8 Luxury Items That Impress Even The Rich

The newly rich are going to risk appearing a bit unsophisticated around wealthy friends if they purchase the wrong luxury items. Expensive fancy toys are likely to impress those still struggling to pay their bills every month, but this approach is not going to be as effective with the already-affluent. If you wanted to be accepted by this elite crowd, it is going to be more about demonstrating classiness, sophistication, and taste - you basically need to buy the right stuff.

One of the keys to appearing sophisticated is to be comfortable with your own wealth. The problem with choosing the wrong luxury items is it makes it look as if you are overwhelmed by your financial situation or that you are just trying too hard to impress. The way you use your money is going to say a great deal about you, so you probably want to make sure your consumer behavior is creating the right impression if being accepted by the rich is important to you.

A common error the new money makes is to just buy more expensive versions of the stuff it already has. This isn’t a mistake in the sense that there is a right or wrong way for you to spend your money, but it is a mistake if you are trying to impress rich friends. Making something flashier or bigger is not always going to increase its classiness – in fact, it may have the opposite effect.

In order to be truly accepted by the ultra-rich, you need to develop the right taste when it comes to luxury items. Fashions come and go, but once you have developed a sense of what is appropriate, it becomes much easier to make the right decisions.

Here are eight luxury items that are almost certainly going to impress your rich friends and develop your reputation for being a sophisticated consumer.

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8 Moller Skycar M400

Cost: (Prototype) $3,500,000

Your ability to impress people with your Moller Skycar M400 may only last a few years because there are plans for this flying car to eventually become mass produced. If you want to be the first person to own this amazing vehicle, you can hand over $3.5 million now for the prototype – alternatively you can wait a few years and pay about $500,000.

The M400 is able to take-off and land vertically, so this means you don’t need much room if you want to escape the traffic jams. This flying car can carry up to four passengers, and it is capable of reaching speeds of 350 miles per hour – the M400 LS can go 750 miles without you having to refuel.

7 Gold Calibre 89 Patek Philippe

Cost: $5,120,000

Spending over 5 million on a watch might appear to the average person as if you’re showing-off, but this timepiece is exceptionally well-engineered, and it is famous for being the most complicated timepiece on the planet. It is also a work of art.

You could even argue that buying this watch is an investment because the value is only likely to increase in the future – there are only four of them in the world, and there are no plans to make more of them.

6 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Cost: $4,500,000

The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is an incredibly desirable vehicle and most of us feel privileged to just see it in the flesh. If you were to actually own this car, you are sure to receive compliments on your taste from even your wealthiest friends.

The Veneno Roadster can blast you from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds, and you can achieve the crazy-speed of 221 miles per hour. This is a beautifully designed car, and it is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

5 Stradivarius Violin

Cost: Up To $10,000,000

If you like to hang around with rich musicians, you can cause them to openly salivate by showing them your Stradivarius violin. These were all made in the seventeenth or eighteenth century, and no instrument since then has been capable of producing the same quality of sound.

Purchasing a Stradivarius is likely to be viewed by your affluent friends as a shrewd investment because the value of these violins seems only to increase.

4 Tibetan Mastiff

Cost: $5,000 To $1.5 million

Owning a pet often gives the impression you are a kind-hearted soul, but by purchasing a Tibetan Mastiff, you also exhibit your exquisite taste in dogs. This breed was used for generations in parts of Asia to guard homes and livestock, and in Tibet, they are considered to be the reincarnation of departed monks.

In recent years, the Tibetan Mastiff has become the preferred pet of the ultra-rich – although, in the case of some of these dogs, it would have been cheaper to buy a panda.

3 Gulfstream III

Cost: $7,000,000 (Used)

If your financial situation continues to improve, there is going to come a time when buying your own jet just becomes essential. The ultra-rich can no more imagine coping without this form of transport, as the average person could do without a car. Owning your own jet is always going to be exciting in the beginning, but by choosing a brand new Gulfstream III, you are going to stand-out even among the super-wealthy.

There are different variants of the Gulfstream III, but they are all designed to provide the ultimate luxury, safety, and comfort. There are only 206 of these jets in the world, so owning one puts you in an exclusive club – they were all built during the eighties. It can carry up to 19 passengers, and it is capable of travelling at an air-speed up to 576 miles per hour. You are also going to be able to travel 4,200 miles without the need to refuel.

2 Henri Jayer Richesbourg Grand Cru Wine

Cost: $16,671 Per Bottle

In 1985, a bottle of Chateau Lafite 1787 sold for $156,450, so the Henri Jayer Richesbourg Grand Cru may appear reasonably priced when compared to this. You probably don’t want to be drinking it with every meal, but it is certainly going to create the right impression if you have some friends around.

The taste of this wine has been described as sublime, so it is going to be nice to have a few bottles in your cellar for special occasions.

1 Take Control Of A Planet In The Entropia Universe

Cost: Around $1,000,000

It can be difficult to feel special if most your friends also have their own Gulfstream III or Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. You need to really push the envelope when you’re dealing with this level of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’, but one option would be to own your own planet – or at least a virtual planet. This investment might not impress all of your ultra-rich friends, but it’s certainly going to win the respect of the geeky ones.

There are now a number of planets in the Entropia Universe. It is possible to invest in land in this virtual world for about $5,000, but if you really want to build your own empire, you are going to need to invest a lot more than this. Some people are going to just dismiss this investment as wasting money on a game, but anyone who has experienced the Entropia Universe knows it is far more than this – you may even eventually make a lot of money from this investment.

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