12 Celeb Body Parts That Are Worth More Than You

It’s pretty well known that most celebrities are worth lots of money. However, some celebrities have body parts that are insured for thousands (or even millions) of dollars as well. This may sound a little strange, but a number of famous people have made a name for themselves because of a specific part of their anatomy. Advertising agencies and popular companies know this, so they have these celebrities insured, as a guarantee that their “money makers” will always remain intact.

If a celeb is often referred to as someone with great legs, beautiful eyes or a fabulous rear end, there’s a good chance those parts of the famous person are under an insurance policy. While this often turns into big bucks for the celeb in terms of advertising, it can be a little strange to think that certain famous people could be in serious financial trouble if they ever get hurt and the look of their body changes. Then again, the endorsements and commercials that often come from having an insured body can lead to a huge payday that could last for years.

Even if these famous people never made another music video or movie again, they could still make lots of money “using their bodies.” Here are 12 celebrities with body parts that are probably worth more than you.


12 Gene Simmons’ Tongue

Even if you’re not a huge fan of rock music, you’ve likely heard of the band KISS. These days, even if you don’t know who KISS is, you’ve probably seen or heard of rocker Gene Simmons, who co-founded KISS in the early 1970s. Simmons was born in Israel, and is a singer, songwriter, bass guitarist and record producer. He’s also an actor and pretty savvy businessman. Simmons is so good at business, in fact, that he reportedly had his tongue insured for $1 million. KISS band members are known for sticking their tongues out, and along with their 100 million albums sold around the world, the whole “tongue” thing is what makes the band stand out. Simmons’ tongue, however, is particularly eye-catching, which is why he decided to have it insured.

11 Keith Richards


Keith Richards is one of the musicians who has the distinction of being a founding member of the Rolling Stones. Richards is a guitarist, and had his middle finger insured for $1.6 million. This is pretty strange, since the thumb and index fingers are used most often to strum the guitar. Richards, however, likely has a different style than most guitarists, and that’s part of what makes him so iconic in the music world. Rolling Stone magazine even ranked him 4th on their 100 best guitarists list. Richards is also credited with creating the “greatest single body of riffs” in rock music.

10 Madonna

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Madonna sees her breasts as “national treasures.” Well, at least that's how they were described in her book Madonna: An Intimate Biography. She chose to insure her bosom for $2 million. Madonna has a history of breast cancer on her mother’s side, so it’s likely that she took out this insurance policy to preserve her iconic image, and to make sure that her breasts will continue to be “valuable” if she ever has to make any changes to them for medical reasons. We’ve got to admit, Madonna is looking pretty great for woman in her 50s, so perhaps the breast insurance was a sound idea.

9 Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum is well known for being a former Victoria’s Secret model, and she’s now the host of the popular show, Project Runway. She was also married to singer Seal for a while, and the former couple has four children. Klum is known for wearing bathing suits and other outfits that show off her lower extremities, which is a good thing, since her legs are insured. Klum stated in an interview on Extra that her legs are worth $2.2 million total. Her right leg is worth $1.2 million, but her left leg only has a value of $1 million because it has a small scar on it.

8 Tina Turner

Tina Turner’s legs are still fit enough to make younger women jealous, even though she’s 75 years old. Her legs are worth $3.2 million since she’s had them insured. During an interview with Oprah in 2005, Turner stated that she’s always had long legs and when she was younger, she thought she looked like “a little pony.” Tina stated that she had a hard time finding clothes to fit her body, and learned that long dresses didn’t work for her, because they’re hard to dance in. That’s how she came up with her signature short skirt look, and she’s been inspiring female singers ever since.

7 Bruce Springsteen


Legendary singer Bruce Springsteen, actually has his vocal cords insured for $6 million. It’s no surprise that Springsteen’s golden pipes are a hot item in the entertainment world. He would be in danger of losing his entire livelihood if anything ever happened to his voice, and millions of Springsteen fans would no longer have the privilege of hearing him sing. Perhaps smart financial moves like this are part of the reason why Bruce Springsteen is often referred to as 'The Boss'. That, and the fact that he can pretty much sell out any arena he plays, even if he hasn’t released an album in years.

6 Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is the latest actor to portray James Bond, and he had his whole body insured, in case he was injured during his time as Bond. The insurance policy is for a reported $9.5 million. Craig also has to stay in shape for his role, so he took the insurance out because he knew there would be movie stunts involved. When Daniel Craig was in Quantum Solace, he did most of his own stunts, so he needed to know that there would be an insurance payout if he were ever seriously hurt. Sure, it seems a little egotistical, but it takes a lot of physical work for moviegoers to be entertained, and Craig just wants to make sure he’s safe. We’re sure his wife, fellow actor Rachel Weisz, appreciates that too.


5 America Ferrera


Remember when America Ferrera was the star of the hugely popular show Ugly Betty? She was widely known for her smile then, even though her character wore braces. Since Ferrera’s smile was so noticeable, she now has a $10 million insurance policy on her pearly whites. Aquafresh White Trays actually invested in this policy, since America agreed to partner with the company. Ferrera and Aquafresh worked together on a charity campaign that provided unemployed women with dental care free of charge. This is one of those times when a celebrity uses her money and influence to do some good in the world, which makes Ferrera’s smile seem even brighter.

4 Jennifer Lopez

It’s no shocker that Lopez’s backside has gotten her a lot of attention since she made her debut on In Living Color, as a Fly Girl. When she was at the height of her career, Jennifer Lopez had several movies and music videos under her belt. That’s when she decided to be honest about the fact that her bum was actually making her a lot of money. She had her butt insured for $27 million. In 2006, she decided to put a premium on the policy. That way if her backside goes south, she’ll still be in for a huge payout.

3 Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts has long been known as America’s Sweetheart, and part of the reason for that is her winning smile, which is reportedly worth $30 million. Roberts, who is known for her iconic role in Pretty Woman and more recent films such as Eat Pray Love, makes a pretty good amount of cash for her natural ability to brighten a room with her smile. Ironically, she also starred in the movie Mona Lisa Smile. Even though she hasn’t starred in a movie in a few years, Roberts is still in pretty high demand in Hollywood. Her director husband Danny Moder, isn’t doing too bad, either. Still, Julia was wise to make sure she gets a $30 million payout if anything ever happens to her iconic grin.

2 David Beckham

Superstar soccer player and model David Beckham, was smart to have his legs insured. They are worth $70 million, which just goes to show that not many other soccer players can “bend it” like him. Insuring his legs was an especially wise move back in 2010, when Beckham had to get surgery to repair his Achilles tendon. If anything would have gone wrong with the procedure, Beckham would have been eligible for a $70 million payout. Even if Beckham decides to retire from soccer or is injured again, he’d still likely make a pretty great living as a model. Or, he and his former Spice Girl wife Victoria Beckham, could live off music royalties, or the money from Victoria’s fashion line.

1 Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey’s legs are insured for $1 billion. Yes, you read that right. When Carey became a part of the Legs of a Goddess campaign for Gillette, she promoted the Venus razor-blades. Since she’s known for touring and performing on stage for hours at a time, she decided to insure her gams to make sure that her contract with Gillette wouldn’t be in jeopardy. This proved to be a very smart business move, since Gillette endorsements are still likely a huge part of Mariah Carey’s net worth. The mother of two (and ex-wife of Nick Cannon) is also a five-time Grammy winner. Even though her voice hasn’t been sounding the same these days, she’ll always be a significant figure in the music business.


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