10 Of The Most Expensive Hot Tubs

Considered to be one of the most popular ancient traditions, the hot bath springs plenty of interest and debate. Dating back to the Roman as well as the Greek period, the hot bath was a lively source of social gathering for a number of different citizens. On the other hand, marriages in hot tubs were also de rigueur at the time and an integral part of the great Roman culture.

With a wide variety of parks or beautifully manicured gardens a hot tub was usually built around a square or even in a garden. This aspect is still just as popular in today’s society though the technology has certainly evolved. The passion for hot tubs or baths even spread as far as ancient Bath in the heart of the United Kingdom where to this day it is one of the most renowned places of interest.

Fast forward to today and according to a recent survey, nearly 20% of British homes have a hot tub or outside spa installed in their own abodes. They have gained plenty of interest over a recent period as many home owners aim to show off their riches on the outside of their properties.

Whether you want a genuine feel for those other type of bubbles apart from champagne, not to mention the ridiculously warm water, check out below some of the most expensive hot tubs available.

10 Hera 2 Seater Hot Tub: $3,300

9 Zeus Hot Tub: $4,300

8 Escape Spa Hot Tub: $6,800

7 Royal A909 Whirlpool Bathtub: $12,000

6 Jacuzzi J-480: $14,000

5 Hot Tug: $21,000

4 Platinum Spa’s Big Chief Jacuzzi: $25,000

3 Jacuzzi J 470: $27,000

2 Luxema 8000: $26,000

1 Cal Spas Galaxy GX49 Entertainment Spa: $29,000

Combining the perfect melange of both elegance and relaxation, this hot tub from Cal Spas is one to take into consideration. It has room for six people and around 50 jets to relax those muscles. You can have the chance to benefit from LED lighting and a couple of nice waterfalls to boot. Other things to note feature a Therapy System seat, DVD player, IPod dock, dedicated sound system and a 40 plus plasma which is nicely concealed.

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10 Of The Most Expensive Hot Tubs