10 Of The Most Expensive Tech Accessories for Women

We all know what women want. Accessories; and the more sparkly and flashy it is, the better. We're talking diamond encrusted anything. Gold instead of plastic. If there’s a way to bump up the luxe with our accessories, then bump it we will. In particular, technology accessories. That’s right. The influence women have on the purchases of electronics is huge. Women are buying up consumer electronics fast! So fast, in fact, they spent $55 billion on electronics in 2009, and the number continues to grow. With 51% of private wealth, over 50% of stock ownership, and more than 60% of personal wealth, all in America, belonging to women, it’s no wonder women can afford some of the priciest technology accessories around.

All of the following accessories would be easy money spent for women with lots of money. However, some of them are even obtainable by the average earner, if you don't mind a splurge or two. The following are ten of the most expensive tech accessories for women. From designer bags and limited edition pieces to luxurious materials and diamond encrusted cases, these practical yet not-so-practical thrills will make your wallet nervous, and for good reason. The list ranges from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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10 The “Untitled” Leather Clutch by Everpurse: $329

If you've ever experienced your phone dying on you at the most inopportune time, like when expecting a call from an interviewer, director, hot-guy-who-got-your-number-at-the bar, then you'll want to purchase this chic yet practical clutch. Not only does it scream style with its black stud detailing, but it also comes to any woman’s rescue with its built in charger. Everpurse’s clutch can charge a myriad of phones and from 0-100% twice in a day. All from the clutch’s built-in dock.

9 Louis Vuitton Soft Case iPhone 5: $420

Working our way slightly upward on the expensive tech accessories scale is this beautifully crafted Louis Vuitton soft case for the iPhone 5. The elegant case is made from calfskin leather and features Louis Vuitton’s historic Damier signature pattern; a subtle check print in microperforations. Plus, the ultra slim accessory comes in three unique colors,tabac (a rich clay colored brown), bleu canard (a bright sky blue, similar to Apple’s iPhone 5c blue), and black. Created for both fashion and function, the sleek design offers fashionistas the brand’s luxe status with practical phone protection.

8 24K Gold USB Drive: $870

The USB flash drives are handy, practical little devices, easy to slip into any purse, pocket, or laptop case. They're tiny, miss placeable, even and usually run for as low as $5.99. However, for those of you wanting more than practical, then this next item is for you. For a cool $870 you can purchase a flash drive made out of gold. That’s right, gold. Now you can carry your documents and photos on either a 4GB or 32GB 24K gold USB drive. This is one flash drive you won't want to lose.

7 Maison Martin Margiela Eel iPad Case: $1,060

Belgium designer and past creative director for Hermes women’s line Maison Martin Margiela has released a stunning (and definitely expensive) iPad case made of eel-embossed leather. The case, a beautiful stormy grey, comes with an interior slit pocket with four card slots, interior pen holder, a zip pocket in back, and the designer’s signature white stitch. The case is compatible with all iPad models and turns an every-day tech item into ultimate luxe. Who cares if it’s more expensive than the item inside?

6 Beats MIXR Headphones with Swarovski: $1,120

Already, Beats by Dre headphones give customers an experience. ”With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do,” says Dr. Dre of his headsets. However, why not take a familiar and bomb tech accessory and add some Swarovski crystals to it? In either stylish white or tangerine, these headphones appear similar to the Beats set you may see on the commute to work; however, these particular headphones come with its logo encrusted in Swarovski crystals. It’s a new way to rock out, ladies.

5 Chanel Laptop Case: $1,450

Yes. Chanel has created a hot pink, quilted lambskin case for fashionistas out there who want their tech accessories to rival their designer purses. Made to look like their most classic bag, this case has been punched up with a pop of color. The quilting and subtle interlocking Cs make this bag a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece. Inside are two thin openings and a zipper pouch; the back has a slit pocket for any loose papers; and the entire case closes with an all-around zipper.

4 Motorola Motopure H12 Bluetooth Headset: $6,547

With new “handsfree” laws emerging all over the U.S., bluetooth headsets have become a staple for most of us, but they've always appeared clunky. Practical. Until today. Motorola has created a limited edition, jaw dropping stunner; the Motopure H12 Bluetooth Headset. It’s created from 18-carat gold and decorated in over 180 cut diamonds with the option between white and yellow gold, making this every-day item more of a jewelry ear piece than a technological device. Custom orders only.

3 Lunatik iPod Nano Watch Case: $18,000

Buying the iPod Nano is a budget friendly way to experience the iPod trend. After all, the small gadget only costs $149. However, purchasing this white gold case from ZShock to display your Nano in isn’t. ZShock, a speciality jewelry manufacturing company, creates creative, decadent pieces of jewelry, usually decorating them in diamonds. This Lunatik iPod Nano watch case is no exception. All around the watch’s border are hand-set diamonds. No wonder it takes 3-4 weeks to create.

2 Lady Blanche iPhone 4: $30,000

Probably the most anyone will ever spend (or ever need to spend, let’s be honest) on an iPhone is the Lady Blanche iPhone 4 from Gresso. Not only are there three Swiss clocks embedded on the case’s back telling time for New York, Paris, and Moscow, but each clock is set on a pearl white natural Antilliam mother-of-pearl La burgaudine dial. Which also features white diamonds. Add a solid diamond-coated mineral glass frame and hundreds of hours of labor, and voila! You've got a $30,000 iPhone.

1 GnG’s Gold and Diamond iPhone 3G Case: $108,880

We're talking decadent. Luxurious. Expensive. German creators Gerrit Guggenberger and Martin Gadalla, who together make up German company GnG, created one of the most expensive iPhone cases for the over-the-top wealthy consumer. The luxury piece took twelve months to develop, and not only is the “Golden Delicious” case made up of 140 grams of 18-carat gold, but it also features a carbon fiber inlay and around 200 diamonds. Oh, and the logo on the outer frame? It features 400 more diamonds as well.

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