduced in 2001 for a cost of $4,000 and features pictures of the band in their makeup and the famous Kiss logo. Rock guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott is buried in one of these.

7 JFK's Original Casket - $4,000

A bronze coffin with a white satin interior was chosen as the original casket for American President John F. Kennedy. This is not the casket that Kennedy is buried in; rather, it was used as a means of handling his body when it was transported from Dallas to Washington after his 1963 assassination. The casket was eventually dropped in the Atlantic Ocean, a place that Kennedy had thought of being buried in someday.

6 Robert Wadlow Casket - $4,500

The casket used to bury Robert Wadlow in 1940 was a standard wooden casket that would cost close to $4,500 to build. This expense came from Wadlow's incredible size. Wadlow was 8 feet and 11.1 inches in height at the time of his death, thus making him the tallest man in recorded history. The casket was a thousand pounds in weight and required twelve people to carry it to his burial site in Illinois.

5 Hallmark Bronze Casket - $6,900

The Savon Caskets and Urns company in the state of Washington has designed a bronze casket that has a traditional bronze coating around all its spaces including its rails. It uses a soft white velvet body as well. The body includes a soft headrest and even a memory tube that can be inserted into the casket to make it easier for the casket to be identified in the event that it has to be unearthed.

4 Elizabeth Taylor Casket - $11,000

3 The Promethian - $25,000

2 Xiao En Center Casket - $36,400

The Xiao En Center casket to use as the Xiao En Center in Kuala Lumpur is designed with fine mahogany wood and features hand-painted artistic accents around its sides. The maroon velvet padding on the inside is particularly luxurious and is even used within the adjustable headrest. Many of the people who are buried in this $36,400 casket at this memorial garden will be buried in the center's Garden of Eternal Compassion.

1 Zsa Zsa Gabor's Casket - $40,000

The Golden Casket made a casket plated with 24-carat gold for Zsa Zsa Gabor in 2011. This casket retailed for around $40,000. The problem is that Gabor is still alive to this day. The Golden Casket offered this to Gabor as a means of celebrating her recovery from blood clots and an amputation. Her husband has stated that he wanted to destroy the casket and melt the gold down to create a nice ring.

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