15 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

Currently, the Internet is buzzing with rumors about Kim Kardashian's backside. No, not the #BreaktheInternet stunt. It's about the value of her rear. Some say that Kayne West got her to insure her booty asset for $21 million. Uncharitable wags say that KW is seeking to insure his voice, but no insurance company thinks it is worth as much as he does. A few years back, reports of the then reigning booty-queen, Jennifer Lopez insuring her backside for up to $300 million were denied by her camp.

Insuring celebrities' body parts goes back to the early days of movies when cross-eyed silent film comedian, Ben Turpin insured against his eyes becoming uncrossed. In the 1940s, actress Bette Davis, prone to put on weight, was insured against an increase in her waistline. And World War II pin up, Bette Grable's long limbs were insured for a cool $1 million.

Singers' voices, legs, breasts and buttocks are the most commonly insured body parts. In Brazil, famed for its celebrities' backsides, insuring buttocks is so common that they are called bumbum policies. But sometimes it gets weird and wonderful -- like the rockers who insured their sperm or a tongue. Egon Ronay, the noted food critic, insured his taste buds for hundreds of thousands of dollars back in the 1960's. Frankie Jakeman, a British male stripper, reportedly insured his penis for $1.6 million. Maybe the strangest tale involves a Thai transvestite entertainer named Poh, who insured breast implants against exploding on an international flight to the tune of $500,000. Here are 15 of the most expensive celebrity body parts.

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15 Adam Lambert - Vocal cords - $47 million


Following his wildly successful tour with Queen, and talk of more tours with the group, his management company maybe got a little nervous. Being a runner up on Idol is one thing, but a sell-out tour with a rock legend of a band and talk of maybe Lambert joining Idol as a judge, well Lambert is moving up in the world in a big way. Brian May, Queen's guitarist, has said working with Lambert has woken the band up "just in time." Some say Lambert is truly channeling Freddie Mercury with knock out renditions of songs that put Mercury and Queen on the rock map.

14 Louis Tomlinson - Butt $160,000

Maybe Harry Styles was kidding when he joked about his One Direction band-mate insuring his bum for $160,000. But the story went viral and it keeps getting repeated and rehashed. The band is mobbed by screaming girls and reportedly bodyguards are hard pressed to keep the mob at bay. So, maybe it does make sense. Styles commented that Louis Tomlinson was now just like J Lo. Both have reportedly insured their backsides.

13 Rihanna - Legs $1 million

In 2007, Rihanna signed a deal with Gillette to promote their razors in their "Venus Breeze Legs of a Goddess" campaign. So, her legs were a big selling point, and Gillette insured them for $1 million. The campaign was a competition to find the greatest legs in America. The winner that year was a "dancer" for the Miami Heat team. That was in 2007, when Rihanna was only 19 and the bust up with Chris Brown was in her future.

12 Troy Polamalu - Hair $1 million

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When the Pittsburgh Steelers hunk of a strong safety signed a contract with Head and Shoulders, the company took out a $1 million insurance policy on his signature, really big, hair. Having not cut his hair for a decade, he cut it (some) to raise money for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He did it on Veterans Day of 2013, in front of a cheering crowd at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field.

11 Miley Cyrus - Tongue $1 million

According to one source, Miley believes that her tongue now gets more attention than she does. Rumor has it that she has insured it for a cool million. One thing is certain: she certainly gives everyone an ample opportunity to view her "trademark".  Making the transition from Disney TV to the real world of show business can take its toll. So, maybe she has a point.

10 Kim Kardashian - Buttocks $21 million


Many say that Kim has dethroned JLo from the most discussed backside throne. She certainly has it on display at the drop of a hat. She and Kayne are rumor magnets. Did she inject fat into the famous butt? Did he or did he not commission a nude portrait of her as a wedding present? Did he give her 10 Burger King franchises to mark their nuptials? And did he convince her to insure the Kardashian booty for $21 million? No word from the celebrity's mouth, but the Internet rumor mills are convinced it is a fact.

