Top Most Expensive Female Escorts

Female "companions" come in all shapes, sizes and prices. However, the ones we hear about the most are the high class escorts who make an incredible living being the recipients of both cash and prizes. In fact, in many instances, these ladies of the night make as much as some of the top traders on Wall Street.

With today's technology, escort services and independents are able to peddle their services on the Internet for all the world to see. Photo galleries, thinly veiled services, prices and specific instructions are now available for the shrewd millionaire escort who likes to shop. There are now thousands of escort websites from which to choose.

We've seen and heard it all before, with highly publicized celebrities, sports figures and politicians's indiscretions, not to mention through a few madams who have written their tell-all memoirs. The memoirs, we think, is not such a great idea, as recently one former escort, who shall remain unnamed and was preparing to write her tell-all, was recently thrown out of her apartment window.

Word to the wise; the sexual exploits of the married rich and famous are meant to stay behind closed doors. Interestingly, the more that prominent figures are forced to come out and admit their affairs, escort purchases and side relationships, the more the public is getting used to it.

All in all, we can't help but be curious how much these delicious darlings cost for an average night of "dinner and fun". The costs we have listed are the most recent available at the time of publishing and not all women have one night charges, as you'll see.

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9 Zahia Dehar: $1,200/Night

Zahia Dehar is almost a replica of the Barbie doll. When you look at her portfolio of photos, you have to wonder if Barbie was her idol. Some of the photos look unreal, as she arches her back into unnatural poses with a body that looks to be the same measurements as the famous Mattel doll. Her fee is $32,000 per month, so we had to deduce her nightly cost. We're guessing she might be more of a "sugar-baby" who prefers the attention of one or two rich admirers.

8 Loredana Jolie: $2,000/Night

From the photo you can see that it's pretty obvious how Loredana spends her money. After seeing earlier photos, we can't help but notice her enlarged lips. Sometimes these types of enhancements actually detract from the beautiful woman that was naturally there. Loredana is another of Tiger Woods' companions. Loredana claims she was only paid $15,000 at one time from all of the men she was with. Sounds like an unusual investment club, or is it the layaway plan? We've heard otherwise, which is why we listed her at $2,000/night, but without a booking, it is difficult to confirm.

7 Just Kassandra: $3,000/Night

Just Kassandra is very exclusive and only takes clients she likes. She has to meet them in person first and then will make additional arrangements. She loves to travel so encourages men of adventure and wealth to welcome her into their high-powered world with open arms. Her website shows her as a very classy woman with whom men want to show off. She looks like she comes from a wealthy background, and actually may, it is unable to know for certain.

6 Ashley Dupre (Kristen): $4,300/Night

You might be familiar with Governor Eliot Spitzer's little affair with a woman named, Kristen? Evidently, Mr. Spitzer had been a customer of the Emporer's Club VIP, that arranged trysts with Kristen, and other women and paid over $15,000 in the six month period before his bust. In fact, the amount that was leaked later was that he had paid over $80,000 in "companions" since he was appointed Attorney General and later the governor of New York. Well, he definitely got the raw end of that deal. He lost his career over it, while she gained a new one being featured in Playboy and other men's magazines.

5 Ms.Maya Blue: $4,500/Night

This enterprising young woman has her own website with a full photo gallery, prices and suggested services. She has managed to make it to the top of her profession by being a traveling courtesan and has men talking about her on Internet forums everywhere. Ms. Blue posts her travel schedule for advanced bookings. Currently, she can be seen in San Francisco, with upcoming dates in L.A,  New Orleans, Washington, Santa Fe, Chicago, Palm Springs and Toronto.

4  4. Ava Xi'an: $6,500/Night

Ava Xi'an, a former New York Realtor, did not set out to be an escort. She was actually the victim of one of those very sad stories where her father got ill and had no health insurance. His heart surgery was going to cost more than they could afford. She studied the art of being a higher priced companion, so she could make the most money in the shortest amount of time and deal with the more upscale clientele. Before long, she was charging $45,000 per week and making enough money to handle the cost of her father's surgery. We broke down her weekly fee into a nightly cost which ends up being close to $6,500, a number many people don't make in a month.

3 Natalie McLennan: $16,000/Night

This lovely young woman was once known as the Numero Uno escort of New York City. She used to go by the sexy name, Natalia. She was actually busted on more serious charges of money laundering for a prostitution ring. After that, she authored a book which didn't make it in quite the same financial way as her earlier methods. You may have heard of her, as she was once on the cover of New York magazine as being the highest paid escort in the city at $2,000 an hour. For purposes of comparison, we tallied what a nightly rate might be at $2,000 for 8 hours. That's $16,000, they don't call it 'tricks' for nothing.

2 Lauren: $24,000/Night

We came by Lauren's information and photograph quite by accident while researching this story. Again, leave it to the men's forums to spread the word of this favorite. All we know for sure is that she is loved as much for her personality, wit and charm as she is for her sensual acumen in the bedroom. She has definitely steamed up a few eyeglasses and given wive's something to twitch about.

1 Cannes Film Festival Favorites: $40,000/Night

Unless you were born in a barn, you've heard or read about how escorts from all parts of the south of France, Spain and Italy flock to the 10-14 day period surrounding the Cannes Film Festival, which is usually held in May. As the stories go, the competition is fierce between escorts and you can't go anywhere without seeing the lovely ladies of the night hawking their wares in hotel lobbies, marinas, clubs and restaurants. Of course, the highest paid escorts barely have to lift a finger. They have prearranged "dates" that will even take them out of the bedroom and into the A-List party scene. These select few are known for making $40,000 a night. The great news for the others is the lowest pay during the festivities is around $4,000 a night, which still makes for a pretty luxurious bank account.

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