10 Pricey Pieces Of Sexy Lingerie

Designer dresses and fashion accessories are not the only place the wealthy spend money to keep up with fashion. They even have to splurge on fashionable underwear too. Expensive lingerie has become popular amongst celebrities and begs the question, just how do you clean a thong made of diamonds? Regular lingerie may get the job done but being draped in gorgeous jewels is sure to make any woman feel sexy between the sheets.

Some of these pieces of expensive bedroom attire might been more accustomed to a safety deposit box than the back of a closet. Many of these items are on display in various museums after only being worn a handful of times, while others can be purchased and custom made from one of the many designer labels in the growing luxury lingerie fashion industry.

7  10. Petunia Gown: $690

The petunia gown design comes from Agent Provocateur, a leading name in luxury lingerie. This see through lacy number is perfect for wandering sexily around the house in. It's the perfect combination of beautiful and seductive. The gown is made of black tulle and purple and black french lace ribbon. The gown is fitted down to the waist where the fabric billows out into a skirt. It is expertly cut to form dangerous curves and angles, without leaving much to the imagination. The Petunia Gown was created from a seductive housewife theme in mind.

6 Deborah Corset: $990

This corset also by Agent Provocateur is a made over Austrian design with a high neck and peep hole for a seductive view of cleavage. It shapes and lifts the busts, for curves in all the right places. The design is for a refined look, more conservative than many of the other designs, and even comes with a matching skirt for another $790. It's made with black material with pockets of nude colored satin. The tightening of the lace in the back can lead to a heightened sense of drama.

5 Aubretia Girdle Dress: $1,660

This piece of luxury lingerie is from Bordelle, which has been leading the lingerie industry since it was created in 2007. The Aubretia dress is made with the signature luxurious straps which are removable. The dress is made with tulle, overlay of gold thread lace, with a small cutout in the bust. It comes complete with lace fins and a removable garter. This piece of nightwear expertly shapes the figure with high quality materials, and it's not so revealing, anyone can feel sexy in this girdle dress.

4 Roxelana Girdle Dress: $1,880

This girdle dress is from Bordelle, a big name Luxury lingerie designer in London. It's a part of Bordelle's most recent collection and includes the trademark luxurious straps. It's thorne lace under silver and gold thread mesh, and has under wire support. All the hardwear is made with 18K gold, including the zipper in the back, the five ring design in the front as well as the hooks and sliders. The shoulder straps and garter is removable. The garder straps have the Bordelle gold ring symbol on them.

6. Jenika Slip: $2,590

This barely there Agent Provocateur slip is made from super shear black tulle, with black beading that hardly conceals the figure underneath. The neck line comes up to a halterneck in the front and swoops low in the back, with fitting fabric. The skirt is tapered, ending by the knees in the front but billows seductively by the ankles in the rear. It's held together with silk binding and ties, and is extremely soft and comfortable for a confident woman. It's one of the most expensive luxury nightwear items available from Agent Provocateur and is new in the Spring 2014 Soiree line.

3 Bordelle Selfridges Lingerie: $4,800

In November, Bordelle created a new line of lingerie for luxury department store Selfridges. The already expensive lingerie brand outdid itself this time. There are three designs to choose from and only three of each style will ever be made and numbered. This fabric is guaranteed to be comfortable and is custom made for the buyer. Each piece is hand made with the highest quality materials, including Swarovski crystals. Bordelle is inspired by bondage style, but has it's unique sense of style and class. Each lingerie piece will take 10 days to complete. Bordelle planned to make something extra decadent for the holiday season and they have succeeded in doing just that with the new Selfridges line.

2 Jewel Encrusted Chastity Belt: $20,000

This gold, pearl and diamond encrusted chastity belt was made by goldsmith Uwe Koetter in 2002. It was made for a British client living in South Africa. Chastity belts date all the way back to the Renaissance era and were worn to keep a women's lady parts under lock and key. The original chastity belts were made of iron with no padding, although it's hard to get past what they stand for, this chastity belt is incredibly lavish.

1 Triumph Luxurious Diamond Thong: $122,000

The diamond thong was the highlight of a Singapore lingerie fashion show. It is made with 518 brilliant-cut diamonds that together total 30 carats made into a floral pattern in the front. The underwear has 27 white gold tassels hanging from it. There is little left to the imagination but what little material is there is the highest quality black lace, the model wearing the thong said it was quite comfortable to wear, which is to be expected of the world's most expensive underwear. The thong was dry cleaned and put up for display, since it was a signature piece Triumph wont be selling it.

2. Gold Lingerie: $826,500

This set of gold lingerie took five goldsmiths a half a year to make, it followed a line of gold dresses by a Turkish jeweler. The lingerie was first seen on Jan. 11 at a gold store in Wuhan, China. It was made as a piece of art and will never be sold. This isn't the first set of lingerie made entirely of gold, another set was made by four different craftsman for a jewellery shop in Shenyang, China in 2007. The set took over four months to complete and was carved from 950 grams of pure yellow gold. It was on display in a museum for three weeks and was never sold.

 1. ORRA Diamond Bustier: $1.3 million

This bra was designed by Indian fashion designer Anamika Khanna in 2010. It was worn by Bollywood actress Malaika Arora Khon during a glitzy Delhi jewellery exhibition. It is made with 500 carats of beautiful Belgium diamonds. The design was created by a team that spent six months bringing the creation to life. It brings a sense of traditional Indian style to the fashion world with it's beautiful and sparkly design and was the hit of the exhibition. The bustier was sold at auction for over a million dollars.

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