15 Unbelievable Things Celebrities Wasted Money On

What is the craziest thing that you've spent money on? While you may have tried hard to justify the purchase, everyone has some skeletons in their closet; things that they wish they had not dropped some serious bucks on. Being a celebrity is a double-edged sword, as it seems that you're able to afford anything in the world, but as you'll learn, that also leads to some outrageous purchases.

Do you love your house? That's wonderful, but I wonder if you like it more than the house that Paris bought for her dogs. I'm also going to warn you, her house was also probably significantly more expensive! How about your car? It may be nice, but you'll quickly find that it may not hold a candle in comparison to the car that Miley Cyrus bought for her dogs!

Do you have a favorite hat? What would you do if you were in a different country and realized you left it behind? Your answer may not be to fly the hat first class...but you also aren't Bono.

Are you a father, or at the very least know what a sonogram machine is? It's a wonderful medical invention, but it probably wasn't meant to be bought and stored at home...That didn't stop one of the celebrities on the list.

Some of these purchases are one-time splurges, while others help give insight on just how the stars live: like just how much Rihanna spent on her hair in one year! Overall, it's a comprehensive list on just how the stars live, what they spend money on and why, not surprisingly, some of these stars went broke!


17 Bono - Upwards of $1,000 To Retrieve A Hat


Bono was in Italy for a charity gig with Luciano Pavarotti when he realized that he had somehow forgotten his favourite black trilby hat. This is just not acceptable for a rock star, so he ordered a cab to arrive at his house and pick up the hat which was then delivered to Gatwick Airport.

Bono bought the hat a first class ticket, refusing to allow the chance of it being ruined by other luggage. The flight attendants were still concerned, so the hat ended up sitting up in the cockpit beside the jet's captain for the duration of the ride.

The ticket ran Bono an additional £1,000, but the star reportedly would not have performed had the hat not been there. You can imagine that if that was the case, it would not have exactly resulted in the best public image for Bono. I suppose when you have a favourite hat and money isn’t an issue, you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure it gets to your head as soon as physically possible!

16 Beyoncé – Poured Out $20,000 Like It Was Nothing


As if Beyoncé would not have enough money due to her own success, she just happens to be married to one of the most talented music artists in the world. She also gets to collaborate with other fantastic artists, such as Nicki Minaj, which she did for the music video for “Feeling Myself”.

The video is fantastic and was well received, at least until fans saw Beyoncé pouring a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne into the hot tub. While you can imagine the alcohol came free, it can still range in cost from $300 up to $20,000. It’s a special kind of rich when you can casually watch $20,000 get poured away and literally not give it a second thought.

15 Ke$ha - Thousands A Month On Glitter


Are you struggling to pay rent this month? You would be far from the only one, so perhaps try not to get too upset when you realize Ke$ha spends more on glitter, than you pay for the roof above your head. Yet when you make your mark with such a shine as Ke$ha did, you need to understand that glitter cannot come cheap! In an interview with Vanity Fair, Ke$sha stated “I am shooting glitter from glitter guns and out of every orifice in my body,” but that’s too be expected when you consider she spends thousands of dollars a month on the stuff!

If you saw her in concert, there's no doubt you’d leave covered and glitter, and for close friends of the star, she talked about how “They get glitter on them and it won’t come off for days and it ruins their game.” Hard to say if it’s an exuberant waste of money when you consider it was so much of her overall image, but you can imagine at one point in her life she’s going to wish she had a less expensive trademark.

14 Tinie Tempah - Shoes Worth $37,500


I’ll be honest, of everything on this list, I’m more jealous of Tinie’s purchase than perhaps any other item. In 2011, Nike released a limited edition pair of shoes that were modeled after the shoes worn in the film Back To The Future. The shoes were a hot commodity, and as you can imagine, there is always that push to be first! So when Tinie saw an auction that offered up the first pair, he just had to have them, winning the auction with a bid worth $37,500. I’d imagine they would have to be some damn comfortable shoes to be worth that, not like Tinie would know. He told TMZ he has no plans to wear the shoes, but you better believe that’s one hell of a collector’s item.