9 Daniel Craig - Whole body $8 million

Like Jackie Chan, Daniel Craig likes to do some of his own stunts. If you are a minor cast member in a film, that is one thing. But if you are Bond, James Bond, and you are making Casino Royale, and you want to play a little rough, then the money-people get worried. Reportedly, Craig's hunky bod was insured for some 5 million pounds (about $8 million) when he was filming Casino Royale. Apparently, Craig is insured for most of the films he makes.

8 David Beckham - Legs $70 million

Soccer wonder David Beckham has had a sterling career. Charismatic on and off the field, married to Posh Spice Victoria, with male model good lucks, he is the epitome of sports cool. And those famous legs? Apparently they are worth $70 million and he has the insurance policy to prove it. Other reports claim that there is also a whole body policy on him in the amount of $195 million. Sounds incredible, until you factor in the idea that Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo's legs are insured for $144 million. And at 29, he's 10 years younger than Beckham.

7 David Lee Roth - Sperm $1 million


Take Van Halen lead singer and rocker, David Lee Roth's tendency to spread himself around with women, from groupies to backing singers, and this is not such a crazy idea. Think of it as insurance against getting toasted in a paternity suit, and it seems to make perfect sense. Some reports say that the actual insurance was on his penis, dubbed "Little Elvis".

6 Claudia Schiffer - Face $1 million

80's supermodel and German wunderkind, Claudia Schiffer reportedly had a $1 million insurance policy on that gorgeous face of hers. The face that graced over 1,000 magazine covers was beautiful and sexy. She has also been quoted as saying that she turned down over $1 million to "date" a sheikh. Apparently, he asked her out to dinner and was willing to pay for everything.

5 Holly Madison - Breasts $1 million

Former Playmate, Hugh Hefner squeeze, and certified 36D is a model, showgirl and television personality. She was on Playboy's Girls Next Door (aka "The Girls of the Playboy Mansion") TV series. Her trademark breasts are her defining asset. And so she has insured them for $1 million. A million seems like a lot considering Dolly Parton's policy on her twins was only for $600,000. But when you factor in that Madonna's less ample equipment was insured for $2 million, it seems to even out.

4 Gene Simmons - Tongue $1 million

Back in the 70's Gene Simmons and his band Kiss, were bad, mad rockers. The make up and costume says it all. His signature was sticking his tongue out. Maybe Miley is channeling his 70's vibe. Back in the day, rumor had it that he had his tongue surgically enhanced. It certainly has an unnatural something to it. And just in case, he insured it for a cool million. In today's terms, that's the equivalent of $4 million, give or take.

3 Bruce Springsteen - Voice $5.7 million

"The Boss" certainly can belt out a song, sometimes yell out a song, and his distinctive rough, gravelly voice is his fortune. So, no one was surprised when the golden vocal chords were insured for nearly $6 million. Rod Stewart took out a policy for around $6 million.   Singer Tom Jones was rumored to have taken out a $7 million policy -- on his chest hair.

2 Kylie Minogue - Butt $5 million

Rumor has it that Kylie Minogue insured her pert little butt to the tune of $5 million. The Australian pop star certainly still has it all, doing a spoof of the famous Coppertone ad at the age of 46, for the the cover of Italian GQ Magazine. There she is on a beach, clad in a bikini, with a playful dog tugging down her bikini bottoms. We wonder how much Nicki Minaj's backside would appraise for if she ever decided to insure it.

1 Mariah Carey - Legs $1 billion

From the same people who insured Rihanna's legs for $1 million - Gillette razors also tapped Mariah Carey for its "Legs of a Goddess" campaign and insured her legs for $1 billion. So why are Carey's legs a thousand million times more valuable than Rihanna's? Just consider this, Marilyn Monroe's legs were reportedly insured for $10,000 back in the 1950's. And even with inflation, it's still a far cry from a million, let alone a billion.

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