10 Ways To Blow $1 Million In A Day With Nothing To Show For It

Let's be honest, everyone loves to treat themselves to something every so often, and it should be completely justified as long as it is well within our means. It's only when it is out of our budget that satisfying our urges can create problems. At some point in our lives, we have most likely wished for more money, and have probably even questioned what we would do with a million dollars. Typically, we would most likely come up with answers like buying a house or a car, or travelling around the world. Unfortunately for us, we don't live in the 1980s anymore, so having one million dollars is not the kind of wealth it once was, or what most people still perceive it to be.

There are just so many expenses to consider: food, shelter, transportation, insurance, taxes, bills and of course, gifts for loved ones. Only then, after you have paid all your necessities, can you think about treating yourself, right?

Earning a million dollars is not easy, however. Depending on your tastes and desires, spending it all could be easily accomplished within 24 hours. For the rich and famous, a million dollars is like a ten dollar bill to us “regular people,” but any hard-working person lucky enough to come into a chunk of money, like one million dollars for example, it's probably safe to say they would be more frugal with their purchases when spending their new found wealth. So whether you're rich and famous, a lottery winner, or someone who has struggled and worked to earn that million, here are ten ways to blow a million dollars in a day... Without much to show for it.

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10 Jack Armstrong Harley Davidson


For that bad boy and girl inside us all, who doesn't want to ride a Harley? Sporting that leather jacket, the wind blowing through our hair, revving up that powerful engine - it seems like a dream come true. Harleys can range anywhere from $15,000 to $1,000,000. Jack Armstrong’s Harley Davidson is sold for $1 million, and for you true bike lovers out there I'm pretty sure it's worth every penny. The Cosmic Starship is the only million-dollar Harley bike available for purchase in the world. The quality of this bike is same as many other Harley Davidson bikes out there, but the look has been changed due to extensive paint job on it by the incredibly talented artist (Jack Armstrong). And if you're new to motorcycles, you'll most likely crash this bad boy within the first day.

9 The Hublot Big Bang

Via playuklottery.com

Most of us these days rely on our cell phones to check the time. However, there are still a few of us out there that enjoy sporting a classy watch on our wrist. If you are wrist watch lover, Hublot’s Big Bang watch is one of the biggest status symbols you can buy, and when it comes to luxurious quality watches, it's actually sold for the insane price of $1 million. What makes this watch so expensive?The watch is set with hundreds of diamonds, courtesy of the diamond-setting workshop, Bunter SA, giving it the ultimate look of elegance. Buy this luxurious, diamond-encrusted watch and get ready to impress absolutely no one you know.

8 DKNY Golden Delicious

Via katerinaperez.com

It's said that the aroma we choose to wear does tell a lot about our personality, so hey, why not spend a million dollars in one shot on this bottle of perfume alone? Opulent fragrance is one of the most luxurious symbols of perfume on the market these days, and the popular DKNY quickly came on board to launch their Golden Delicious fragrance with Opulent Perfumes. Half the price alone, I'm sure is due to the beauty and detail of the bottle which features 2,909 precious stones collected from all over the world ranging from Australia through to Sri Lanka. Spray it on your clothes, your pets, your carpets and pretty soon your entire house will smell like a million bucks.

7 Luvaglio Laptop

Via highstakesliving.com

Almost all of us have a laptop or an Ipad these days. After all, we do live in the digital era, where technology plays a big part in our daily lives. So if you find yourself with $1 million to spare, Luvaglio Laptop Technology has created a laptop that they are selling for just that price. It's designed with a 17-inch backlit screen, including an exceptional anti-reflective coating. Even though this particular laptop has remarkable state-of-the-art, high-tech features, that's not what makes it so outrageously expensive. What really makes this Luvaglio laptop worth so much is the embedded, stunning, diamond-encrusted power button. Don't we all want a diamond power button on our computers? If you choose to blow a cool million on this baby, start saving again right away - it's just a matter of time until your PC becomes obsolete and incapable of installing Tetris.

6 Go to Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? We've all heard that saying, but unfortunately it's one of those sayings that isn't always necessarily true. Especially if you end up spending a million dollars in one day. That could be a bit hard to explain to your significant other. However, if you're one of those people who like the thrill of gambling by taking a chance on doubling your money, Vegas could very well be the place for you to try your luck at a high rollers table. But then again, your million could easily be gone within minutes.

5 Buy Someone You Know a House

A million dollars is a lot of money to spend on a home, at least I think so. Depending on where you are planning to purchase your new home, a million dollars won't get you the same homeowner benefits if you were to buy a home in Florida for example, as opposed to buying one in Ohio. Whether you're looking for a suburban home or an elaborate mansion, the price will fluctuate because of location. So if you want to blow a million on a house, Florida is probably a good place to relocate and buy your beautiful new home. Want to be a good Samaritan? Buy one for your parents, grandparents or a friend. At least you'll have a place to crash when you're in town.

4 Buy a Flying Car

Via toplowridersites.com

The world has been fascinated with the thought of flying cars since the turn of the twentieth century. I'm fairly certain that we've all seen the movie Back to the Future growing up, and if you haven't you should go watch it now! Try to remember being a kid and dreaming of being just like Marty McFly, stepping into his flying DeLorean time machine. Well, apparently flying cars already exist, the company Terrafugia creates and sells them for about $350,000 each. You could purchase two of these sweet flying rides with your $1 million and fly into the sky where no one will know you wastes a million dollars. "Where we are going, we don't need roads."

3 Kopi Luwak Coffee

Via catpoopcoffeeinc.com

No, I'm not talking about the infamous Starbucks, but for us avid coffee lovers, there is nothing better than an intoxicating freshly brewed cup of coffee, especially first thing in the morning to start your busy day off. Kopi Luwak is the world's most expensive coffee and it costs close to $1,000 per kilogram. A million dollars could buy quite a bit of this exotic brand of coffee. However, be warned - this coffee is made from the excrement of an animal of the weasel family called the Asian palm civit.

2 Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac

Via luxuo.com

We all like to unwind every now and then with a glass of wine, a beer, or whatever your preferred choice of alcoholic beverage may be. The world famous Hennessy company has been producing quality cognacs for years, and to add to their huge selection they have produced the most expensive cognac in the world, called Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac. They have only produced 100 bottles, which sell for $200,000 per 700 ml, the bottle alone is remarkable and is designed with crystal in a mirrored glass case. So, for those of you with lavish tastes, buy a couple and throw a wicked house party. Can you say bottle shots?

1 Go to Space

Via extravaganzi.com

Since the beginning of the space age, there have actually only been 547 humans that have traveled above Earth’s atmosphere and into space, but Virgin Galactic is trying to change that. Their mission is to become the spaceline for earth, that will allow humans to experience what astronauts from around the world for the past fifty years have accomplished. So with your million dollars, why not take a couple of your astronomy-loving friends and head to space. Virgin Galactic charges $250,000 for a commercial space flight. If I had a million dollars to spare I would definitely take this opportunity.

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