13 Michael Vick - Koi Fish Pond, $85,000


Michael Vick was an outstanding NFL player who was well deserving of the contract he signed with the Atlanta Falcons for over $100 million. Yet he was also deserving of his downfall, after he was arrested for his role in a dog-fighting ring. Vick served time in jail, lost sponsors, and eventually ran out of money. He bounced back in the NFL, but when people were going over their assets, they were blown away to see what the star had spent money on. Perhaps none more alarming than the fact that Vick spent $85,000 on a Koi fish pond. Perhaps he needed something relaxing to look at in between the dog fighting. Given that athletes spend so much of their time on the road, it makes purchases like this all the more ridiculous in hindsight.

12 Beyoncé - $80,000+ On Diamond Barbie


Do you remember what you did with your first toys? If you don’t, I’m sure there are some mangled remains of them somewhere in your house. Kids throw toys, they eat toys, they run them in dirt. Kids aren’t gentle, and you need to hope that the toys they ruin aren’t too expensive.

I suppose what is ‘too expensive’ is all relative, because Beyoncé spent $80,000 on a diamond-encrusted Barbie that she gave to her daughter Blue Ivy for her first birthday. The Barbie was customized to include 160 diamond gems and white gold jewellery. I don’t know at what age Blue Ivy will realize just how much money her family has, but perhaps it will be the time she looks at her old Barbie and realizes it’s missing a few gems and that nobody cared that those gems were worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

11 Miley Cyrus - $150,000+ On Range Rover For Dogs

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Many individuals find themselves constantly trying to save up to buy a more reliable form of transportation. Perhaps if you're going through some car struggles, it may hurt you to read that Miley spent over $150,000 on a Range Rover, specifically for her dogs. After all, when you also buy yourself a Maserati, you need to have your own particular car so that your dogs don't get all up in yours! The car was instructed to only be used for when the dogs need to go somewhere - talk about being treated like royalty! Can't even drive and the dogs already 'own' a nicer car than I'll probably ever own. Though as you'll learn, this is far from the most expensive purchase for a celebrities pet.


10 Tom Cruise - Upwards of $200,000 On Sonogram Machine


Tom Cruise is an outstanding actor, but you’d be foolish to not realize that people also consider him to be a bit off his rocker. One of the sure signs of this is the fact that he purchased a sonogram machine so he could monitor his then-girlfriend Katie Holmes' pregnancy. The machines are not cheap, costing anywhere from $15,000 to $200,000 and something tells me Tom probably didn’t skimp on the cost. The act of using sonograms is incredibly beneficial, but should not be done at home on a constant basis as Cruise was planning on using the machine. The American College Of Radiology released a statement stating that the machine should only be used by certified technologists and only after a physician has written a prescription. While the baby was born with no developmental issues, there is no doubt that Cruise went overboard with this purchase.

9 Katy Perry - $200,000 Ticket To Space

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Back in 2010, Katy Perry and Russell Brand were very much in love. Brand was celebrating his 35th birthday and made headlines when Perry purchased him a $200,000 trip to Space! Wait, what? The ticket included Brand going on three days of intense training and being allowed to float weightlessly for five minutes while suspended over 365,000ft in the atmosphere. Talk about an unforgettable experience! Though given that the couple fell out of love and got divorced, I’m sure Perry wouldn’t mind if Brand was stuck up in space for longer then five minutes!

8 Vince Young - $5,000 Per Week At Cheesecake Factory


Do you love The Cheesecake Factory? I mean I have to admit, it’s a pretty good restaurant, but I don’t know if it's worth spending $5,000 a week at. Young’s financial report stated that during his rookie season, he would take his teammates (7-8 people) there on a regular basis, often enough for the report to state that it was every week. Young was making some serious cash at the time, but he’s another star that ended up going broke after retiring from the league. When you do the math and realize that he spent roughly $260,000 in that year alone at TCF, you start to understand that he probably splurged in other areas of his life too!

7 Paris Hilton – $325,000 For Dog House


I hope you’re ready to read about how Paris Hilton’s dogs lived in a house that is probably nicer then the one you’re sitting in. In 2009, she purchased a $325,000 dog house that was fitted with air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a black crystal chandelier. It was two stories, and was designed to resemble Hilton’s home (so you’re right to imagine the house is decked out in pink). Though when you consider that Paris had several dogs: Tinkerbell, Marilyn Monroe, Prince Baby Bear, Harajuku, Dolce and Prada, you can imagine she had no problems laying out the big bucks so they’re comfortable.

