10 Shockingly Expensive Pairs of Luxury Men's Underwear

most expensive mens underwear

We have always thought that women’s items of clothing are the ones that cost a fortune. So if you want to buy a lady lingerie, you have to budget. Well, as it turns out, men’s underwear can also be very expensive.

For anyone who wants to spoil and pamper the men in their lives, here are some of the options available. Chances are they will cost an arm and two legs, but it will all be worth it in the end. Some of them are fashioned so that they provide maximum comfort. Others are made so that they protect the precious goods of the wearer.

If you are a lover of sports and outdoor activities then have no fear, as there are underwear which have been made with absorbent materials. No fear of sweat and irritation down there.

As for all you well-endowed men, you have not been forgotten as there are underwear which are adjustable for the best possible fit. The material used to make these under garments range from fine silk to soft cotton so one can be assured of quality and comfort.

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most expensive men's underwear
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8 2(x)ist Gold Range Underwear - $35 Per Pair

most expensive men's underwear
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These drawers are made of a mix of fabrics. This is a very convenient pair for those who do not like underwear that clings to the body. It goes for $35 and comes in all sizes so everyone can get their hands on this underwear. The fashion label that makes this product was founded in 1991 and this particular collection of underwear is aimed to dress those who consider themselves bold and also beautiful. This underwear has a no show trunk and a gilded gold waistband sporting the company logo so everyone you strip for will know who's underwear you buy.

7 Bon Bon Body Wear Underwear - $39 Per Pair

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These combine functionality and fashion. They are super comfortable for the wearer, so for $39 you could say it's worth the money.

This underwear is fashioned from top fabrics and offers a nice soft silk touch. Bon Bon Body Wear incorporated fun and colorful prints, with the true show stopper being the retro style underwear which makes the wearer feel all types of classy.

Some of the most outstanding features of this pair are the very comfortable modal fabric and eye catching gold waist band. They add a polished look to the underwear making it very comfortable to wear and also very nice to look at. They offer the promise of good fabric, comfort, style and a chance to exercise individuality. What is not to like?

6 Naked Underwear - $45 Per Pair

expensive men's underwear
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These are made with material that is finer than cotton or silk. This material is also lighter than the usual material used, therefore providing the feeling of complete comfort. They are made to ensure that your junk experiences total freedom.

Naked underwear are definitely not your normal boxers. They are specifically designed for comfort and are made of Italian leather. So there is no questioning whether this particular brand is of quality or not. They also offer a non-visible waist band and they are all manufactured with high environmental certifications.

5 Oasis Boxer from Icebreaker Underwear - $50 Per Pair

men's most expensive underwear
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The name of this underwear just gives room for so many puns. They are made to protect the guy’s "delicate goods" while he is undertaking sporty and outdoor activities. They keep you warm, are odor resistant and most importantly, they breathe.

So if you like to keep your privates safe and warm (who doesn't?) you've got yourself a winner. They are made with merino fabric and fit nicely on the body. This is one of those accessories that a guy cannot afford to miss in their underwear drawer.

6. Etiquette Clothiers Black Label Luxury Boxer Shorts - $60 Per Pair

men's most expensive underwear
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First of all, these are also designer shorts. These boxers are made of cotton which has been expertly crafted to enhance comfort for the man. They also have pearl buttons so you get both luxury and style.

The manufactures of this underwear have made quite a name for themselves for making luxury and high standard items. They are also the only brand that uses a pearl button closure. They are made in Italy, have a center exit fly and the added comfort of an inside pouch that is a signature design from Etiquette Clothing.

4 Oakley Carbon X Underwear - $100 Per Pair

men's most expensive underwear
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This underwear is made by infusing fibers and material that make it resistant to fire. They also have high resistance to tension, which is great for sporty men looking for a durable pair. Wearers will be sure that the boys are safe from any danger and that they are well protected. All this at the price of $100 each.

This particular brand is one of a kind, making products for those men who are involved in risky activities such fire fighters and stuntmen. They limit heat transfer and also have the highest resistance to chemicals on the market. These will ensure the safety of the goods in any situation.

3 Frigo no.1 Athletic Underwear - $100 Per Pair

Via underwearnewsbriefs.com

This is a friendly one because it has smooth fabric on the pouch and therefore does not add pressure to your genitals. This model has some interior mesh which does not encourage sweating and also gives good support.

These boxers are ideal for the sporty man who is always up and about engaging in physically demanding activities. They provide a cooling zone effect therefore ensuring there is enough fresh air in those delicate regions. The Frigo No. 1 boxer can be customized according to size, ensuring they have something for even the most well-endowed gentlemen.

Just in case you didn't know, 50 Cent promotes Frigo underwear and he signed a $78 million deal last year with the underwear company.

2 Derek Rose Otis Pure Silk Boxer - $157 Per Pair

most expensive men's underwear
via www.derek-rose.com

This is a pure silk boxer meant to flatter the one wearing it by offering complete and total comfort. It is made from the purest silk, hence the hefty price tag. It is made with a classic design that flatters the wearer because of its texture and the way it feels on the body.

This boxer offers the highest quality silk. It gains its quality from almost a decade of mastery of the crafting techniques used. This is definitely a brand to consider if you have some cash to splash on some silky drawers.

2. Waffle Briefs - $170 Per Pair

Via underunderwear.com

These are said to be for the man who is conscious of their appearance and style...even when it comes to what's under their clothes. They combine various factors such as style and luxury to give complete comfort to the wearer and they also come fitted with two 18-karat gold buttons.

This was probably to provide the man with luxury that many men do not get to enjoy.  These underwear are so well made that if you slipped into them, you'd think they were custom made by the manufacturer just for you.

1 Hermes Woven Boxer - $500 Per Pair

Via lyst.com

This boxer has quite a price tag on it. One pair of Hermes Woven boxers goes for around $500 and looks to be worth the money. So on the day that you feel you need to spoil your man or yourself, go all out and purchase these underwear.

They are said to have good support and a very comfy feel to them. They have a classic design and are definitely guaranteed to provide support all day long. They are tailored for the wealthier class of society but they are a worthy investment to consider if you really want to pamper your junk.

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