14 Karat gold $10 000 iPhone 5S Case

How obsessed are you with protecting your new iPhone 5s?

Miansai, an American company that specializes in wallets, key chains and the like is offering a made-to-order case, made of 14-karat gold. The case, worth $10,000, is available for purchase in rose or yellow gold colors.

Miansai founder Michael Andrew Saiger revealed the product was “a kind of joke” when it was launched a few years ago. However, now, the company manages to sell a handful of cases.

“Everyone has loved it,” added Saiger.

If protection is your main concern, the $10,000 gold iPhone case is not the bling for you. “We aren’t claiming it (offers) any protective services,” admitted Miansai spokeswoman Samantha Ouellette. Ouellette also added that the case leaves the phone’s front and corners are a bit exposed.

Another downside of the gold case is, it is screaming “steal me” to prospective thieves. Would you want to lose both an iPhone and a gold case? That would deeply hurt you and your pocket.

To those who can’t afford such a classy case, experts suggest one may opt for Otterbox with a multi-layered case worth only $60, a Mophie case worth $120 or iBottleopener worth $30 that comes with a built-in bottle opener.

To those aiming for a super high-end iPhone case, you may try jewelry designer Anit Mai Tan’s diamond-encrusted iPhone case for $880,000 which allowed the phone to be worn as a necklace.

iPhone cases dominate the industry, representing a $1.3 billion annual business.

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14 Karat gold $10 000 iPhone 5S Case