7 Of The Most Expensive 5 Star Meals

Do you consider yourself a lover of food? Are you a purveyor of fine cuisine? Who can honestly say that they are not? The aromas, the flavors, and the experiences of dining can be quite memorable. Foo

Do you consider yourself a lover of food? Are you a purveyor of fine cuisine? Who can honestly say that they are not? The aromas, the flavors, and the experiences of dining can be quite memorable. Food can bring people together and can sustain relationships through lunch meetings, weekly brunches, or dinner dates. Appreciating delicious and healthy foods is in and of itself a unifying experience. Food is something that is universal, in that it has existed in some form or other forever and involves all people. It is a central aspect of being a human being. Entire cultures are formed based on the types of food served and eaten by groups of people.

Food culture has become a love affair of many in recent years. Especially among the rich and famous, the enjoyment of expensive meals at high quality restaurants has become a hobby of sorts. This pastime attracts celebrities, as well as others, as they hear about the next big thing in dining. More and more attention is given to terms we never paid attention to in the past, such as "organic," "locally sourced," and "fusion." Americans as a nation are developing our own culture of food and are determining the direction in which restaurants will go in, developing new menus and food items in an effort to keep up with our constantly changing taste buds. Innovation on the part of chefs has led to a new evolution in the world of food.

The following restaurants all have some things in common. Namely, organic and fresh farm to table ingredients are becoming quite popular among the masses, especially in the more upscale of dining atmospheres. The visual presentation of food is also a unifying similarity. In general, we pay more attention to how our food looks now than ever before. We employ all of our senses when we partake of a meal, not just the sense of taste. We expect that our meals will be visually breathtaking, that they will smell divine. We want to feel tender and fresh meat, or crisp and juicy produce as we take that first electrifying bite of a meal. At times, we will even hear the sizzle of our food, still cooking, as it is brought to the table. Arguably the most important sense in eating is the sense of taste. We want to taste food that is luscious, delectable, and mouth watering. You are invited to take a journey into the fanciest of cuisines as you read about deliciously expensive meals eaten by celebrities found around the country and around the globe.

From the east coast to the west, from a large scale hotel in the Hill Country area of Texas to a small sushi shop near a train station in Japan, some of the best and most loved cuisines can also be the most expensive. Each of the following eateries has been awarded one of the best in the world. Whether the award is five stars from Forbes or three stars from the Michelin Guide, you will know that you are experiencing the best fare there is to offer.

7 The Inn at Dos Brisas, Houston, Texas: $250

6 The Polo Lounge, Beverly Hills, California: $265

5 Per Se, New York City, New York: $310

4 Sukiyabashi Jiro, Tokyo, Japan: $400

3 The French Laundry, Yountville, California: $470

2 The French Room at the Adolphus, Dallas, Texas: $584

1 The Old Farmstead Steakhouse, New York City, New York: $947.50

The Old Farmstead Steakhouse can be found within the meatpacking district, with additional locations in New Jersey. The main star here is the Kobe beef. This beef stands out due to the extraordinary marbling of the meat. Wagyu cattle are fed grains and clean water. The meat is inspected for marbling and shipped from Japan. Start your meal with an appetizer of crab meat cocktail, followed by Kobe beef, with sides of cold water lobster tail and asparagus hollandaise. A 2009 cabernet sauvignon pairs well with the beef. Try The Old Homestead Steakhouse World Famous Cheesecake to round out your meal.

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7 Of The Most Expensive 5 Star Meals