10 Of The Richest Nightclubs Around The World

Many are naturally drawn to a nightclub for its various alluring effects. It is a place for many people to relive their youth, to meet new friends, or to avoid as much of the stress from their lives as possible. Many prefer nightclubs from their native country, while others travel abroad just to find an expensive one internationally.

All of the nightclubs that we are going to look at are incredibly rich, but all of them have one thing in common: they allow you to party all night (or most of the night), and allow you get to party in style. Some items on the menus cost tens of thousands of dollars, so be prepared to pay a heavy fee for just a bottle of expensive champagne or appetizers. And because these nightclubs are so rich, they are also very luxurious. They all have very unique features and styles; some are set inside a cavern, others are along a beach and others on a rooftop, overlooking a vast, bright city at night.

Since these nightclubs are very rich, it’s very expensive just to get in, and for some, visiting any one of these nightclubs will have to be a once in a lifetime experience. But all of the nightclubs have proven their value, with tens of millions of dollars of revenue annually.  Much of that money is spent on improving these nightclubs, by adding many new features each and every year.

But despite these nightclubs being so expensive and rich, they are also extremely popular.  Coming in here at the thick of night, in the middle of a party, means that catching a table will be very hard to come by, so make your reservations quick! Here are the top ten richest nightclubs in the world:

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10 Club Aquarium, United Kingdom

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Located in London, the Club Aquarium is perhaps the richest nightclub in the United Kingdom. You can dance it out on the dance floor, jump into the Jacuzzi, or enjoy cocktails in a swimming pool. But the most unique aspect of this nightclub is the 70s and 80s feel to it, in terms of the music, outfits and the impressive features.

9 Pangea Club, Singapore


The richest club in Singapore is the Pangea Club, and it is about as sleek and luxurious as it gets for a nightclub. It is also located at the Marina Bay Sands resort casino, which is one of the most famous casinos in the country. The club was established in 2011, and in few years since then, has quickly established the reputation for the nightclub it is today. Not only does this nightclub cost upwards of twenty grand to get into every night, but it’s also very hard to get into. Plus, that twenty grand is just for the table; you can plan on spending an equal amount of money just for one drink!

8 Chlosterli Club, Switzerland

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Located on an old mountain retreat in the Swiss Alps, the Chlosterli Club provides warmth and comfort, amidst the winter mountain temperatures. There’s a dance disco floor that comes out of the 1970s, but this nightclub is only a nightclub, well, at night. During the day, the club almost ‘magically’ transforms back into a restaurant that many locals and visitors know it to be. The Chlosterli Club is the most popular during the winter, specifically in December and January, and is most frequently visited by tourists rather than locals.

7 LIV Club, Florida


At a staggering thirty thousand square feet, the LIV Club in Miami, Florida, is a nightclub to be reckoned with. It is very nicely located, right along Miami Beach, so if you want to get away from all the crowds and music for a bit, you can take a nice stroll by the nighttime waves. The LIV Club also attracts celebrities and wealthy business people from all over the world, with some people paying up to one hundred grand just for a bottle of champagne alone.

6 Cocoon Club, Germany

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Even with the ability to hold over twelve hundred people at a time, the Cocoon Club in Germany is still difficult to get into. As one of the most popular nightclubs in Germany, the Cocoon Club is well noted throughout the world, for its luxurious interior decorations and a screen that projects video effects to add much to the already stylish nightclub. Another feature of the club is the honeycombed wall that encompasses a three hundred and sixty degree angle of the main area. Once you visit the Cocoon club, you definitely won’t forget your experience, and hey, we can't put a price on that.

5 Halikarnas Club, Turkey


This nightclub is located in a resort town of Turkey, called Bodrum. The club rests nicely next to the beach, so you can go for a nice stroll out on the waves once you start to grow tired of the crowds and music. You may be one of those people who can never get tired of being in a large crowd, but you may want to think again once you hear that the Halikarnas Club is capable of holding over ten thousand people at one time. Yes, ten thousand people partying in the same building, all night long. Another feature that distinguishes this nightclub from the rest is the theme. The interior of the Halikarnas Club is also reminiscent of the Roman Empire, featuring several pieces of reproduced Roman architecture.

4 XS Club, Las Vegas

via: Barbara Kraft

No list of the ten richest nightclubs in the world would be complete without an entry from Las Vegas, Nevada. The XS Club is the richest club in the city, and the interior is extremely luxurious. That’s not to mention the dance floor, that alone, measures over thirteen thousand square feet. Then you have the champagne and other beverages, which are unlikely to sell for any less than thousands of dollars. If you plan on going on a tour of nightclubs across the world, then you have to include Las Vegas in your list of destinations. And if you really want a high end club to visit, then the XS Club is it.

3 Cavalli, Dubai


The Cavalli nightclub is located in the Fairmont Tower hotel and spans over an impressive three floors. In fact, it is rumored to be the best club in Dubai. As one may guess from its name, Cavalli nightclub was launched by the legendary designer, Roberto Cavalli. In addition to sparkly 356,000 Swarovski crystals and expensive drinks, it showcases a selection of Mr. Cavalli's high-end couture designs. It is definitely no surprise that some of the world's most popular DJs enjoy spinning here.

2 La Fira Club, Spain

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This nightclub in Barcelona is on fire, every single night. Very well adorned with some unique and antique furniture, the main attraction of this nightclub is the bar, that sells some very old champagne and other types of beverages. There’s also some fun mirrors scattered throughout the club which will appear to distort your body if you stand in front of them. There are also dozens of other fun activities to enjoy at this club. If you’re looking to have a lot of fun at your next nightclub visit, then the La Fira Club in Barcelona should undoubtedly be a strong contender.

1 Hakkasan, Las Vegas


It probably won't come as a shock to most, that the number one spot on this list belongs to another nightclub from the fabulous Las Vegas. Similarly to XS club, buying bottles at Hakassan is not likely to cost anything less than a few thousands. Obviously this club is visited mostly by celebrities and people with loads of money to spend, who probably won't mind dishing out $100,000 for a bottle of alcohol. But for the rest of us who are simply content with the experience of walking into one of these exclusive nightclubs, getting a feel of just dancing and listening to the music is definitely an experience in itself.

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