6 Rick Ross - $1 Million In A Strip Club For B-Day


There are a lot of celebrities out there who are no strangers to partying (in fact, read more about that here) but when it comes to extravagant purchases, how about the man who spent $1 million in one night? Rick Ross was out celebrating his birthday at the famous Miami Strip Club, King of Diamonds, and the party clearly ramped up as the night went on.

When describing how he was able to go through so much money, Ross stated “We ran through so much money, the Brinks truck came, and that didn’t even help.” It’s one thing to party, it’s another thing to literally make the club shut down because you have spent all of your money and the Brinks truck cannot bring you any more.

I am sure among the night’s purchases were countless bottles of incredibly expensive alcohol. Think Beyoncé wasted that $20,000? She doesn’t have anything on Rick’s night!

5 Rihanna – $1 Million A Year On Hair

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While some celebrities on this list helped make their mark with one big spending moment, Rihanna makes her mark where she may be best known for: her amazing hair. But looking that amazing does not come cheap, and it was reported in 2011 that she spends over $1 million a year on her hair. At one point, Rihanna’s personal stylist was on a daily retainer fee of $3,200, not a bad way to make a living. Given how often Rihanna changes up her hairstyle, it was perhaps not a shock to see that all of that comes with a cost! Given that she’s only continued to grow as an artist since 2011, we can only imagine she has been able to give her stylist at least one raise since then!

4 Kanye West - Bought 10 Burger Kings For Kim


You know, call me crazy but I am not the biggest Burger King fan in the world. It’s not awful, but it’s far from my favourite of the fast food options. Clearly Kanye and Kim would disagree with me, especially when you find out that Kanye bought Kim 10 Burger King locations as a wedding present. The locations were scattered throughout Europe, including France, Italy and the United Kingdom. Why? We’re not too sure, maybe they decided that music and reality television weren’t enough so why not try and get your Whopper on? Kanye is no stranger to fast food, as he also owned several Fatburger locations that were set up around the Chicago area. I’m just not too sure how exactly you deliver this gift.

“Hey baby, you know how you kind of like Burger King?”


“I bought you 10!”

“10 meals?”

“…No, 10 Restaurants. Don’t worry though, I’ll never go broke!”

3 Kim Basinger - $20 Million For A Town


Have you ever looked at a town and thought, "hey yeah, that looks like something I think I can buy." No? Probably because you’re a normal person, but Kim Basinger was something special, so in 1989, she purchased 1,751 acres of the town's 2,000 available acres. The sum cost the actress $20 million, and was bought with the aspirations of turning the town into a tourist destination. The town, Braselton, is in Georgia, which is where Basinger is from, so at least you can understand that correlation. Perhaps not shockingly, Basinger was filing for personal bankruptcy within 5 years of the purchase.

2 Jay Z - $55 Million On Racehorse


There is no doubt that California Chrome is not one of the greatest racehorses of all time. The horse won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Winner, and you can imagine when it went up for sale, that it was going to fetch a pretty hefty sum of money. The racing community, and former owner Steve Coburn, were blown away though when Jay-Z was the man who stepped in with the winning bid of $55 million. The horse may end up paying off for Jay-Z, as you can imagine those are genes that are well worth passing on to future racehorses. Personally, I had no idea that Jay-Z was a big racehorse fan, but I suppose when you get the opportunity to purchase the absolute best of something, why wouldn’t you go out and get it?

1 Mike Tyson – Where Do We Start?


Tyson has made himself a lot of money in his life, but boy oh boy, has he also wasted a great deal of it. Tyson’s most prominent example may be the fact that he spent $140,000 on two white Bengal tigers...and then needed to spend another $140,000 to hire a trainer for them.

He claims that between 1995 and 1997 he spent $230,000 on cellphones and he spent $2 MILLION on a bathtub. Combine that with a penchant for drugs and it is easy to see why Mike Tyson found himself without money, despite one of the best boxing careers of all time. His peak may have come in the year in which he started out $3 million in debt and made over $60 million, but still ended the year in debt because he spent all of that money on drugs and outlandish purchases. I suppose when you're Iron Mike, nobody had the courage to tell you when you're wasting your money!


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