10 Of the Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

Whether it is a premium breadmaker or the ultimate luxury coffee machine that makes a mean macchiato in the morning, kitchen gadgets are all the rage. More and more consumers are starting to buy gadgets not only for their appearance but as symbols of status.

The bigger the better is the order of the day as products fly off the shelves and onto your worktops. It could be anything from the latest juicer to an all in one blender. It really is a genuine indication of brazen wealth. On the other hand, there was a moment in time when the only appliances we left on display seemed to be mere kettles or microwaves.

Yet, these days, it tends to be a little more thanks to the number of different appliances that are available on the market. This includes the likes of mixers as well as popcorn makers, ice cream makers and so much more. Foodies and kitchen trend setters across the globe are now snapping up different types of lavish appliances.

From fryers to rice cookers and even juicers they are selling like hotcakes as a kitchen revolution takes place. Slowly but surely we are all becoming Martha Stewarts or Gordon Ramsays in order to show off our appliance finery. However, which matter the most? Here is our roundup of the most expensive kitchen gadgets to have in your home.


8 Skybar Wine Preservation & Serving System: $1,000

Priced in the four figure range, this particular contraption by Skybar has been created with seamless ease. It has been specially designed so that it can chill as many as three individual wines regardless of whether it is white, red or rose. Meanwhile you can enjoy the ideal pouring and preserving conditions for your bottles, and they can last for up to ten days.

9. Blendtec Stealth Blender: $2,330

This stealth blender from Blendtec certainly creates all the right noises. Priced at more than $2,300 it is considered to be one of the quietest around with its super soft dulcet tones. It offers a 15 amp motor not to mention a touch screen control panel for easy access. This all in one machine blends pretty much anything and features six cycles and an impressive USB interface.

7 Dacor Discovery WineStation: $5,299


You can create a real talking point with Dacor's Discovery WineStation. You can have the opportunity to indulge in a spot of vino and pour out different measures from half to full glasses of your preferred tipple. It is temperature controlled and is made from the finest stainless steel and keeps your favourite wine for around two months even if you have already opened it. With room for up to four separate bottles it provides an interactive LCD screen and an array of touch control panels which will show you all the detailed information on the selections.

6 Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers: $4,250

Keep it very cool with the Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers which are priced at $4,250. Combining both refrigerator and freezer drawers, it can be placed under any given countertop which ensures easy accessibility. Furthermore, there is lots of room for all your essentials from salads to meat.

5 Mugnaini Wood-Fired Pizza Oven: $8,500 


If you want to create good old fashioned pizza from the comfort of your own home the authentic way then look no further. The Mugnani wood fire oven is an innovative oven that allows you to create consistently delicious pizzas time after time. Kids young and old can benefit from gourmet pizza that blends modern technology with a classic wood fire stove which includes a 47 plus inch surface. You can even bake bread in it if your craving something a little different.

4 Hammacher Juicer: $9,900

At a little under $10,000, this juicer from the good people at Hammacher will have you reaching for that chequebook. You will be able to have the perfect glass of freshly squeezed orange juice that is produced to restaurant standards. Squeezing nearly 30 oranges every single minute, it's like pouring sunshine into a cup. It extracts around 90oz of juice and can be utilised for several fruits such as grapefruit or pomegranate which can be placed inside the chute.

4. La Cornue Rotisserie: $10,000

If meat or fish is more your thing then this rotisserie will do the job nicely. Priced at $10,000, La Cornue will ensure you have that wonderful rotisserie taste and flavour every single time. This expert rotisserie has the ability to optimize everything including the heat circulation. No expense is spared and enables you to cook chicken, meat and delights from the sea on two rotating spits.

3 Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine: $20,000


Coffee has dominated our society for a very long time. What better way to celebrate the humble bean with this ostentatious espresso machine. Priced at an incredible $20,000, this is an espresso machine but not as you usually know it. Paying homage to the centenary of Victoria Arduino, its technical ability is outstanding and has been limited to 100 pieces only making it an extremely exclusive and highly sought after gadget. One of them was presented to one of the former Popes so it even has a holy seal of approval.

2  2. Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator: $41,000

If you want an oversized fridge with a difference, then why not look at the amazing Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator. Priced at more than $40,000, this bit of furniture is easy on the eyes and a definite refined piece that can be added to any kitchen space. Meanwhile, it offers Italian design and comes complete with a pantry and extensive ice compartment. It is available in a wealth of finishes including ash wood or solid oak.


1 Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew: $70,000


One of the priciest gadgets you will ever lay your eyes on, the Sveid custom made corkscrew is a true feat of engineering. Priced at $70,000, you can admire its breath-taking design with its fifty plus separate pieces. Produced from aviation titanium it is extremely detailed and can be purchased in either yellow gold or eighteen carat platinum if you really want to show off. You can make your very own engraving should you wish to so and is definitely an investment piece for the long term.


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