Most Expensive Beer In The World

The End of History: The Most Shocking Beer in the World

For a bottle of beer costing $765, you may wonder what is so different a about it to warrant such a price. When liquor firm Brewdog released “The End of History,” the beer brand did not make headlines because it was 55% alcohol. It drew attention because the bottle is placed inside the mouth and internal organs of a dead squirrel.

The End of History is pegged as the “strongest, most expensive and most shocking beer in the world.” It may have probably achieved this vision because animal rights groups are on hot pursuit against this beer brand for its shock branding.

Brewdog has only created 12 bottles so far and they have claimed that their animal packaging consisted of four dead squirrels, five weasels and a hare. All were supposedly road kill.

If the brand goes on to have a higher demand, will they resort to killing small animals and passing them off as road kill? This is the fear of many animal rights groups. Moreover, it seems to be a perversion to use animals to serve one’s own beer drink.

Apart from its high alcoholic content, the beer is said to contain juniper berries and nettles. Its taste is said to have hints of cinnamon and orange.

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Most Expensive Beer In The World