15 Of The Most Expensive Cakes Ever Sold

If you have ever gotten married, you know that just about every part of it is expensive; from the wedding gown right down to the centerpiece. Many people dream of getting married, but most people don’

If you have ever gotten married, you know that just about every part of it is expensive; from the wedding gown right down to the centerpiece. Many people dream of getting married, but most people don’t think too much about how much it will cost for the wedding cake. According to many sources, the cake is the second largest item the bride wants to make sure is perfect, and it comes close to wanting that perfect dress. Could you imagine spending $20,000 on the cake of your choice? What about $20 million? Although the majority of the cakes listed here are wedding cakes, there are a few that were created for other events, as well.

It seems like more people seem to be spending a lot more on cake than was once thought, and there are so many choices that people are now adding “bling” to their cakes, making some parts of it inedible. This just creates more questions, though. If we are at a wedding with a diamond-encrusted cake, do we keep the diamonds? Should we give them back to the bride, or the host of the party? Is there a set of rules to follow for this type of thing? What exactly is the correct formality when it comes to really expensive cake? Are we even supposed to eat it, and who do we even ask about these kinds of things? Perhaps someone should write a book on the political correctness of cake-eating.

15 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ Wedding Cake- $20,000

14 Swarovski Crystal Cake from Sex and the City 2- $32,000

Remember the movie Sex and the City, when Carrie was infatuated with Mr. Big, and dreamed of her perfect wedding? Perhaps you might even recall the moment he asked her to marry him, or even the gown she wore in the second film of the same name. Even if you had not seen either of the movies, there was a series with the same name that was on for years that had the exact same characters. This must be familiar to everyone, since it ran for almost six years on HBO, and the reruns were seen on multiple channels shortly thereafter.

13 Faberge Egg Cake- $35,000

The Faberge Egg was originally created for the Russian Imperial family. Tsar Alexander III started the tradition (as the story is told) by wanting to get something for his wife to celebrate their anniversary, which was close to the Easter holiday. He wanted a really nice egg, to be intricately decorated, and to have a surprise in the center. This started the tradition of the Faberge Egg, which the company (Faberge) had only created 50 in 32 years, and only the affluent could afford them.

12 Princess Kate’s Royal Cake- $78,000

The dessert that Kim Kardashian’s wedding cake was modeled after is none other than the official “royal cake” of Prince William and Kate Middleton; from their ceremony in 2011. Fiona Cairns and her team of 50 bakers and designers worked diligently on the confection for five weeks, and tried to incorporate everything into the cake that Kate had desired. Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and Simply Red are a few previous (and some current) customers of Fiona; so she is highly reputable, and she takes her craft very seriously.

11 Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s Towering Wedding Cake- $40,000

In 2012, Liza Minnelli shocked the world when she married producer David Gest. It was a short-lived marriage (only lasting a little over a year and a half), but the wedding was a colossal extravaganza. For someone who had Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor in their wedding party, how could anyone expect anything less? Liza spared no expense; and the cake was no exception.

10 The Wedding Cake of Princess Diana- $40,000

9 A $130,000 Advertisement for Platinum

8 $850,000 Diamond Chocolate Cake in a Store Window

7 Luster Dust Cake- $1.3 Million

6 $5 Million Africa Cake

5 Luxury Bridal Show Cake- $20 Million

4 Davorah Rose’s Diamond Gala Cake- $30 Million

3 Pirate’s Fantasy Cake- $35 Million

2 The National Gay Wedding Show’s Cake- $52 Million

1 The World’s Most Expensive Cake- $75 Million

A person living in the United Arab Emirates didn’t have a world record in mind when buying the most expensive cake ever purchased, when they were looking for something unique for their daughter’s birthday. That is exactly what happened; however, when cake designer, Debbie Wingham received a phone call that would change her life forever. Debbie designed the cake to look like a fashion runway; and with it being six foot long, it appears that way, along with models (who you can eat), and wearing fashionable clothes and accessories, which are also edible. The majority of the cost came in when an abundance of gemstones were added, including $45 million worth of multi-colored diamonds. This 75 million dollar cake is now the record-holder for the most expensive cake in the world.


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15 Of The Most Expensive Cakes Ever Sold